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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Fourth Queen (How I Played Poker with God)


By: Carlos Tan Fiel

(Carlos Tan Fiel wrote the following story in Toronto, Canada shortly after he learned that he had inoperable cancer of the lungs. He received this life-shaking news on November 4, 1995, his birthday. Published with permission from her sister, Sr. Teresita Tan Fiel, RGS)

My doctor didn’t even mention the word, but I knew what he meant. “It’s the kind that spreads rapidly.”

For several nights, I couldn’t sleep. Kept tossing in my bed with tears in my eyes. “How could you do this to me, Lord?”

Kept thinking hard where I could go for help. Thought of my three sisters who are nuns. “Bombard heaven, bring in the heavenly artillery,” I asked them. I also asked help from my saintly Mama who went to heaven thirty-three years ago.

But somehow, I felt everything would be useless.

Then, the unexpected happened. An angel (he wasn’t dressed like one but I knew he was) appeared to me and said, “Come, He wants to see you.”

“Jesus Christ,” I could not help but exclaim, for indeed it was Him.

He was seated in a simple chair. There was a bare table. He bade me sit down across Him. He looked at me gently, but there was no smile in his face. Then He spoke.

“I see your time is up.” I said yes almost inaudibly.

“Your relatives, both living and dead, are pestering me to give you another chance.” Then He said something about me having so many relatives while He only had John the Baptist.

“I don’t have to listen to them,” He said. “However,” and this time I could detect a twinkle in his eyes, “just to silence them, I’ll give you a chance.”

“Thank you, thank you, Lord,” I uttered as I prepared to rise. But it was not easy as that.

“Let’s see. What have you been doing aside from a lot of sinning and a little praying?” My answer was to look at the floor.

“I see you play poker?”

“Just a penny-ante, Lord, and only with close friends.”

“All right, let’s play poker. If you beat me, I might give you another chance. But if I beat you, nothing else can help you, not even your relatives.”

“Oh no, not poker,” I protested. I wanted to tell Him I was a born loser in that games. Oh well, He probably knew it, that’s why He chose the game.

“Bring me a deck of cards,” He motioned to an angel. I noticed the cards were out of the usual earthly cards of the Bicycle or the Vee brand, but only with a plain letter “C.” I thought maybe the “C” stood for Carlos, my name. Or maybe, for “Christ.” Then, a morbid thought, “Hope its not “C” for “Cancer.”

“Let’s play the Lord’s deal.”

The Lord’s deal? What kind of a deal is that? I know the Lord’s prayer, but I never played the Lord’s deal.

“We will not play for money, because there is no need for money in heaven,” and, after a short pause, “if you get there.” That’s when I realized we were not in heaven. I was probably in a way station and after judgment, I’d know where to go. As if to remind me, He said, “Money is taboo in heaven since that man Iscariot ran away with thirty pieces of silver.”

He explained the deal. Every card would represent a wish. Its value would be weighed by the cards gotten. Two of a kind will increase the possibility of the wish being granted, and more with three or four of a kind. “But,” He said, “we’ll borrow one of your rules. A higher card beats a lower card. So, Ace is the highest, the King is next, followed by the Queen.”

He dealt each one of the five cards. In the meantime, a crowd was gathering and I saw a beautiful lady in blue coming out of a room. She glanced in our direction but continued on her way.

I looked at my first card. It was a queen. The second was also a queen. The third was a deuce, the fourth an ace. But presto, the fifth card was a queen. Three queens! My spirit soared.

“Okay, you declare,” He said.

I showed the first queen. “This queen represents my sister, Sister Anne, a Good Shepherd nun who will celebrate 50 years of service to you this year.”

Then the second queen. “This one represents my sister, Sister Milagros, a nun of the Holy Spirit. She is also celebrating her golden jubilee in your service this year.”

“And the third queen,” I said somewhat triumphantly, “stand for my sister, Sister Celina, also of the Good Shepherd, who has been there for 42 years.”

While I was talking, He opened four of his cards and I saw two aces. But I was not alarmed because I had one of his aces and the chances of his last card being an ace was about one in forty.

So, I readied for the kill. “Look, Lord,” I said, “My three sister nuns have served you for an aggregate of 142 years. And they are pleading for me. I’m only 67 which is less than half of their faithful service to you.”

“Very good speech,” He said. “But before making any decision, let’s take a look at my fifth card.” Slowly, He turned the card.

It was an ace.

“I got three aces. They beat your three queens and your wishes are of no value.”

He said it was time to proceed with the judgment and called St. Peter, asking for my record. St. Peter gave him two sheets of paper. One was very long and the other very short. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the long paper carried the heading “Sins.” I supposed the other piece carried a list of the good things I did in life. It was no contest. I didn’t have to be told of the verdict.

“Well,” Christ said, “I’m sorry but…”and there was an interruption.

“I am the fourth Queen.” The interruption came from the lady in blue who was suddenly at my side.

Christ was dumbfounded at the unexpected turn of events. His own mother was on the opposite side. He was speechless.

Finally, He was able to say, “But Mother, I am your son.”

The lady in blue nodded. Then, resting her right arm upon my shoulder, she told Him, “Son, he is also my son.”

There was a moment of silence. Finally, Christ said He wanted to go to another room to study the matter. He gave Peter the two sheets of paper. Then they went away, leaving me alone with the Lady in Blue.

Left alone, I asked her what I did to deserve her help. She smiled and said, “Your rosaries.” I felt guilty since although I had been praying the rosary, I would pray them as if by rote, so mechanically.

But as they left, something shocking happened before my very eyes. As Peter put the two sheets of paper in his back pocket, the Lady in blue so deftly picked up the long sheet. I could never imagine that she would be capable of doing that, even if it was meant for my benefit. The Blessed Mother stealing? As a matter of fact, I could not help myself and blurted out, “You stole my sins. You broke the seventh commandment.”

With the sweetest smile I have ever seen. She reassured me in a conspiratorial tone, “Son, sins can be stolen…if you pray the rosary.” All I could utter was “Blessed art thou among women.”

It’s been some time now and Christ hasn’t come out yet with His decision. But I’m no longer worried and I don’t care. Because standing beside me is the Blessed Mother, with the crumpled list of my sins in her left hand and her right hand resting on my shoulder.

And oh, yes, in my right hand is the rosary!

(On June 11, 1996 in Toronto, Carlos went gently into the good night. He died peacefully, surrounded by his sister, wife, nieces and nephews who were praying the rosary).


Carlos Tan Fiel is the son of Agaton Fiel.

Agaton Fiel, the first lawyer of Ormoc, is the son of Simplicio Fiel.

Simplicio Fiel is the first mayor of Ormoc.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elias Fiel Family Line (2010 Edition)


From Guimbangco-an, Sibonga, Cebu


1. Elias Fiel

2. Isaac Fiel


1. Children of Elias Fiel – Felomina Surposa

  1. Donato Surposa Fiel
  2. Aniceto Surposa Fiel
  3. Felipe Surposa Fiel
  4. Julian Surposa Fiel
  5. Nicolasa Surposa Fiel
  6. Cristina Surposa Fiel
  7. Bonifacio Surposa Fiel
  8. Rosa Surposa Fiel
  9. Teodoro Surposa Fiel
  10. Santiago Surposa Fiel


1. Children of Donato Surposa Fiel - Hermogena Cañamo (Ramon Magsaysay, Zamboanga Sur)

  1. Gregorio Cañamo Fiel
  2. Luisa Cañamo Fiel
  3. Ana Cañamo Fiel
  4. Osing Cañamo Fiel
  5. Antonio Cañamo Fiel
  6. Anon Cañamo Fiel
  7. Felicidad Cañamo Fiel
  8. Quirino Cañamo Fiel (+1999)
  9. Narciso Cañamo Fiel
  10. Rosario Cañamo Fiel
  11. Dioniscia Cañamo Fiel
  12. Rosalia Cañamo Fiel

2. Children of Aniceto Surposa Fiel – Mantang Terante

a. Julian Terante Fiel
b. Didong Terante Fiel
c. Monico Terante Fiel
d. Lucila Terante Fiel
e. Ricardo Terante Fiel
f. Roger Terante Fiel
g. Citas Terante Fiel
h. Manding Terante Fiel

3. Children of Felipe Surposa Fiel - Atang Bustamante
a. Apolonio Bustamante Fiel
b. Constancia Bustamante Fiel
c. Rosalia Bustamante Fiel
d. Bernarda Bustamante Fiel
e. Domingga Bustamante Fiel
f. Margarita Bustamante Fiel
g. Fermin Bustamante Fiel

4. Children of Julian Surposa Fiel - Timothea Mirafuentes

a. Mathilde Mirafuentes Fiel
b. Ingracia Mirafuentes Fiel
c. Catalino Mirafuentes Fiel (lived in Padada, Davao del Sur)
d. Lope Fiel Mirafuentes (lived in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; died January 2008)
e. Arsenio Mirafuentes Fiel (lived in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur)
f. Regina Mirafuentes Fiel (lives in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; still alive today)
g. Felisa Mirafuentes Fiel
h. Aurelio Mirafuentes Fiel
i. Feliciano Mirafuentes Fiel (lived in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; died September 2008)
j. Basilia Mirafuentes Fiel
k. Pedro Mirafuentes Fiel (lives in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; still alive today)

5. Children of Nicolasa Surposa Fiel - Tanoy Mirafuentes

a. Erenio Fiel Mirafuentes
b. Edoc Fiel Mirafuentes
c. Tarcela Fiel Mirafuentes
d. Santas Fiel Mirafuentes
e. Moming Fiel Mirafuentes
f. Rosing Fiel Mirafuentes
g. Angel Fiel Mirafuentes

6. Children of Cristina Surposa Fiel - Enteng Estudillo

a. Pedro Fiel Estudillo
b. Maria Fiel Estudillo
c. Tirso Fiel Estudillo
d. Cenon Fiel Estudillo
e. Ponso Fiel Estudillo
f. Bragido Fiel Estudillo
g. Anselma Fiel Estudillo
h. Adela Fiel Estudillo

7. Children of Bonifacio Surposa Fiel - Modesta Darong

a. Epifania Darong Fiel
b. Tranquilina Darong Fiel
c. Magna Darong Fiel
d. Fabio Darong Fiel
e. Roberto Darong Fiel
f. Ponting Darong Fiel

8. Children of Rosa Surposa Fiel - Mateo Bustamante

a. Anse Fiel Bustamante
b. Margarita Fiel Bustamante
c. Susing Fiel Bustamante
d. Teresa Fiel Bustamante
e. Garcia Fiel Bustamante
f. Omie Fiel Bustamante

9. Children of Teodoro Surposa Fiel – missing link

10. Children of Santiago Surposa Fiel - Marcela Mirafuentes

a. Maxima Mirafuentes Fiel
b. Aurelia Mirafuentes Fiel
c. Eling Mirafuentes Fiel


1. Children of Gregorio Caňamo Fiel – Margarita _________

  1. Pilo
  2. Biyay
  3. Paulini

2. Children of Luisa Caňamo Fiel – Sebastian Daral

a. Victoriano Fiel Daral

b. Enrique Fiel Daral

c. Maximo Fiel Daral

d. Rodolfo Fiel Daral

e. Alipio Fiel Daral

3. Children of Ana Caňamo Fiel – Cenon Antifuesta

a. Enciang Fiel Antifuesta

b. Pesciang Fiel Antifuesta

c. Onie Fiel Antifuesta

d. Tining Fiel Antifuesta

e. Masciong Fiel Antifuesta

f. Bebe Fiel Antifuesta

g. Linda Fiel Antifuesta

4. Children of Osing Caňamo Fiel – Esiong Redublado

a. Antonio Fiel Redublado

b. Leonora Fiel Redublado

c. Matea Fiel Redublado

d. Francisca Fiel Redublado

e. Vicente Fiel Redublado

f. Epifania Fiel Redublado

5. Children of Antonio Caňamo Fiel – Andrea Maravillas (living in Guinoman, Zambo Sur)

a. Purificacion Maravillas Fiel

b. Trinidad Maravillas Fiel

c. Luisa Maravillas Fiel

d. Hermelando Maravillas Fiel

e. Ponciano Maravillas Fiel

g. Cirilo Maravillas Fiel

h. Gregorio Maravillas Fiel

i. Aurelia Maravillas Fiel

6. Children of Anon Caňamo Fiel – Pedro Villegas
a. Bienvenido Fiel Villegas

b. Pelegrino Fiel Villegas

c. Palermo Fiel Villegas

d. Eduardo Fiel Villegas

7. Children of Felicidad Caňamo Fiel – Quirico Mirafuentes
a. Asuncion Fiel Mirafuentes

b. Cornelio Fiel Mirafuentes

c. Vicente Fiel Mirafuentes

d. Segundina Fiel Mirafuentes

e. Dodo Fiel Mirafuentes

8. Children of Quirioc Caňamo Fiel – Claudia Pat (living in Tukuran, Zambo)
a. Urbano Pat Fiel

b. Donato Pat Fiel

c. Bonifacio Pat Fiel

d. Felipa Pat Fiel

9. Children of Narciso Caňamo Fiel Sr. – Bernardina Omongos (living in Buug, Zambo Sibugay)

a. Roberto Omongos Fiel

b. Romeo Omongos Fiel

c. Rosita Omongos Fiel

d. Felix Omongos Fiel

e. Domingo Omongos Fiel

f. Nolito Omongos Fiel

g. Narciso Omongos Fiel

h. Marilou Omongos Fiel

10. Children of Rosario Caňamo Fiel – Pilo Dimpas

(no data)

11. Children of Dionescia Caňamo Fiel – Susano Sumaramos
a. Eleuterio Fiel Sumaramos

b. Manuel Fiel Sumaramos

c. Peding Fiel Sumaramos

12. Children of Rosalia Caňamo Fiel – Atty. Meleton Parducho

a. Aurora Fiel Parducho

b. Rosie Fiel Parducho

c. Ellen Fiel Parducho

d. Tita Fiel Parducho

e. Lydia Fiel Parducho

f. Arthur Fiel Parducho

13. Children of Julian Terante Fiel - no data

14. Children of Didong Terante Fiel - no data

15. Children of Monico Terante Fiel - no data

16. Children of Lucila Terante Fiel - no data

17. Children of Ricardo Terante Fiel - no data

18. Children of Roger Terante Fiel - no data

19. Children of Citas Terante Fiel - no data

20. Children of Monding Terante Fiel - no data

21. Children of Apolonio Bustamante Fiel – no data

22. Children of Constancia Bustamante Fiel – no data

23. Children of Rosalia Bustamante Fiel – no data

24. Children of Bernardo Bustamante Fiel – no data

25. Children of Dominggo Bustamante Fiel – no data

26. Children of Margarita Bustamante Fiel – no data

27. Children of Fermin Bustamante Fiel – no data

28. Children of Mathilde Mirafuentes Fiel – no data (living in Napulan, Pagadian City)

29. Children of Ingracia Mirafuentes Fiel – no data (living in Tagum City)

30. Children of Catalino Mirafuentes Fiel - ______________ (living in Padada, Davao Sur)

a. Bonifacio Fiel

b. Aurelia Fiel

c. Zoilo Fiel

d. Celerina Fiel

e. Elevita Fiel

f. Carlito Fiel

31. Children of Lope Mirafuentes Fiel – Juliana Cudera (living in Kiblawan, Davao Sur)

a. Sergia Cudera Fiel

b. Patrocino Cudera Fiel

c. Felomino Cudera Fiel

d. Basilia Cudera Fiel

e. Antonio Cudera Fiel

f. Lolita Cudera Fiel

g. Pasencia Cudera Fiel

h. Salome Cudera Fiel

i. Conrado Cudera Fiel

j. Mercedez Cudera Fiel

k. Marietta Cudera Fiel

l. Reynaldo Cudera Fiel

m. Edgar Cudera Fiel

32. Children of Arsenio Mirafuentes Fiel – Andrea Antok

(no children)

33. Children of Regina Mirafuentes Fiel – Nemesio Embudo

a. Siriaco Fiel Embudo

b. Rosalia Fiel Embudo

c. Claudio Fiel Embudo

d. Rosenda Fiel Embudo

e. Agustina Fiel Embudo

f. Jose Fiel Embudo

34. Children of Felisa Mirafuentes Fiel – no data (living in Napulan, Pagadian)

35. Children of Aurelio Mirafuentes Fiel – Pastora Lopez

a. Ponciano Lopez Fiel

b. Eugenio Lopez Fiel

c. Marcelino Lopez Fiel

d. Ernesto Lopez Fiel

e. Estelita Lopez Fiel

f. Alejandro Lopez Fiel

g. Rosario Lopez Fiel

h. Roman Lopez Fiel

i. Felomina Lopez Fiel

36. Children of Feliciano Mirafuentes Fiel – Marcelina Merontos (living in Kiblawan,Davao Sur)

a. Remedios Merontos Fiel

b. Fe Merontos Fiel

c. Cita Merontos Fiel

d. Silvano Merontos Fiel

37. Children of Basilia Mirafuentes Fiel – no data (living in Napulan, Pagadian)

38. Children of Pedro Mirafuentes Fiel – _____________ (living in Kiblawan, Davao Sur)

a. Rufino Fiel

b. Erlinda Fiel

c. Constancio Fiel

d. Josefina Fiel

e. Pedro Fiel Jr.

f. Victoria Fiel

39. Children of Erenio Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

40. Children of Edoc Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

41. Children of Tarcela Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

42. Children of Santas Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

43. Children of Moming Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

44. Children of Rosing Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

45. Children of Angel Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

46. Children of Pedro Fiel Estudillo – no data

47. Children of Maria Fiel Estudillo – no data

48. Children of Tirso Fiel Estudillo – no data

49. Children of Cenon Fiel Estudillo – no data

50. Children of Ponso Fiel Estudillo – no data

51. Children of Bragido Fiel Estudillo – no data

52. Children of Anselma Fiel Estudillo – no data

53. Children of Adela Fiel Estudillo – no data

54. Children of Epifania Darong Fiel – no data

55. Children of Tranquilino Darong Fiel – no data

56. Children of Magna Darong Fiel – no data

57. Children of Fabio Darong Fiel – no data

58. Children of Roberto Darong Fiel – no data

59. Children of Ponting Darong Fiel – no data

60. Children of Anse Fiel Bustamante – no data

61. Margarita Fiel Bustamante – no data

62. Susing Fiel Bustamante – no data

63. Teresa Fiel Bustamante – no data

64. Garcia Fiel Bustamante – no data

65. Omie Fiel Bustamante – no data

66. Maxima Mirafuentes Fiel – no data

67. Aurelia Mirafuentes Fiel – no data

68. Eling Mirafuentes Fiel – no data

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

USTSO In Concert

Time: September 12 · 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Venue: Cultural Center of the Philippines(CCP)-Main Theater.Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

More Info:

Heliodoro "Dingdong" Fiel II, Piano

Jeffrey Solares, Conductor

*Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Symphony No. 35 in D major, K. 385 (Haffner)
1.Allegro con spirito

*Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Piano concerto No. 1 in Bb minor, op.23
1.Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso – Allegro con spirito
2.Andantino semplice – Prestissimo
3.Allegro con fuoco

*Modest Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition

Ticket prices - P800, P600, and P400
Available in CCP and the UST Conservatory of Music.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pastor Fiel Family Line


(From Calag-itan, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte)


Pastor Fiel – Anastacia Labrado


1. Children of Pastor Fiel – Anastacia Labrado

  1. Rufino Labrado Fiel
  2. Jose Labrado Fiel
  3. Crisencia Labrado Fiel
  4. Juan Labrado Fiel
  5. Natividad Labrado Fiel
  6. Bienvenido Labrado Fiel
  7. Hermenia Labrado Fiel
  8. Alberto Labrado Fiel


1. Children of Rufino Labrado Fiel – wife unknown

a. Marivic Fiel

b. Meriam Fiel

c. Merlie Fiel

d. Rufino Fiel

2. Children of Jose Labrado Fiel – wife unknown

a. Teresita “Tesya” Fiel

b. Jose Fiel

3. Children of Crisencia Labrado Fiel (deceased)

4. Children of Juan Labrado Fiel – missing since 1979

5. Children of Natividad Labrado Fiel – Demetrio Magbago (Residing in Purok 7, Batahai Subdivision, Tanyag, Taguig City)

a. Ed Jose Fiel Magbago

b. Emily Fiel Magbago

c. Ericardo Fiel Magbago

d. Ednalyn Fiel Magbago

6. Children of Bienvenido Labrado Fiel – Zenaida Magracia

a. Benjamin Magracia Fiel

b. Jenilyn Magracia Fiel

c. Rany Magracia Fiel

d. Noralyn Magracia Fiel

7. Children of Hermenia Labrado Fiel – Edilberto Orense (Residing in Cavite)

a. Edilberto Fiel Orense Jr.

b. Eleonor Fiel Orense

c. Editha Fiel Orense

d. Crispolo Fiel Orense

e. Ernesto “Ernie” Fiel Orense

8. Children of Alberto Labrado Fiel – Marison Catolico (Residing in Purok 7, Batahai Subdivision, Tanyag, Taguig City)

a. Beverly Catolico Fiel

b. Kristal Gay Catolico Fiel

c. Albertson Catolico Fiel

Francisco Fiel Family Line


(Source: Anne Fiel from Pondol, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte)


1. Francisco Fiel – Andrea Timbal


1. Child of Francisco Fiel – Andrea Timbal

  1. Rufino Timbal Fiel


1. Children of Rufino Timbal Fiel (+Oct. 31, 1992) – Angela Visaya (+Sept. 25, 1988)

  1. Remedio Visaya Fiel
  2. Benita Visaya Fiel
  3. Marita Visaya Fiel
  4. Lucio Visaya Fiel
  5. Buenaventurada Visaya Fiel
  6. Antonio Visaya Fiel
  7. Rufino Visaya Fiel Jr.
  8. Flordeliza Visaya Fiel


1. Children of Remedio Visaya Fiel – Jovita Lapiz

(no data)

2. Children of Benita Visaya Fiel – Alfredo Bahina

(no data)

3. Children of Marita Visaya Fiel – Nomeriano Ballon

(no data)

4. Children of Lucio Visaya Fiel – Concepcion Janiola (Residing in Panabo City)

  1. Glenna Fiel
  2. Jennifer Fiel
  3. Lureza Fiel
  4. Emmanuel Fiel
  5. James Bernard Fiel

5. Children of Buenaventurada Visaya Fiel – Margareto Sabandal

(no data)

6. Children of Antonio Visaya Fiel (+Dec. 29, 1996) - Vivencia Paco (+January 30, 1999)

  1. Anne Paco Fiel
  2. Rose Marie Paco Fiel

7. Children of Rufino Visaya Fiel Jr. – Elvira Maranga

(no data)

8. Children of Flordeliza Visaya Fiel – Virgilio Bitco

(no data)

Eugenio Fiel Family Line


Eugenio Fiel - from Sibonga


1. Child of Eugenio Fiel – Juliana Pat

  1. Guillermo Pat Fiel
  2. Juanita Pat Fiel
  3. Abing Pat Fiel

(the number of Eugenio’s children unknown)


1. Children of Guillermo Fiel – Fortunata Lamban (First Wife)

a. Arsenia Lamban Fiel

b. Laurencia Lamban Fiel

c. Cresencia Lamban Fiel

d. Diosdado Lamban Fiel

e. Apolinar Lamban Fiel

f. Jocelyn Lamban Fiel

g. Virgilio Lamban Fiel

h. Evelyn Lamban Fiel

2. Children of Guillermo Fiel – Basilia Magallanes (Second Wife)

a. Susan Magallanes Fiel


1. Children of Arsenia Lamban Fiel – Perfecto Miňoza (Residing in San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

a. Helen Fiel Miňoza

b. Elsa Fiel Miňoza

c. Reynaldo Fiel Miňoza

d. Lynie Fiel Miňoza

e. Norma Fiel Miňoza

f. Maribeth Fiel Miňoza

g. Maribel Fiel Miňoza

2. Children of Laurencia Lamban Fiel – Arturo Lumibao (No children; Residing in Pangasinan)

3. Children of Cresencia Lamban Fiel – Elpedio Miňoza (Residing in San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

a. Rene Fiel Miňoza (deceased)

b. Crisel Fiel Miňoza (Residing in Hongkong)

c. Elmer Fiel Miňoza (Residing in San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

d. Cheryll Fiel Miňoza (Residing in San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

e. Liezl Fiel Miňoza (Residing in Zamboanga City)

f. Noel Fiel Miňoza (Residing in Zamboanga City)

g. Noriel Fiel Miňoza (Residing in Malaysia)

4. Children of Diosdado Lamban Fiel – Norma (Residing in Manila)

(names of children unknown)

5. Children of Apolinar Lamban Fiel – Lydia Capablanca (Residing in San Miguel, ZDS)

a. Jay Capablanca Fiel

b. Joy Capablanca Fiel

c. Jia Capablanca Fiel

d. Saysay Capablanca Fiel

6. Children of Jocelyn Lamban Fiel – Victor Caballero (Residing in Cebu)

a. Jovic Fiel Caballero

b. Ryan Fiel Caballero

c. Roy Fiel Caballero

d. Irene Fiel Caballero

7. Children of Virgilia Lamban Fiel – Mamerto Nailon (Residing in San Miguel, ZDS)

a. JR Fiel Nailon

b. Che-che Fiel Nailon

8. Children of Evelyn Lamban Fiel – Mario Libo

a. Marian Jean Fiel Libo

b. Marvin Fiel Libo

c. Dexe Fiel Libo

d. Eva Fiel Libo

e. Marjie Fiel Libo

9. Children of Susan Magallanes Fiel – Renan Jonaire

(no child yet)

Data provided by: Evelyn Fiel Libo of Olutanga Island, Zamboanga Sibugay

Friday, August 20, 2010

Antero Fiel Family Line


Antero Fiel - Isabel Catado Eamiguel


Dr. Eutiquiano Fiel (only son)

Children of Dr. Eutiquiano Fiel - Consuela Tan
1. Antero Tan Fiel
2. Remedios Tan Fiel
3. Heliodoro Tan Fiel
4. Esperanza Tan Fiel
5. Manuel Tan Fiel
6. Veneranda Tan Fiel
7. Prudencio Tan Fiel


Children of Antero Tan Fiel - Veronica Sanchez
1. Dean Sanchez Fiel
2. Precy Sanchez Fiel
3. Allan Sanchez Fiel
4. Emma Sanchez Fiel
5. Marcia Sanchez Fiel
6. Juneth Sanchez Fiel
7. Nathaniel Sanchez Fiel
8. Charis Sanchez Fiel
9. Karen Sanchez Fiel
10. Rosalinda Fiel

Children of Remedios Tan Fiel - Carmelo Marquez
1. Glen Fiel Marquez
2. Grace Fiel Marquez
3. Claire Fiel Marquez

Children of Heliodoro Tan Fiel - Pura Catingub
1. Maria Isabel Catingub Fiel
2. Roy Bernard Catingub Fiel
3. Geraldine Catingub Fiel
4. Mary Desiree Catingub Fiel
5. Sandra Angelica Catingub Fiel
6. Beulah Coeli Catingub Fiel

Children of Esperanza Tan Fiel - Pablito Garcia
1. Gwendolyn Fiel Garcia
2. Deirdra Fiel Garcia
3. Winston Fiel Garcia
4. Nelson Fiel Garcia
5. Byron Fiel Garcia
6. Marlon Fiel Garcia
7. Farla Carolyn Fiel Garcia
8. Pablo John Fiel Garcia

Children of Manuel Tan Fiel - Brenda Adolfo
1. Vivienne Adolfo Fiel
2. Emmanuel Adolfo Fiel
3. Maximillan Adolfo Fiel

Children of Veneranda Tan Fiel - Evasio Rosales Cagande
1. Consuelo Corazon Fiel Cagande
2. Erwin Victor Fiel Cagande
3. Pierre Theodore Fiel Cagande (1971-1993)
4. Liberty Fiel Cagande

Children of Prudencio Tan Fiel - Alexandria Orat
1. Samantha Orat Fiel
2. Isabelle Orat Fiel

FIFTH GENERATION - list not yet complete

SUMMARY: Antero Fiel had 1 son, 7 grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sibonga, Cebu and the Fiel Clan

Sibonga is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 40,765 people.

Many of us may find our Fiel roots back in this small municipality. The Fiel families scattered around Mindanao descended from the Fiel family of Sibonga.

Before the World War II, many Fiel families left Sibonga. The reason is primarily agricultural. Guimbangco-an, the barangay where most Fiels lived, is a rocky land. Gagmay kaayo ang tubo sa mga mais didto! they looked for greener pastures, and mindanao proved to be the most fitting ground.

Elias Fiel, who was married to Felomina Surposa had 10 children.

These ten children are: Donato Fiel, Aniceto Fiel, Felipe Fiel, Julian Fiel, Nicolasa Fiel, Cristina Fiel, Bonifacio Fiel, Rosa Fiel, Teodoro Fiel and Santiago Fiel.

TEODORO SURPOSA FIEL and one of his brothers, according to oral tradition, courted one woman. The woman did not chose Teodoro. So, when it was decided that they go to Mindanao, Teodoro opted to stay in Sibonga and eventually went to Leyte.

The Joy of Finding Your Roots

CEBU, Philippines - Martin “Sonny” L. Tinio Jr., author of the book Philippine Ancestral Houses, is one of those who are hooked on genealogy. He started tracing the Tinio family tree in 1972. “It was Martial Law and I got bored so I did the family tree,” he said.

But the work was not easy, he said, since he had to go through old records from churches and other government institutions to find information about his ancestors. “The records were so dusty. I think nobody ever opened those books. I was sneezing and even had hay fever. Mainit pa kasi walang aircon,” he recalled. Sonny decided to stop going through old records and do the family tree by interviewing family members. But this method was not also easy breezy! He had to go to the province and interview a long line of people, asking them who their relatives are! Sonny later found out that oral tradition is not reliable. “It was all jumbled up! I realized this when I did the biography of my grandfather, Gen. Manuel Tinio,” he said.

Deciding that church and government records were the most reliable, Sonny and his family hired a historian to research about their family tree. He narrated that the woman they hired had to go to different areas in Nueva Ecija and go through church records in every place. “There was no Family History Center then so the best way to get reliable information is to really go through church records,” he added.

To date, Sonny has 33,000 names in the Tinio family tree and the number is increasing thanks to the LDS Family History Center, which he visited everyday for three years! “I add a hundred names to the list everyday, thanks to the Family History Center, where it is so convenient and so clean. The staff are very accommodating pa,” Sonny said.

Maricel Claudia Alabastro of the Mayo Clan of Lipa, Batangas, is also one of the many who found her ancestors through the Family History Center. “It was February 2006 and Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, a relative, was installed as Cardinal. We have scheduled a reunion in April and we wanted it to be really grand since it was the biggest reunion of the Mayo Clan. So I decided to research on our ancestors. The Mayo Clan already had a family tree but it was not extensive. So I came to the Family History Center to research. I started with the name of the Cardinal,” Maricel said.

Since the LDS has microfilms of government and church records from all over the country, as well as records from other countries, Maricel came to know that her ancestor was a British soldier, Antony Mayo, from the aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland, who arrived in Lipa, Batangas together with the British forces during the British Expedition to Manila in 1762-1764. Maricel found that Antony Mayo chose to stay in Lipa, fell in love with Dona Feliciana Casilag and had a child, Don Sebastian Mayo, who became the Gobernadorcillo of Lipa in 1797.

Aside from finding out that she had British descent, Maricel also found out that her ancestors were responsible for the coffee boom in Lipa, Batangas.

But the search for her family was not easy, despite the convenience offered by the Family History Center. “You also have to have common sense. You really have to use your brain and know a little history because there were times when our ancestors had to change their family names. I had to read all the microfilms from Lipa,” she said.

Why look for your ancestors? Family pride is one of the reasons why one traces his roots, aside from setting family records straight. But Sonny said that tracing your roots can also be informative in so many ways. “Family traits, vices and mannerisms stay in the family so you will know what to expect,” he said.

Sister Caroline Fitzgerald, one of the persons in charge of the Family History Center in Manila, said that it is really a golden age for genealogy, “The Filipinos are starting to remember their families.” So far, there are 80,000 microfilms from the Philippines that contain church and government records. There is still a lot to do, she said, when it comes to preserving the records of the world but the volunteers of the LDS are patiently microfilming these records so that these will be shared to all.

One of the more recent records that the LDS in the Philippines has microfilmed were the records at the Manila City Hall, said Ms. Pilobello. “Before World War II, all vital records – birth, death, marriage – were transmitted to Manila. The LDS was able to microfilm the records. We were in the process of digitizing the records when Ondoy hit. It flooded the Manila City Hall and destroyed many of the original records. Good thing na naka microfilm na sila! After Ondoy, marami nang lumapit sa amin, asking us to help them put records on microfilm. But still there are also people, organizations, and even countries that do not allow the LDS to microfilm. But the Church hopes that we will be able to microfilm all records in the world. We are not doing this for the LDS, we are doing this for us all,” she concluded.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Picture: Frederick Fiel

This is Frederick Fiel with his wife Mariejan Amorio-Fiel.
The name of their son is Erick Fire Amorio Fiel.

Singapore Zoo, Sentosa & Vivo City Mall

Dr. Eutiquiano (Otic) Fiel's Precious Pic

Seated: Dr. Eutiquiano (Otic) Fiel.

The (Ormoc) Fiel :STANDING (L to R):
Antero Fiel,
Prudencio (Boy) Fiel,
Carmelo Marquez (husband of Remedios Tan Fiel),
Manuel (Loloy) Fiel,
Heliodoro (Dodong) Fiel Sr.

The Ormoc Fiel Paternity Line

The (Ormoc) Fiel paternity line.

From the top row (L to R):
Heliodoro Fiel, Manuel Fiel, Pablo Garcia, Antero Fiel.

Consuelo Tan Fiel, Remedios Fiel Marquez,
Esperanza Fiel Garcia, Veneranda Fiel Cagande, Dr. Eutiquiano Fiel

On the floor:
Prudencio Fiel.

Thanks to Maxim Fiel for posting this pix.

Prudencio Fiel gave an interesting anecdote about this picture,

"That picture was taken quite late in the evening and it was almost tme for m/v Ormoc to leave for Cebu. Pabling and Inday were supposed to sail that night for Cebu and they were both anxious to get to the pier. I look so serious beca...use I was uncomfortable in my americana, LMAO. BTW, Dodong was always very scarce with his smile for some reason or another, LOL. Anter was the best looking and very relaxed as always. Loloy also very demure and comfortable. What can I say, my 3 sisters were/are about the best looking family trio in the history of the world, LOL. Papa too very handsome, wasn't he? Last but not least, Mama.... what a beauty!!! Pakpak pariente!!!!!!"

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dear Kapamilya,

I need more informations about the following persons: their husbands/wives plus the name of their sons and daughters; kung may names ng grandchildren, the better.

Julian Terante Fiel
Didong Terante Fiel
Monico Terante Fiel
Lucila Terante Fiel
Ricardo Terante Fiel
Roger Terante Fiel
Citas Terante Fiel
Monding Terante Fiel
Apolonio Bustamante Fiel
Constancia Bustamante Fiel
Rosalia Bustamante Fiel
Bernarda Bustamante Fiel
Dominga Bustamante Fiel
Margarita Bustamante Fiel
Fermin Bustamante Fiel
Mathilde Bustamante Fiel
Ingracia Bustamante Fiel
Felisa Fiel (Napulan, Pagadian)
Basilia Fiel (Napulan, Pagadian)
Erenio Fiel Mirafuentes
Edoc Fiel Mirafuentes
Tarcela Fiel Mirafuentes
Santas Fiel Mirafuentes
Moming Fiel Mirafuentes
Rosing Fiel Mirafuentes
Angel Fiel Mirafuentes
Pedro Fiel Estudillo
Maria Fiel Estudillo
Tirso Fiel Estudillo
Cenon Fiel Estudillo
Ponso Fiel Estudillo
Bragido Fiel Estudillo
Anselma Fiel Estudillo
Adela Fiel Estudillo
Epifania Darong Fiel
Tranquilina Darong Fiel
Magna Darong Fiel
Fabio Darong Fiel
Roberto Darong Fiel
Ponting Darong Fiel
Anse Fiel Bustamante
Margarita Fiel Bustamante
Susing Fiel Bustamante
Teresa Fiel Bustamante
Garcia Fiel Bustamante
Omie Fiel Bustamante
Solidad Fiel
Nicolas Fiel
Enrique Fiel
Constancia Fiel
Maxima Fiel
Aurelia Fiel
Eling Fiel

you may email me or you can also send me message in my facebook account.


felmar fiel, svd

Sunday, April 18, 2010


29 April, Thursday, is a date not to be missed.
Dingdong Fiel: The Philippine Debut.
GSIS Theater,
Pasay City
7:00pm - 10:00 pm

Franz Liszt - Piano Concerto No. 1
Maurice Ravel - Piano Concerto for the Left Hand alone
Dingdong Fiel, Pianist
Maestro Herminigildo Ranera, conductor
USTS Symphony Orchestra

tickets: P750, P500, P250
For ticket reservations,
please call or text 09178123435 or 09228238524
pending release of tickets by Ticketworld.
Hurry before all seats are sold!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The Fiel Clan now also conquers the modelling world! Recently, Daphne Claire Yap Fiel tagged me in facebook, and here are her great shots!




click here for a bigger and sharper image:

About Me

My photo
I am the son of Silvano Fiel, who is the son of Feliciano Fiel, who is the son of Julian Fiel, who is the son of Elias Fiel from Sibonga, Cebu. Elias Fiel has only one brother and his name is Isaac Fiel. My name is taken from my grandparents Feliciano and Marcelina. I am a religious missionary SVD.