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Sunday, February 6, 2011




(2011 EDITION)

From Guimbangco-an, Sibonga, Cebu


A.1. Elias Fiel

A.2. Isaac Fiel

Elias Fiel and Isaac Fiel are brothers. This family doesn’t contain the family line of Isaac Fiel.


B.1. Children of Elias Fiel – Felomina Surposa

1. Donato Surposa Fiel

2. Aniceto Surposa Fiel

3. Felipe Surposa Fiel

4. Julian Surposa Fiel

5. Nicolasa Surposa Fiel

6. Cristina Surposa Fiel

7. Bonifacio Surposa Fiel

8. Rosa Surposa Fiel

9. Teodoro Surposa Fiel

10. Santiago Surposa Fiel


C.1. Children of Donato Surposa Fiel - Hermogena Cañamo (Ramon Magsaysay, Zamboanga Sur)

1. Gregorio Cañamo Fiel

2. Luisa Cañamo Fiel

3. Ana Cañamo Fiel

4. Osing Cañamo Fiel

5. Antonio Cañamo Fiel

6. Anon Cañamo Fiel

7. Felicidad Cañamo Fiel

8. Quirino Cañamo Fiel (+1999)

9. Narciso Cañamo Fiel (b. Nov. 29, 1912; +May 11, 1994)

10. Rosario Cañamo Fiel

11. Dioniscia Cañamo Fiel

12. Rosalia Cañamo Fiel

C.2. Children of Aniceto Surposa Fiel – Mantang Terante

13. Julian Terante Fiel
14. Didong Terante Fiel
15. Monico Terante Fiel
16. Lucila Terante Fiel
17. Ricardo Terante Fiel
18. Roger Terante Fiel
19. Citas Terante Fiel
20. Raymonda Terante Fiel

C.3. Children of Felipe Surposa Fiel - Atang Bustamante
21. Apolonio Bustamante Fiel
22. Constancia Bustamante Fiel
23. Rosalia Bustamante Fiel
24. Bernarda Bustamante Fiel
25. Domingga Bustamante Fiel
26. Margarita Bustamante Fiel
27. Fermin Bustamante Fiel

C.4. Children of Julian Surposa Fiel - Timothea Mirafuentes

28. Mathilde Mirafuentes Fiel
29. Ingracia Mirafuentes Fiel
30. Catalino Mirafuentes Fiel (lived in Padada, Davao del Sur)
31. Lope Fiel Mirafuentes (lived in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; + January 2008)
32. Arsenio Mirafuentes Fiel (lived in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur)
33. Regina Mirafuentes Fiel (lives in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; still alive today)
34. Felisa Mirafuentes Fiel
35. Aurelio Mirafuentes Fiel
36. Feliciano Mirafuentes Fiel (lived in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; + September 2008)
37. Basilia Mirafuentes Fiel
38. Pedro Mirafuentes Fiel (lives in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; still alive today)

C.5. Children of Nicolasa Surposa Fiel - Tanoy Mirafuentes

39. Erenio Fiel Mirafuentes
40. Edoc Fiel Mirafuentes
41. Tarcela Fiel Mirafuentes
42. Santas Fiel Mirafuentes
43. Moming Fiel Mirafuentes
44. Rosing Fiel Mirafuentes
45. Angel Fiel Mirafuentes

C.6. Children of Cristina Surposa Fiel - Enteng Estudillo

46. Pedro Fiel Estudillo
47. Maria Fiel Estudillo
48. Tirso Fiel Estudillo
49. Cenon Fiel Estudillo
50. Ponso Fiel Estudillo
51. Bragido Fiel Estudillo
52. Anselma Fiel Estudillo
53. Adela Fiel Estudillo

C.7. Children of Bonifacio Surposa Fiel - Modesta Darong

54. Fabio Darong Fiel

55. Epifania Darong Fiel

56.. Magdalena “Magna” Darong Fiel

57. Roberto Darong Fiel

58. Pontino Darong Fiel

59. Tranquilina Darong Fiel
60. Canuto Darong Fiel

61. Vivencia Darong Fiel

62. Avelino Darong Fiel
63. Sendemeo Darong Fiel

C.8. Children of Rosa Surposa Fiel - Mateo Bustamante

64. Anse Fiel Bustamante
65. Margarita Fiel Bustamante
66. Susing Fiel Bustamante
67. Teresa Fiel Bustamante
68. Garcia Fiel Bustamante
69. Omie Fiel Bustamante

C.9. Children of Teodoro Surposa Fiel – missing link

C.10. Children of Santiago Surposa Fiel - Marcela Mirafuentes

70. Maxima Mirafuentes Fiel
71. Aurelia Mirafuentes Fiel
72. Eling Mirafuentes Fiel


D.1. Children of Gregorio Caňamo Fiel – Margarita _________

1. Pilo Fiel

2. Biyay Fiel

3. Paulini Fiel

D.2. Children of Luisa Caňamo Fiel – Sebastian Daral

4. Victoriano Fiel Daral

5. Enrique Fiel Daral

6. Maximo Fiel Daral

7. Rodolfo Fiel Daral

8. Alipio Fiel Daral

D.3. Children of Ana Caňamo Fiel – Cenon Antifuesta

9. Enciang Fiel Antifuesta

10. Pesciang Fiel Antifuesta

11. Onie Fiel Antifuesta

12. Tining Fiel Antifuesta

13. Masciong Fiel Antifuesta

14. Bebe Fiel Antifuesta

15. Linda Fiel Antifuesta

D. 4. Children of Osing Caňamo Fiel – Esiong Redublado

16. Antonio Fiel Redublado

17. Leonora Fiel Redublado

18. Matea Fiel Redublado

19. Francisca Fiel Redublado

20. Vicente Fiel Redublado

21. Epifania Fiel Redublado

D.5. Children of Antonio Caňamo Fiel – Andrea Maravillas (living in Guinoman, Zambo Sur)

22. Purificacion Maravillas Fiel

23. Trinidad Maravillas Fiel

24. Luisa Maravillas Fiel

25. Hermelando Maravillas Fiel

26. Ponciano Maravillas Fiel

27. Cirilo Maravillas Fiel

28. Gregoria Maravillas Fiel

29. Aurelia Maravillas Fiel

D.6. Children of Anon Caňamo Fiel – Pedro Villegas
30. Bienvenido Fiel Villegas

31. Pelegrino Fiel Villegas

32. Palermo Fiel Villegas

33. Eduardo Fiel Villegas

D.7. Children of Felicidad Caňamo Fiel – Quirico Mirafuentes
34. Asuncion Fiel Mirafuentes

35. Cornelio Fiel Mirafuentes

36. Vicente Fiel Mirafuentes

37. Segundina Fiel Mirafuentes

38. Dodo Fiel Mirafuentes

D.8. Children of Quirico Caňamo Fiel – Claudia Pat (living in Tukuran, Zambo)
39. Urbano Pat Fiel

40. Donato Pat Fiel

41. Bonifacio Pat Fiel

42. Felipa Pat Fiel

D.9. Children of Narciso Caňamo Fiel Sr. – Bernardina Omongos (living in Buug, Zambo Sibugay)

43. Roberto Omongos Fiel

44. Romeo Omongos Fiel

45. Rosita Omongos Fiel

46. Felix Omongos Fiel

47. Domingo Omongos Fiel

48. Nolito Omongos Fiel

49. Narciso Omongos Fiel

50. Marilou Omongos Fiel

D.10. Children of Rosario Caňamo Fiel – Pilo Dimpas

(no children)

D.11. Children of Dionescia Caňamo Fiel – Susano Sumaramos
51. Eleuterio Fiel Sumaramos

52. Manuel Fiel Sumaramos

53. Peding Fiel Sumaramos

D.12. Children of Rosalia Caňamo Fiel – Atty. Meleton Parducho

54. Aurora Fiel Parducho

55. Rosie Fiel Parducho

56. Ellen Fiel Parducho

57. Tita Fiel Parducho

58. Lydia Fiel Parducho

59. Arthur Fiel Parducho

D.13. Children of Julian Terante Fiel - no data

D.14. Children of Didong Terante Fiel - no data

D.15. Children of Monico Terante Fiel - no data

D.16. Children of Lucila Terante Fiel - no data

D.17. Children of Ricardo Terante Fiel - no data

D.18. Children of Roger Terante Fiel - no data

D.19. Children of Citas Terante Fiel - no data

D.20. Children of Raymonda Terante Fiel - no data

D.21. Children of Apolonio Bustamante Fiel – no data

D.22. Children of Constancia Bustamante Fiel – no data

D.23. Children of Rosalia Bustamante Fiel – no data

D.24. Children of Bernarda Bustamante Fiel – no data

D.25. Children of Domingga Bustamante Fiel – no data

D.26. Children of Margarita Bustamante Fiel – no data

D.27. Children of Fermin Bustamante Fiel – no data

D.28. Children of Mathilde Mirafuentes Fiel – no data (living in Napulan, Pagadian City)

D.29. Children of Ingracia Mirafuentes Fiel – no data (living in Tagum City)

D.30. Children of Catalino Mirafuentes Fiel – Nicolasa Ordaneza (living in Padada, Davao Sur)

60. Bonifacio Ordaneza Fiel

61. Aurelia Ordaneza Fiel

62. Zoilo Ordaneza Fiel

63. Celerina Ordaneza Fiel

64. Elevita Ordaneza Fiel

65. Carlito Ordaneza Fiel

D.31. Children of Lope Mirafuentes Fiel – Juliana Cudera (living in Kiblawan, Davao Sur)

66. Sergia Cudera Fiel

67. Patrocino Cudera Fiel

68. Felomino Cudera Fiel

69. Basilia Cudera Fiel

70. Antonio Cudera Fiel

71. Lolita Cudera Fiel

72. Pasencia Cudera Fiel

73. Salome Cudera Fiel

74. Conrado Cudera Fiel

75. Mercedez Cudera Fiel

76. Marietta Cudera Fiel

77. Reynaldo Cudera Fiel

78. Edgar Cudera Fiel

D.32. Children of Arsenio Mirafuentes Fiel – Andrea Antok

(no children)

D.33. Children of Regina Mirafuentes Fiel – Nemesio Embudo

79. Siriaco Fiel Embudo

80. Rosalia Fiel Embudo

81. Claudio Fiel Embudo

82. Rosenda Fiel Embudo

83. Agustina Fiel Embudo

84. Jose Fiel Embudo

D.34. Children of Felisa Mirafuentes Fiel – no data (living in Napulan, Pagadian)

D.35. Children of Aurelio Mirafuentes Fiel – Pastora Lopez

85. Ponciano Lopez Fiel

86. Eugenio Lopez Fiel

87. Marcelino Lopez Fiel

88. Ernesto Lopez Fiel

89. Estelita Lopez Fiel

90. Alejandro Lopez Fiel

91. Rosario Lopez Fiel

92. Roman Lopez Fiel

93. Felomina Lopez Fiel

D.36. Children of Feliciano Mirafuentes Fiel – Marcelina Merontos (living in Kiblawan,Davao Sur)

94. Remedios Merontos Fiel

95. Fe Merontos Fiel

96. Cita Merontos Fiel

97. Silvano Merontos Fiel

D.37. Children of Basilia Mirafuentes Fiel – no data (living in Napulan, Pagadian)

D.38. Children of Pedro Mirafuentes Fiel – _____________ (living in Kiblawan, Davao Sur)

98. Rufino Fiel

99. Erlinda Fiel

100. Constancio Fiel

101. Josefina Fiel

102. Pedro Fiel Jr.

103. Victoria Fiel

D.39. Children of Erenio Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

D.40. Children of Edoc Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

D.41. Children of Tarcela Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

D.42. Children of Santas Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

D.43. Children of Moming Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

D.44. Children of Rosing Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

D.45. Children of Angel Fiel Mirafuentes – no data

D.46. Children of Pedro Fiel Estudillo – no data

D.47. Children of Maria Fiel Estudillo – no data

D.48. Children of Tirso Fiel Estudillo – no data

D.49. Children of Cenon Fiel Estudillo – no data

D.50. Children of Ponso Fiel Estudillo – no data

D.51. Children of Bragido Fiel Estudillo – no data

D.52. Children of Anselma Fiel Estudillo – no data

D.53. Children of Adela Fiel Estudillo – no data

D.54. Children of Fabio Darong Fiel – Priscilla Sulmeron

104. Arturo Sulmeron Fiel

105. Praxedes Sulmeron Fiel

106. Oliva Sulmeron Fiel

107. Norma Sulmeron Fiel

108. Elias Sulmeron Fiel

109. Theodoro Sulmeron Fiel

110. Fabio Sulmeron Fiel Jr.

111. Marina Sulmeron Fiel

112. Maria Dorres Sulmeron Fiel

D.55. Children of Epifania Darong Fiel – Alberto Cagas

(no data)

D.56. Children of Magdalena “Magna” Darong Fiel – Esmael Solis

113. Ernesto Fiel Solis

114. Rudy Fiel Solis (not married, deceased)

115. Boy Fiel Solis

116. Rosario Fiel Solis

117. Marcial Fiel Solis

118. Editha Fiel Solis

D.57. Children of Roberto Darong Fiel – Marcosa Domaboc (no data)

D.58. Children of Pontino Darong Fiel – Pesyang Dumagan

(no data)

D.59. Children of Tranquilina Darong Fiel – Bencillo Manacap (no data)

D.60. Children of Canuto Darong Fiel – Juanita Endricoso

119. Emerita Endricoso Fiel

120. Jose Endricoso Fiel

121. Joselita Endricoso Fiel

122. Sendemeo Endricoso Fiel

123. Unice Endricoso Fiel

124. Luisa Endricoso Fiel

125. Fely Endricoso Fiel

126. Josephine Endricoso Fiel

127. Leonila Endricoso Fiel

D. 61. Children of Vivencia Darong Fiel – Andres Casinello (no data)

D.62. Children of Avelino Darong Fiel – Duling Tengira (no data)

D.63. Children of Sendemeo Darong Fiel – Mina Escap (no data)

D.64. Children of Anse Fiel Bustamante – Mondo Dela Cruz

D.65. Margarita Fiel Bustamante – no data

D.66. Susing Fiel Bustamante – no data

D.67. Teresa Fiel Bustamante – no data

D.68. Garcia Fiel Bustamante – no data

D.69. Omie Fiel Bustamante – no data

D.70. Maxima Mirafuentes Fiel – no data

D.71. Aurelia Mirafuentes Fiel – no data

D.72. Eling Mirafuentes Fiel – no data


E.1. Children of Pilo Fiel

E.2. Children of Biyay Fiel

E.3. Children of Paulini Fiel

E.4. Children of Victoriano Fiel Daral

E.5. Children of Enrique Fiel Daral - __________________

1. Enrique Daral Jr.

2. Leomore Daral

3. Lucel Daral

4. Amirphil Daral

5. Minsophil Daral

6. Espladon Daral

E.6. Children of Maximo Fiel Daral

E.7. Children of Rodolfo Fiel Daral

E.8. Children of Alipio Fiel Daral

E.9. Children of Enciang Fiel Antifuesta

E.10. Children of Pesciang Fiel Antifuesta

E.11. Children of Onie Fiel Antifuesta

E.12. Children of Tining Fiel Antifuesta

E.13. Children of Masciong Fiel Antifuesta

E.14. Children of Bebe Fiel Antifuesta

E.15. Children of Linda Fiel Antifuesta

E.16. Children of Antonio Fiel Redublado

E.17. Children of Leonora Fiel Redublado

E.18. Children of Matea Fiel Redublado

E.19. Children of Francisca Fiel Redublado

E.20. Children of Vicente Fiel Redublado

E.21. Children of Epifania Fiel Redublado

E.22. Children of Purificacion Maravillas Fiel – George Bajao

E.23. Children of Trinidad Maravillas Fiel – Eutiquio Famor

E.24. Children of Luisa Maravillas Fiel – Tomas Biton

7. Josephine Fiel Biton

8. Elena Fiel Biton

9. Marilo Fiel Biton

10. Danilo Fiel Biton

11. Mercedita Fiel Biton

12. Elvira Fiel Biton

13. Agnes Fiel Biton

E.25. Children of Hermelando Maravillas Fiel – Conrada Dahan

14. Hermelando Dahan Fiel Jr.

E.26. Children of Ponciano Maravillas Fiel – Felisa Arambala

E.27. Children of Cirilo Maravillas Fiel – Dionesia Gajiani

E.28. Children of Gregoria Maravillas Fiel – Leonardo Lara

15. Jonathan Fiel Lara

16. Larry Fiel Lara

17. Ritchelle Fiel Lara

18. Leonardo Fiel Lara Jr.

E.29. Children of Aurelia Maravillas Fiel – Lorenzo Dablo

19. Jocson Fiel Dablo

20. Shahani Fiel Dablo

21. Joseph Fiel Dablo

22. Jeryl Fiel Dablo

23. Harry King Fiel Dablo

24. Queenie Fiel Dablo

E.30. Children of Bienvenido Fiel Villegas

E.31. Children of Pelegrino Fiel Villegas

E.32. Children of Palermo Fiel Villegas

E.33. Children of Eduardo Fiel Villegas

E.34. Children of Asuncion Fiel Mirafuentes

E.35. Children of Cornelio Fiel Mirafuentes

E.36. Children of Vicente Fiel Mirafuentes

E.37. Children of Segundina Fiel Mirafuentes

E.38. Children of Dodo Fiel Mirafuentes

E.39. Children of Urbano Pat Fiel – Margarita Panoncial

E.40. Children of Donato Pat Fiel – Culita Penoliad

E.41. Children of Bonifacio Pat Fiel – Juanita Remollena

E.42. Children of Felipa Pat Fiel – Basilio Dijan

25. Isidro Fiel Dijan

26. Bedie Fiel Dijan

27. Alvin Fiel Dijan

28. Jovin Fiel Dijan

E.43. Children of Roberto Omongos Fiel

E.44. Children of Romeo Omongos Fiel – Corazon Aquino Pacaro

29. Lydia Pacaro Fiel (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

30. Rosseller Pacaro Fiel (Iligan City)

31. Evelyn Pacaro Fiel (Lanao del Norte)

32. Arlyn Pacaro Fiel (Nebraska, USA)

33. Annabel Pacaro Fiel (Iligan City)

34. Rolly Pacaro Fiel (Sampaloc, Manila)

35. Cherry Mae Pacaro Fiel (Iligan City)

E.45. Children of Rosita Omongos Fiel -

E.46. Children of Felix Omongos Fiel

E.47. Children of Domingo Omongos Fiel – Pacita ______

36. Eric ______ Fiel

37. Mechelle ______ Fiel

E.48. Children of Nolito Omongos Fiel

E.49. Children of Narciso Omongos Fiel – Fely Preciados

38. Mildred Preciados Fiel

39. Merly Preciados Fiel

40. Margie Preciados Fiel

41. Michael Preciados Fiel

42. Mary Grace Preciados Fiel

E.50. Children of Marilou Omongos Fiel

E.51. Children of Eleuterio Fiel Sumaramos

E.52. Children of Manuel Fiel Sumaramos

E.53. Children of Peding Fiel Sumaramos

E.54. Children of Aurora Fiel Parducho

E.55. Children of Rosie Fiel Parducho

E.56. Children of Ellen Fiel Parducho

E.57. Children of Tita Fiel Parducho

E.58. Children of Lydia Fiel Parducho

E.59. Children of Arthur Fiel Parducho

E.60. Children of Bonifacio Ordaneza Fiel

E.61. Children of Aurelia Ordaneza Fiel

E.62. Children of Zoilo Ordaneza Fiel

E.63. Children of Celerina Ordaneza Fiel

E.64. Children of Elevita Ordaneza Fiel

E.65. Children of Carlito Ordaneza Fiel – Lida Habaradas

43. Maureen Lili Habaradas Fiel

44. Carl Omar Habaradas Fiel

45. Julie Farah Habaradas Fiel

46. Donna Marie Habaradas Fiel

E.66. Children of Sergia Cudera Fiel – Bonifacio Espera (no children)

E.67. Children of Patrocino Cudera Fiel – Honoraria Limit

47. Erwin Limit Fiel

48. Mary Ann Limit Fiel

49. Michael Limit Fiel

50. Mark Anthony Limit Fiel

E.68. Children of Felomino Cudera Fiel – Delfina Prado

51. Winniefredo Prado Fiel

52. Lourdes Prado Fiel

53. Maria Sarah Prado Fiel

54. Fidel Prado Fiel

55. Rochel Prado Fiel

56. Esterlita Prado Fiel

57. Marifel Prado Fiel

58. Edgar Allan Prado Fiel

E.69. Children of Basilia Cudera Fiel – Bonifacio Prado

59. Josephine Fiel Prado

60. Jocelyn Fiel Prado

61. Bonifacio Fiel Prado

62. Emelita Fiel Prado

63. Evelyn Fiel Prado

64. Lope Fiel Prado III

65. Guisela Fiel Prado

66. Jovelyn Fiel Prado

67. Bernard Fiel Prado

68. Jazeyl Fiel Prado

E.70. Children of Antonio Cudera Fiel – Salome Ampac

69. Antonio Ampac Fiel Jr.

70. Charlie Ampac Fiel

71. Beverly Ampac Fiel

72. Dennis Ampac Fiel

E.71. Children of Lolita Cudera Fiel – Jaime Talaugon Sr.

73. Catherine Fiel Talaugon

74. Jaime Fiel Talaugon

75. Shane Brian Fiel Talaugon

76. Shiela Mae Fiel Talaugon (single, deceased)

E.72. Children of Pasencia Cudera Fiel – Eulogio Agoilo (Kiblawan)

77. Desiree Preciosa Joy Fiel Agoilo

78. Lucille Gay Fiel Agoilo

79. Jolly Doll Fiel Agoilo

E.73. Children of Salome Cudera Fiel – Vivencio “Ben” Camilo

80. Louven Mark Fiel Camilo

81. Christine Mae Fiel Camilo

82. John Lowell Fiel Camilo

83. Jason Fiel Camilo

84. Reymund Fiel Camilo

85. Irene Fiel Camilo

86. Vivencio Fiel Camilo Jr.

87. Mark Johnson Fiel Camilo

E.74. Children of Conrado Cudera Fiel – Anecita Casis

E.75. Children of Mercedez Cudera Fiel – Ruben Baroy (Toril)

88. Marvin Clark Fiel Baroy

89. Melvin Clark Fiel Baroy

90. Ruby Jane Fiel Baroy

E.76. Children of Marietta Cudera Fiel – Generoso Baro (Padada)

E.77. Children of Reynaldo Cudera Fiel – Metchie Acelar (Digos City)

91. Rejeelou Acelar Fiel

92. Cherry Mae Acelar Fiel

93. Cherry Ann Acelar Fiel

94. Kristyl Lou Acelar Fiel

95. Xandrey Martin Acelar Fiel

E.78. Children of Edgar Cudera Fiel – Gemma Grado (Kiblawan)

E.79. Children of Siriaco Fiel Embudo – Antonina Janno (Matanao)

E.80. Children of Rosalia Fiel Embudo – Brigida Rodenas (San Pedro, Kiblawan)

E.81. Children of Claudio Fiel Embudo – Purificacion Bucanegra (Matanao)

E.82. Children of Rosenda Fiel Embudo – Bernabe Lertido (Maragaa, Kiblawan)

E.83. Children of Agustina Fiel Embudo – Joseph Obedincio (San Pedro, Kiblawan)

E.84. Children of Jose Fiel Embudo – Liberty ______ (Malitbog, Bukidnon)

E.85. Children of Ponciano Lopez Fiel

E.86. Children of Eugenio Lopez Fiel

E.87. Children of Marcelino Lopez Fiel

E.88. Children of Ernesto Lopez Fiel

E.89. Children of Estelita Lopez Fiel

E.90. Children of Alejandro Lopez Fiel

E.91. Children of Rosario Lopez Fiel

E.92. Children of Roman Lopez Fiel

E.93. Children of Felomina Lopez Fiel

E.94. Children of Remedios Merontos Fiel – Fernando Gastardo Sr.

96. Irene Fiel Gastardo

97. Janet Fiel Gastardo

98. Fernando Fiel Gastardo

E.95. Children of Fe Merontos Fiel – Alfredo Antiola

99. Ariel Fiel Antiola

100. Alfie Fiel Antiola

101. Arniel Fiel Antiola

102. Dondon Fiel Antiola

103. Aljun Fiel Antiola

E.96. Children of Cita Merontos Fiel – Cresencio Elivera

104. Lilibeth Fiel Elivera

105. Daren Fiel Elivera

E.97. Children of Silvano Merontos Fiel – Catherine Castrodes

106. Felmar Castrodes Fiel

107. Friam Castrodes Fiel

108. Farrah Castrodes Fiel

109. Feliam Castrodes Fiel

110. Francis Isaac Castrodes Fiel

E.98. Children of Rufino Fiel – Flora Hagonoy (Kapok, Matanao)

111. Joel Hagonoy Fiel

112. Ritchelle Hagonoy Fiel

113. Genalyn Hagonoy Fiel

114. Reel Hagonoy Fiel

E.99. Children of Erlinda Fiel – Victoriano Rubio (Paraňaque)

115. “Roy-Roy” Fiel Rubio

116. “Coy-coy” Fiel Rubio

117. “Joy-joy” Fiel Rubio

E.100. Children of Constancio Fiel – Rosefin Dela Peňa (San Pedro, Kiblawan)

118. Coney Rose Dela Peňa Fiel

119. Constancio Dela Peňa Fiel Jr.

120. Sherwin Dela Peňa Fiel

E.101. Children of Josefina Fiel – Claudio Luy (San Pedro, Kiblawan)

121. Cecille Fiel Luy

122. Lea Fiel Luy

123. Jayson Fiel Luy

E.102. Children of Pedro Fiel Jr. – Rosita Caňada (Matanao)

124. Jenrey Caňada Fiel

125. Jave Caňada Fiel

E.103. Children of Victoria Fiel – Raul Lozano (San Pedro, Kiblawan)

126. Urica Jane Fiel Lozano

127. Eric Joy Fiel Lozano

E.104. Children of Arturo Sulmeron Fiel – Catalina Sumampong

E.105. Children of Praxedes Sulmeron Fiel – Soprano Dalahay

E.106. Children of Oliva Sulmeron Fiel – Ruben Amit

128. Leomar Fiel Amit

129. Annajoliet Fiel Amit

130. Ruben Fiel Amit Jr.

131. Helenor “Ghagang” Fiel Amit

E.107. Children of Norma Sulmeron Fiel – Jose Alfafara

E.108. Children of Elias Sulmeron Fiel – Celia Altamira

E.109. Children of Theodoro Sulmeron Fiel – Teresita Bastolaso

E.110. Children of Fabio Sulmeron Fiel Jr. – Leticia Singgi

E.111. Children of Marina Sulmeron Fiel (single)

E.112. Children of Maria Dorres Sulmeron Fiel – Ricardo Unod

E.113. Children of Ernesto Fiel Solis – Jely Bucabal

E.114. Rudy Fiel Solis (not married, deceased)

E.115. Children of Boy Fiel Solis – Narditha Ordoňez

E.116. Children of Rosario Fiel Solis – Napoleon Dumasig Gecale

E.117. Children of Marcial Fiel Solis – Baby Pagal

E.118. Children of Editha Fiel Solis – Lolito Saliot

E.119. Children of Emerita Endricoso Fiel – Antonio Panibio

E.120. Children of Jose Endricoso Fiel – (no wife, but with a child)

E.121. Children of Joselita Endricoso Fiel – Jimmy Pornia

E.122. Children of Sendemeo Endricoso Fiel – Arlene Tano

E.123. Children of Unice Endricoso Fiel – Audy Gatcho

E.124. Children of Luisa Endricoso Fiel – Joven Camia

E.125. Children of Fely Endricoso Fiel – Alex Payas

E.126. Children of Josephine Endricoso Fiel – Jerry Gatcho

E.127. Children of Leonila Endricoso Fiel – Dinky Bajo


F.1. Enrique Daral Jr.

F.2. Leomore Daral

F.3. Lucel Daral

F.4. Amirphil Daral

F.5 Minsophil Daral

F.6 Espladon Daral

F.7. Children of Josephine Fiel Biton – Benjamin Dacal Sr.

Dalton Resley Biton Dacal

Ana Loraine Biton Dacal

Redeen Biton Dacal

Benjamin Biton Dacal Jr.

F.8. Children of Elena Fiel Biton – Edwin Sicad

Edlyn Marie Biton Sicad

Marlo Biton Sicad

F.9. Children of Marilo Fiel Biton – Proceso Mutya

Clyde Biton Mutya

Cyril Biton Mutya

Promar Biton Mutya

F.10. Danilo Fiel Biton – Lucresia (no children)

F.11. Children of Mercedita Fiel Biton – Eliazar Omandan

Melchezedec Biton Omandan

Mark Joshua Biton Omandan

F.12. Children of Elvira Fiel Biton – JR Paller

“Kimkim” Biton Paller

“Banban” Biton Paller

F.13. Children of Agnes Fiel Biton – Rosany Dagondon

Nessan Jade Biton Dagondon

Nesny Rose Biton Dagondon

Ness Alyssa Biton Dagondon

Ness John Biton Dagondon

F.14. Children of Hermelando Dahan Fiel Jr. – Jiaylyn Saingga

F.15. Children of Jonathan Fiel Lara – Rowena Sahulga

John Wayne Sahulga Lara

F.16. Children of Larry Fiel Lara – Jane B.

Christian B. Lara

Nicole B. Lara

F.17. Children of Ritchelle Fiel Lara – Danny Taring

F.18. Children of Leonardo Fiel Lara Jr. – Mercel Calledo

F.19. Children of Jocson Fiel Dablo – Bernadette Manganlao

Christine Jean Manganlao Dablo

Stephanie Manganlao Dablo

F.20. Shahani Fiel Dablo

F.21. Joseph Fiel Dablo

F.22. Children of Jeryl Fiel Dablo – Ruel Casipong

Clinton Dablo Casipong

Dieken Dablo Casipong

F.23. Harry King Fiel Dablo

F.24. Queenie Fiel Dablo

F.25. Isidro Fiel Dijan

F.26. Bedie Fiel Dijan

F.27. Alvin Fiel Dijan

F.28. Jovin Fiel Dijan

F.29. Lydia Pacaro Fiel – Noe Dela Cruz (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Gyrus Reil Fiel Dela Cruz

Emmanuel Fiel Dela Cruz

Princess Fiel Dela Cruz

Neil Kenneth Fiel Dela Cruz

F.30. Rosseller Pacaro Fiel– Erma Suico (Iligan City)

Rosseller Suico Fiel II

Rosseph Clifford Suico Fiel

Rosette Xyrelle Suico Fiel

F.31. Evelyn Pacaro Fiel – Ricky Madula (Lanao del Norte)

Ralph Fiel Madula

Rafael Fiel Madula

Ritcharlen Fiel Madula

Ritchen Eve Fiel Madula

F.32. Arlyn Pacaro Fiel – Felizaldy Salimo (Nebraska, USA)

Keith Joseph Fiel Salimo

Keifer John Fiel Salimo

Kevin Josh Fiel Salimo

F.33. Annabel Pacaro Fiel – Bernard Nicolas Reyes (Iligan City)

Ann Bernardine Fiel Reyes

Bernard Ben Fiel Reyes

Ann Bernice Fiel Reyes

F.34. Rolly Pacaro Fiel (Sampaloc, Manila)

F.35. Cherry Mae Pacaro Fiel (Iligan City)

F.36. Eric ______ Fiel

F.37. Mechelle ______ Fiel

F.38. Children of Mildred Preciados Fiel - Aderito Gomate

Adrianna Fiel Gomate

F.39. Merly Preciados Fiel – Vincent Maghanoy

Angelic Mist Fiel Maghanoy

Alexis Eyzha Fiel Maghanoy

F.40. Margie Preciados Fiel – Elmer Mahinay

Shadrock Mahinay

F.41. Michael Preciados Fiel

F.42. Mary Grace Preciados Fiel

F.43. Maureen Lili Habaradas Fiel

F.44. Carl Omar Habaradas Fiel

F.45. Julie Farah Habaradas Fiel

F.46. Donna Marie Habaradas Fiel

F.47. Erwin Limit Fiel

F.48. Mary Ann Limit Fiel

F.49. Michael Limit Fiel

F.50. Mark Anthony Limit Fiel

F.51. Winniefredo Prado Fiel

F.52. Lourdes Prado Fiel

F.53. Maria Sarah Prado Fiel

F.54. Fidel Prado Fiel

F.55. Rochel Prado Fiel

F.56. Esterlita Prado Fiel

F.57. Marifel Prado Fiel

F.58. Edgar Allan Prado Fiel

F.59. Josephine Fiel Prado

F.60. Jocelyn Fiel Prado

F.61. Bonifacio Fiel Prado

F.62. Emelita Fiel Prado

F.63. Evelyn Fiel Prado

F.64. Lope Fiel Prado III – Sally Diego

Zyreed Reese Diego Prado (b. Aug. 28, 2004)

Zakki Yestin Diego Prado (b. March 28, 2010)

F.65. Guisela Fiel Prado

F.66. Jovelyn Fiel Prado

F.67. Bernard Fiel Prado

F.68. Jazeyl Fiel Prado

F.69. Antonio Ampac Fiel Jr.

F.70. Charlie Ampac Fiel

F.71. Beverly Ampac Fiel

F.72. Dennis Ampac Fiel

F.73. Catherine Fiel Talaugon – Jonjon Angeles

Jericho Gabriel Talaugon Angeles

Keith Michael Talaugon Angeles

F.74. Jaime Fiel Talaugon (single)

F.75. Shane Brian Fiel Talaugon (single)

F.76. Shiela Mae Fiel Talaugon (single, deceased)

F.77. Desiree Preciosa Joy Fiel Agoilo

F.78. Lucille Gay Fiel Agoilo

F.79. Jolly Doll Fiel Agoilo

F.80. Louven Mark Fiel Camilo

F.81. Christine Mae Fiel Camilo

F.82. John Lowell Fiel Camilo

F.83. Jason Fiel Camilo

F.84. Reymund Fiel Camilo

F.85. Irene Fiel Camilo

F.86. Vivencio Fiel Camilo Jr.

F.87. Mark Johnson Fiel Camilo

F.88. Marvin Clark Fiel Baroy

F.89. Melvin Clark Fiel Baroy

F.90. Ruby Jane Fiel Baroy

F.91. Rejeelou Acelar Fiel

F.92. Cherry Mae Acelar Fiel

F.93. Cherry Ann Acelar Fiel

F.94. Kristyl Lou Acelar Fiel

F.95. Xandrey Martin Acelar Fiel

F.96. Irene Fiel Gastardo

F.97. Janet Fiel Gastardo

F.98. Fernando Fiel Gastardo

F.99. Ariel Fiel Antiola

F.100. Alfie Fiel Antiola

F.101. Arniel Fiel Antiola

F.102. Dondon Fiel Antiola

F.103. Aljun Fiel Antiola

F.104. Lilibeth Fiel Elivera

F.105. Daren Fiel Elivera

F.106. Felmar Castrodes Fiel – (b. March 13, 1981) became a priest of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD); a certified blogger who was awarded the Top 1 OFW Blog Supporter at the Third International Pinoy Expats Blog Awards (PEBA) on December 16, 2010. He was the first to receive such an award for that category.

F.107. Friam Castrodes Fiel

F.108. Farrah Castrodes Fiel

F.109. Feliam Castrodes Fiel

F.110. Francis Isaac Castrodes Fiel

F.111. Joel Hagonoy Fiel

F.112. Ritchelle Hagonoy Fiel

F.113. Genalyn Hagonoy Fiel

F.114. Reel Hagonoy Fiel

F.115. “Roy-Roy” Fiel Rubio

F.116. “Coy-coy” Fiel Rubio

F.117. “Joy-joy” Fiel Rubio

F.118. Coney Rose Dela Peňa Fiel

F.119. Constancio Dela Peňa Fiel Jr.

F.120. Sherwin Dela Peňa Fiel

F.121. Cecille Fiel Luy

F.122. Lea Fiel Luy

F.123. Jayson Fiel Luy

F.124. Jenrey Caňada Fiel

F.125. Jave Caňada Fiel

F.126. Urica Jane Fiel Lozano – Fernando Dabalos

F.127. Eric Joy Fiel Lozano

F.128. Leomar Fiel Amit

F.129. Annajoliet Fiel Amit

F.130. Ruben Fiel Amit Jr.

F.131. Helenor “Ghagang” Fiel Amit


Art said...

Pinsan Felmar,

I am Art (Arthur) Fiel Parducho, 4th Generation. My mother is Rosalia Fiel. She died this morning (May 18) and my siblings and I would appreciate prayers for her. She would have been 93 on Sept. 2.
I am the 5th child and my youngest sister, Lydia came before me in the list. If you have to correct the list, please do so.
Thank you for creating this very interesting and informative blog.

Art Parducho

Anonymous said...

My name is Joseph.. I was adopted at two years with my brother Nicholas and am trying to locate my real family..FIEL. My fathers name is Jose Quimbao Fiel

Felmar Castrodes Fiel said...

Joseph, please contact me via facebook.... my fb account is "Felmar Castrodes Fiel."

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I am the son of Silvano Fiel, who is the son of Feliciano Fiel, who is the son of Julian Fiel, who is the son of Elias Fiel from Sibonga, Cebu. Elias Fiel has only one brother and his name is Isaac Fiel. My name is taken from my grandparents Feliciano and Marcelina. I am a religious missionary SVD.