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Sunday, February 6, 2011




(From Culaba, Biliran Province)


1. Simeona Fiel


B.1. Child of Simeona Fiel

1. Arcadio Fiel – an illegitimate child, his father’s surname is Borromeo but he was given the surname of his mother. His father was Simeona’s neighbor and a family man. When he was in elementary, Arcadio’s father made a confession on his death-bed that he was his son. The Borromeo family accepted Arcadio but he opted to retain his Fiel surname.


C.1. Children of Arcadio Fiel –Eusebia Jerusalem

1. Valeriano Jerusalem Fiel - lumber business proprietor in Catbalugan City)

2. Dominador Jerusalem Fiel – furniture and lumber proprietor in Calbayog

3. Angel Jerusalem Fiel – brilliant table maker in Calbayof\g

4. Engr. Guillermo Jerusalem Fiel – worked in Pepsi

5. Rosita Jerusalem Fiel – lumber business proprietor in Culaba

6. Dioscoro Jerusalem Fiel – self-employed

7. Engr. Bianito Jerusalem Fiel – civil engineer, worked in DPWH

8. Geronima Jerusalem Fiel – (b. October 1, 1949) – teacher

9. Arcadio Jerusalem Fiel Jr. – worked in Philippine Navy

10. Rosalinda Jerusalem Fiel – (b. October 24, 1953) – teacher


D.1. Children of Valeriano Jerusalem Fiel - Pasencia Reveldez

1. Valeriano Reveldez Fiel Jr. – deceased, married but no child

2. Dora Reveldez Fiel

3. Antonio Reveldez Fiel

4. “Dodong” Reveldez Fiel

D.2. Children of Dominador Jerusalem Fiel – Resurrecion Morados

5. Rebecca Morados Fiel

6. Dominador Morados Fiel

D.3. Children of Angel Jerusalem Fiel – Tarciana Estrada

7. Nilda Estrada Fiel

8. Chonita Estrada Fiel

9. Elsa Estrada Fiel

10. Angel Estrada Fiel Jr.

11. Lilia Estrada Fiel

12. Teresita Estrada Fiel

13. Artemio Estrada Fiel

14. Teofani Estrada Fiel

D.4. Children of Engr. Guillermo Jerusalem Fiel – Candida Candaza

15. Glenda Candaza Fiel

16. Gilda Candaza Fiel

17. Yvette Candaza Fiel

18. Gilbert Candaza Fiel

19. Grace Candaza Fiel

20. Gino Candaza Fiel

21. Gaylieza Candaza Fiel

22. Evelyn Candaza Fiel

23. Dennis Candaza Fiel

24. Ronald Candaza Fiel

D.5. Children of Rosita Jerusalem Fiel – Carlito Silada

25. Cesar Fiel Silada

26. Josephine Fiel Silada

27. Jocelyn Fiel Silada

D.6. Children of Dioscoro Jerusalem Fiel – Adelaida Williams (first wife)

28. Boy Williams Fiel

29. Deldios Williams Fiel

Children of Dioscoro Jerusalem Fiel – Thelma (second wife)

30. “Baby” Fiel

D.7. Children of Engr. Bianito Jerusalem Fiel – Corazon Mueva

31. Bianito Mueva Fiel Jr.

32. Maricris Mueva Fiel

33. Bryan Mueva Fiel

34. Bernard Mueva Fiel

35. Bianito Mueva Fiel III

36. Marigold Mueva Fiel

D.8. Children of Geronima Jerusalem Fiel – Esteban Lagahan

37. Flossie Fiel Lagahan (b. April 11, 1972)

38. Irish Fiel Lagahan (b. February 12, 1976)

39. Evie Fiel Lagahan (b. November 20, 1979)

40. Lemuel Steve Fiel Lagahan Jr. (b. July 7, 1987)

D.9. Children of Arcadio Jerusalem Fiel Jr. – Lilia

41. Archie Fiel

42. Eusebia Fiel

43. Archimedes Fiel

44. “Aiken” Fiel

D.10. Children of Rosalinda Jerusalem Fiel – Dizon Caňezo

45. Ralph Fiel Caňezo (b. March 7, 1977)

46. Sheryl Fiel Caňezo (b. August 15, 1981)

47. Deisylyn Fiel Caňezo (b. October 3, 1987)


E.1. Valeriano Reveldez Fiel Jr. – deceased, married but no child

E.2. Children of Dora Reveldez Fiel

E.3. Children of Antonio Reveldez Fiel

E.4. Children of “Dodong” Reveldez Fiel

E.5. Children of Rebecca Morados Fiel

E.6. Children of Dominador Morados Fiel

E.7. Children of Nilda Estrada Fiel

E.8. Children of Chonita Estrada Fiel

E.9. Children of Elsa Estrada Fiel

E.10. Children of Angel Estrada Fiel Jr.

E.11. Children of Lilia Estrada Fiel – Alfredo Bertulfo

1. Alfie Fiel Bertulfo

2. “Siloy” Fiel Bertulfo

3. Beverly Fiel Bertulfo

4. Aldrin Fiel Bertulfo

5. Alfredo Fiel Bertulfo Jr.

E.12. Children of Teresita Estrada Fiel

E.13. Children of Artemio Estrada Fiel

E.14. Children of Teofani Estrada Fiel

E.15. Children of Glenda Candaza Fiel - Danny Ornales

6. Daniel Gabriel Fiel Ornales

7. Danica Anne Fiel Ornales

8. Gladys Fiel Ornales

9. Derick Guiller Fiel Ornales

10. Daryl Fiel Ornales

E.16. Children of Gilda Candaza Fiel – Ildefonso Tinog

(no children)

E.17. Children of Yvette Candaza Fiel

E.18. Children of Gilbert Candaza Fiel – Elena Londero

11. Gil Mark Londero Fiel

12. Joy Kenneth Londero Fiel

13. Jeff Londero Fiel

14. Jea Londero Fiel

15. Gilen Anne Londero Fiel

16. Jeg Elaine Londero Fiel

E.19. Children of Grace Candaza Fiel – Samuel Matutina

17. Sherwin Glenn Fiel Matutina

E.20. Children of Gino Candaza Fiel – Maribeth Cadion

18. Glenn Ivan Cadion Fiel

19. Nathaniel Orly Cadion Fiel

E.21. Children of Gaylieza Candaza Fiel – Antonio Delos Santos

20. Christian Amiel Fiel Delos Santos

21. Kathleen Fiel Delos Santos

22. Kenrick Elisha Fiel Delos Santos

E.22. Children of Evelyn Candaza Fiel – Ben Flores

23. Queenie Anne Fiel Flores

24. Mae Anne Fiel Flores

25. Kristel Mae Fiel Flores

E.23. Children of Dennis Candaza Fiel – Ophelia Piao

26. Matt Gabriel Piao Fiel

E.24. Children of Ronald Candaza Fiel – Rica Longosa

27. Angela Longosa Fiel

E.25. Children of Cesar Fiel Silada

E.26. Children of Josephine Fiel Silada

E.27. Children of Jocelyn Fiel Silada

E.28. Children of Boy Williams Fiel

E.29. Children of Deldios Williams Fiel

E.30. Children of “Baby” Fiel

E.31. Children of Bianito Mueva Fiel Jr. – Grace Santillano

28. Bianito Santillano Fiel IV

E.32. Children of Maricris Mueva Fiel – Nilo Dagle

29. Nathaniel Fiel Dagle

30. Sean Marnil Fiel Dagle

31. Criselda Fiel Dagle

E.33. Children of Bryan Mueva Fiel – Cheanne Tiu

32. Bianito Bryan Tiu Fiel

33. Bryan Tiu Fiel Jr.

34. Lady Anezon Tiu Fiel

E.34. Children of Bernard Mueva Fiel – Elizabeth Perez

35. Bernard Perez Fiel

36. Samantha Perez Fiel

37. Dorothy Perez Fiel

38. Hannah Perez Fiel

E.35. Children of Bianito Mueva Fiel III – Chinky Abad

39. Keanan Nicole Abad Fiel

E.36. Children of Marigold Mueva Fiel – single as of 2011

E.37. Children of Flossie Fiel Lagahan – Marcos Tangpuz (first husband)

40. Mark Vlyner Lagahan Tangpuz

41. Justin Nixon Lagahan Tangpuz

Children of Flossie Fiel Lagahan – Ariel Padecio (second husband)

42. Chrizella Lagahan Padecio

E.38. Children of Irish Fiel Lagahan – Armando Amable Jr.

43. Mary Mil Joy Lagahan Amable

44. Armand Stephen Lagahan Amable III

E.39. Children of Evie Fiel Lagahan (b. November 20, 1979)

E.40. Children of Lemuel Steve Fiel Lagahan Jr. (b. July 7, 1987)

E.41. Children of Archie Fiel

E.42. Children of Eusebia Fiel

E.43. Children of Archimedes Fiel

E.44. Children of “Aiken” Fiel

E.45. Children of Ralph Fiel Caňezo – Jasmin Fernandez (first wife)

45. Shin-jee Fernandez Caňezo

46. Ralph Kent Fernandez Caňezo

47. Ralph Fernandez Caňezo II

Children of Ralph Fiel Caňezo – Bihilda Dutallas (second wife)

(no children)

E.46. Children of Sheryl Fiel Caňezo – Jimmy Bondalo Sr.

48. Jimmy Caňezo Bondalo Jr.

49. Cyril John Caňezo Bondalo

E.47. Children of Deisylyn Fiel Caňezo – Kim Ronald Villacote



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