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Sources: Susan Dioneda Fiel, Bruce Fiel Rondina, Julie Fiel Detalla


1. Don Rufino Fiel – a very wealthy haciendero from Ormoc


B.1. Child of Don Rufino Fiel – ____________________

1. Don Aurelio Fiel – only son


C.1. Children of Don Aurelio Fiel – Francisca Vega (First Wife)

1. Ricarda Vega Fiel

2. Pablo Vega Fiel

3. Iňigo Vega Fiel

4. Felix Vega Fiel

Children of Don Aurelio Fiel – Demetria Tutor (Second Wife)

5. Rufino Tutor Fiel

6. Constancio Tutor Fiel

7. Juanario Tutor Fiel

8. Augustine Tutor Fiel

9. Teresita Tutor Fiel

Don Aurelio Fiel proved to be a super stricto, so many of his sons and daughters migrated to Mindanao.


D.1. Children of Ricarda Vega Fiel - ________ Pilones (Leyte)

1. Emiliano Fiel Pilones

2. Carlotta Fiel Pilones

D.2. Children of Pablo Vega Fiel – Roberta Medija

3. Federico Medija Fiel (deceased)

4. Lilia Medija Fiel

5. Gloria Medija Fiel

6. Renato Medija Fiel

7. Rudolfo Medija Fiel

8. Ricardo Medija Fiel

9. Anita Medija Fiel

D.3. Children of Iňigo Vega Fiel – Teofista Villanueva

10. Chiquita “Lumen” Villanueva Fiel

11. Alberto “Berting” Villanueva Fiel

12. Jaime “Jimmy” Villanueva Fiel

13. Robinson “Boy” Villanueva Fiel

14. Elma “Nene” Villanueva Fiel

15. Nancy Villanueva Fiel

16. Iniego “Dodong” Villanueva Fiel

D.4. Children of Felix Vega Fiel – Socorro Dioneda

17. Romeo Dioneda Fiel (became a marine engineer)

18. Rolando Dioneda Fiel (became a class A welder)

19. Cristina Dioneda Fiel (became a public school teacher)

20. Samuel Dioneda Fiel (became an architect)

21. Susana Dioneda Fiel (became an hrd practitioner)

22. George Dioneda Fiel (became an electronics and communication engineer)

23. Luz Dioneda Fiel (became a registered nurse)

D.5. Children of Rufino Tutor Fiel – Emiliana Homillada

24. Milagros Homillada Fiel

25. Magdalena Homillada Fiel

26. Rufino Homillada Fiel Jr.

27. Erlinda Homillada Fiel

28. Carlita Homillada Fiel

D.6. Children of Constancio Tutor Fiel – ____________

29. “Loloy” Fiel

D.7. Children of Juanario Tutor Fiel – Rosario Banggis

30. Felicidad Banggis Fiel

31. Zenaida Banggis Fiel

D.8. Children of Augustine Tutor Fiel – Christina Rosal

32. Anabella Rosal Fiel

33. Janito Rosal Fiel

34. Renato Rosal Fiel

35. Allan Rosal Fiel - the first priest from the Fiel Clan

36. Joselito Rosal Fiel

D.9. Children of Teresita Tutor Fiel – Olympio Parilla

37. Trinidad Fiel Parilla (single as of 2011)

38. Armando Fiel Parilla

39. Danilo Fiel Parilla

40. Daniel Fiel Parilla


E.1. Children of Emiliano Fiel Pilones – _________ (no data)

E.2. Children of Carlotta Fiel Pilones – Joseph Wiechl (no children)

E.3. Children of Federico Medija Fiel (deceased)

E.4. Children of Lilia Medija Fiel - Fabian Detalla (Pagadian)

1. Julie Fiel Detalla

2. Danilo Fiel Detalla

3. Maria Fe Fiel Detalla (became a doctor, now in US)

4. Edwin Fiel Detalla

E.5. Children of Gloria Medija Fiel – Gary Maquiling

5. Gary Fiel Maquiling Jr.

E.6. Children of Renato Medija Fiel – Perla _________

6. Catherine Fiel

7. Renato Fiel Jr.

8. Cheryll Fiel

9. Riyan Fiel

E.7. Children of Rudolfo Medija Fiel – Teodora Cambonga

10. Eric Cambonga Fiel (settled in Bislig)

11. Joan Cambonga Fiel (settled in Davao City)

12. Marlon Cambonga Fiel (settled in Davao City)

13. Rudolfo Cambonga Fiel Jr. (settled in Davao City)

E.8. Children of Ricardo Medija Fiel – Filipina Kundo

14. Frederick Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

15. Michael Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

16. Richard Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

17. Jeffrey Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

18. Bryan Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

E.9. Children of Anita Medija Fiel – Manuel Anino (Surigao City)

(no data)

E.10. Children of Chiquita “Lumen” Villanueva Fiel – Bemebida Moreno

19. Bemebida Fiel Moreno Jr.

20. Luis Levi Fiel Moreno

21. Rexter Fiel Moreno

22. “Boyet” Fiel Moreno

23. “Inday” Fiel Moreno

E.11. Children of Alberto “Berting” Villanueva Fiel – Filipina Quiros

24. Al Fely Quiros Fiel

25. Felixberto Quiros Fiel

E.12. Children of Jaime “Jimmy” Villanueva Fiel – Susanita Completo

26. Ariel Completo Fiel

27. Luchica Completo Fiel

28. Jenina Completo Fiel

E.13. Children of Robinson “Boy” Villanueva Fiel – Concepcion “Nene” Buniel

29. Robicon “Obet” Buniel Fiel

30. Robina “Ruby” Buniel Fiel

31. Rochambeau “Cham” Buniel Fiel

32. Rochelle Buniel Fiel

33. Robinessa “Dimple” Buniel Fiel

34. Rowena “Neneng” Buniel Fiel

35. Rosemarie Buniel Fiel

36. Robinson Buniel Fiel (b. 2002)

37. Ronalyn “Nalyn” Buniel Fiel

E.14. Children of Elma “Nene” Villanueva Fiel – Reymundo G. Rondina

38. Inrico Eric Fiel Rondina

39. Bruce Fiel Rondina

40. Brandy Fiel Rondina

41. Warren Fiel Rondina

42. Flory Mae Fiel Rondina

E.15. Children of Nancy Villanueva Fiel – Carlito Cuevas

43. Lyndon Ceasar Fiel Cuevas

44. Geneveve “Jingle” Fiel Cuevas

45. Dexter “Kidkid” Fiel Cuevas

E.16. Children of Iniego “Dodong” Villanueva Fiel – Erlinda Geňoso

46. Maan Geňoso Fiel (died at the age of 1)

47. Chennelou Geňoso Fiel

48. Sheenely Geňoso Fiel

E.17. Children of Romeo Dioneda Fiel - Alice Bautista

49. Irish Bautista Fiel

50. Ross Bautista Fiel (worked at the US Marines)

E.18. Children of Rolando Dioneda Fiel - _________________

51. Allan Felix Fiel

E.19. Children of Cristina Dioneda Fiel – Joaquin Sorita

52. Aldwin Jay Fiel Sorita

E.20. Children of Samuel Dioneda Fiel – Jovita Vicencio

53. Ivy Vivencio Fiel

54. Irene Vivencio Fiel

55. Irah Vivencio Fiel

56. Ivette Vivencio Fiel

E.21. Susana Dioneda Fiel – single as of 2011

E.22. Children of George Dioneda Fiel – Esty Revilla

57. Jasmin Revilla Fiel (became a lawyer)

58. Lirio Revilla Fiel (worked in Ayala Foundation)

59. Isagani Revilla Fiel

E.23. Children of Luz Dioneda Fiel – single as of 2011

E.24. Children of Milagros Homillada Fiel – Armando Roxas (first husband)

60. Rolando Fiel Roxas

61. Joselyn Fiel Roxas

Children of Milagros Homillada Fiel – William Estoque (second husband)

62. Vanessa Fiel Estoque

63. Jackie Lou Fiel Estoque

E.25. Children of Magdalena Homillada Fiel – Rudolfo Labanan

64. Mary Jane Fiel Labanan

65. Roger Fiel Labanan

66. Kenneth Fiel Labanan

67. Rosendo Fiel Labanan

68. Rudolfo Fiel Labanan Jr.

E.26. Children of Rufino Homillada Fiel Jr. – Maria Luisa Estrerra (no children)

E.27. Children of Erlinda Homillada Fiel – Alfredo Engallan (first husband)

69. Peter Allan Fiel Engallan

Children of Erlinda Homillada Fiel – Paterno Otida (second husband)

70. Venus Fiel Otida

71. Ronald Fiel Otida

72. Daisy Fiel Otida

E.28. Carlita Homillada Fiel – single as of 2011, 54 years old

E.29. Children of “Loloy” Fiel

E.30. Children of Felicidad Banggis Fiel

E.31. Children of Zenaida Banggis Fiel

E.32. Children of Anabella Rosal Fiel

E.33. Children of Janito Rosal Fiel – Francisca Gamutan

73. Francis John Gamutan Fiel

74. Fritz Jean Gamutan Fiel

E.34. Children of Renato Rosal Fiel – Jojie Orihuila

75. Kathleen Mae Orihuila Fiel

76. Kristine Joy Orihuila Fiel

77. Renyll Dave Orihuila Fiel

E.35. Allan Rosal Fiel – became a priest under the Diocese of Tandag; the first priest from the Fiel Clan; Based on the Catholic Directory of the Philippines 2008-2009 edition, he served as the parish priest of St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Bislig, Surigao del Sur

E.36. Children of Joselito Rosal Fiel

E.37. Children of Trinidad Fiel Parilla (single as of 2011)

E.38. Children of Armando Fiel Parilla

E.39. Children of Danilo Fiel Parilla

E.40. Children of Daniel Fiel Parilla


F.1. Children of Julie Fiel Detalla – Eduardo Baradero

1. Judy Mae Detalla Baradero

F.2. Children of Danilo Fiel Detalla – Mercy Gomez

2. Key Cyd Gomez Detalla

3. Danica Gomez Detalla

4. Monn Kristell Gomez Detalla

5. Emmanuel Gomez Detalla

F.3. Children of Maria Fe Fiel Detalla – Jeffrey Dale Bruce

6. John Earl Detalla Bruce

F.4. Children of Edwin Fiel Detalla – Jennifer Tan

7. Ed Jefferson Tan Detalla

8. Eileen Jane Tan Detalla

F.5. Children of Gary Fiel Maquiling Jr.

F.6. Children of Catherine Fiel - _____________ Choi

9. Jae Lyca Mae Fiel Choi

10. Kyun Sun Fiel Choi

F.7. Children of Renato Fiel Jr.

F.8. Children of Cheryll Fiel

F.9. Children of Riyan Fiel

F.10. Children of Eric Cambonga Fiel (settled in Bislig)

F.11. Children of Joan Cambonga Fiel (settled in Davao City)

F.12. Children of Marlon Cambonga Fiel (settled in Davao City)

F.13. Children of Rudolfo Cambonga Fiel Jr. (settled in Davao City)

F.14. Children of Frederick Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

F.15. Children of Michael Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

F.16. Children of Richard Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

F.17. Children of Jeffrey Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

F.18. Children of Bryan Kundo Fiel (settled in Cagayan de Oro City)

(no data)

F.19. Children of Bemebida Fiel Moreno Jr.

F.20. Children of Luis Levi Fiel Moreno

F.21. Children of Rexter Fiel Moreno

F.22. Children of “Boyet” Fiel Moreno

F.23. Children of “Inday” Fiel Moreno

F.24. Children of Al Fely Quiros Fiel

F.25. Children of Felixberto Quiros Fiel

F.26. Children of Ariel Completo Fiel

F.27. Children of Luchica Completo Fiel

F.28. Children of Jenina Completo Fiel

F.29. Children of Robicon “Obet” Buniel Fiel

F.30. Children of Robina “Ruby” Buniel Fiel

F.31. Children of Rochambeau “Cham” Buniel Fiel

F.32. Children of Rochelle Buniel Fiel – Noel Cubero Tutor

11. Nevia Fiel Tutor

12. Ivan Fiel Tutor

F.33. Children of Robinessa “Dimple” Buniel Fiel

F.34. Children of Rowena “Neneng” Buniel Fiel

F.35. Children of Rosemarie Buniel Fiel

F.36. Children of Robinson Buniel Fiel (b. 2002)

F.37. Children of Ronalyn “Nalyn” Buniel Fiel

F.38. Children of Inrico Eric Fiel Rondina

F.39. Children of Bruce Fiel Rondina

F.40. Children of Brandy Fiel Rondina

F.41. Children of Warren Fiel Rondina

F.42. Children of Flory Mae Fiel Rondina

F.43. Children of Lyndon Ceasar Fiel Cuevas

F.44. Children of Geneveve “Jingle” Fiel Cuevas

F.45. Children of Dexter “Kidkid” Fiel Cuevas

F.46. Children of Maan Geňoso Fiel (died at the age of 1)

F.47. Children of Chennelou Geňoso Fiel

F.48. Children of Sheenely Geňoso Fiel

F.49. Children of Irish Bautista Fiel – Hendryk Maliborsky

13. Bradley Fiel Malibrosky

F.50. Children of Ross Bautista Fiel (worked at the US Marines)

F.51. Children of Allan Felix Fiel – Vernice Palma

14. Charlize Palma Fiel

F.52. Children of Aldwin Jay Fiel Sorita

F.53. Children of Ivy Vivencio Fiel – Dindo Galang

15. Isaiah Fiel Galang

16. Lucas Fiel Galang

F.54. Children of Irene Vivencio Fiel –Ronnie Elepanie

17. Miguel Fiel Elepanie

F.55. Children of Irah Vivencio Fiel – Aris Vergara

18. Bien Antonio Fiel Vergara

F.56. Children of Ivette Vivencio Fiel

F.57. Children of Jasmin Revilla Fiel (became a lawyer)

F.58. Children of Lirio Revilla Fiel (worked in Ayala Foundation)

F.59. Children of Isagani Revilla Fiel

F.60. Children of Rolando Fiel Roxas

F.61. Children of Joselyn Fiel Roxas

F.62. Children of Vanessa Fiel Estoque

F.63. Children of Jackie Lou Fiel Estoque

F.64. Children of Mary Jane Fiel Labanan

F.65. Children of Roger Fiel Labanan

F.66. Children of Kenneth Fiel Labanan

F.67. Children of Rosendo Fiel Labanan

F.68. Children of Rudolfo Fiel Labanan Jr.

F.69. Children of Peter Allan Fiel Engallan

F.70. Children of Venus Fiel Otida

F.71. Children of Ronald Fiel Otida

F.72. Children of Daisy Fiel Otida

F.73. Children of Francis John Gamutan Fiel

F.74. Children of Fritz Jean Gamutan Fiel

F.75. Children of Kathleen Mae Orihuila Fiel

F.76. Children of Kristine Joy Orihuila Fiel

F.77. Children of Renyll Dave Orihuila Fiel




(From Culaba, Biliran Province)


1. Simeona Fiel


B.1. Child of Simeona Fiel

1. Arcadio Fiel – an illegitimate child, his father’s surname is Borromeo but he was given the surname of his mother. His father was Simeona’s neighbor and a family man. When he was in elementary, Arcadio’s father made a confession on his death-bed that he was his son. The Borromeo family accepted Arcadio but he opted to retain his Fiel surname.


C.1. Children of Arcadio Fiel –Eusebia Jerusalem

1. Valeriano Jerusalem Fiel - lumber business proprietor in Catbalugan City)

2. Dominador Jerusalem Fiel – furniture and lumber proprietor in Calbayog

3. Angel Jerusalem Fiel – brilliant table maker in Calbayof\g

4. Engr. Guillermo Jerusalem Fiel – worked in Pepsi

5. Rosita Jerusalem Fiel – lumber business proprietor in Culaba

6. Dioscoro Jerusalem Fiel – self-employed

7. Engr. Bianito Jerusalem Fiel – civil engineer, worked in DPWH

8. Geronima Jerusalem Fiel – (b. October 1, 1949) – teacher

9. Arcadio Jerusalem Fiel Jr. – worked in Philippine Navy

10. Rosalinda Jerusalem Fiel – (b. October 24, 1953) – teacher


D.1. Children of Valeriano Jerusalem Fiel - Pasencia Reveldez

1. Valeriano Reveldez Fiel Jr. – deceased, married but no child

2. Dora Reveldez Fiel

3. Antonio Reveldez Fiel

4. “Dodong” Reveldez Fiel

D.2. Children of Dominador Jerusalem Fiel – Resurrecion Morados

5. Rebecca Morados Fiel

6. Dominador Morados Fiel

D.3. Children of Angel Jerusalem Fiel – Tarciana Estrada

7. Nilda Estrada Fiel

8. Chonita Estrada Fiel

9. Elsa Estrada Fiel

10. Angel Estrada Fiel Jr.

11. Lilia Estrada Fiel

12. Teresita Estrada Fiel

13. Artemio Estrada Fiel

14. Teofani Estrada Fiel

D.4. Children of Engr. Guillermo Jerusalem Fiel – Candida Candaza

15. Glenda Candaza Fiel

16. Gilda Candaza Fiel

17. Yvette Candaza Fiel

18. Gilbert Candaza Fiel

19. Grace Candaza Fiel

20. Gino Candaza Fiel

21. Gaylieza Candaza Fiel

22. Evelyn Candaza Fiel

23. Dennis Candaza Fiel

24. Ronald Candaza Fiel

D.5. Children of Rosita Jerusalem Fiel – Carlito Silada

25. Cesar Fiel Silada

26. Josephine Fiel Silada

27. Jocelyn Fiel Silada

D.6. Children of Dioscoro Jerusalem Fiel – Adelaida Williams (first wife)

28. Boy Williams Fiel

29. Deldios Williams Fiel

Children of Dioscoro Jerusalem Fiel – Thelma (second wife)

30. “Baby” Fiel

D.7. Children of Engr. Bianito Jerusalem Fiel – Corazon Mueva

31. Bianito Mueva Fiel Jr.

32. Maricris Mueva Fiel

33. Bryan Mueva Fiel

34. Bernard Mueva Fiel

35. Bianito Mueva Fiel III

36. Marigold Mueva Fiel

D.8. Children of Geronima Jerusalem Fiel – Esteban Lagahan

37. Flossie Fiel Lagahan (b. April 11, 1972)

38. Irish Fiel Lagahan (b. February 12, 1976)

39. Evie Fiel Lagahan (b. November 20, 1979)

40. Lemuel Steve Fiel Lagahan Jr. (b. July 7, 1987)

D.9. Children of Arcadio Jerusalem Fiel Jr. – Lilia

41. Archie Fiel

42. Eusebia Fiel

43. Archimedes Fiel

44. “Aiken” Fiel

D.10. Children of Rosalinda Jerusalem Fiel – Dizon Caňezo

45. Ralph Fiel Caňezo (b. March 7, 1977)

46. Sheryl Fiel Caňezo (b. August 15, 1981)

47. Deisylyn Fiel Caňezo (b. October 3, 1987)


E.1. Valeriano Reveldez Fiel Jr. – deceased, married but no child

E.2. Children of Dora Reveldez Fiel

E.3. Children of Antonio Reveldez Fiel

E.4. Children of “Dodong” Reveldez Fiel

E.5. Children of Rebecca Morados Fiel

E.6. Children of Dominador Morados Fiel

E.7. Children of Nilda Estrada Fiel

E.8. Children of Chonita Estrada Fiel

E.9. Children of Elsa Estrada Fiel

E.10. Children of Angel Estrada Fiel Jr.

E.11. Children of Lilia Estrada Fiel – Alfredo Bertulfo

1. Alfie Fiel Bertulfo

2. “Siloy” Fiel Bertulfo

3. Beverly Fiel Bertulfo

4. Aldrin Fiel Bertulfo

5. Alfredo Fiel Bertulfo Jr.

E.12. Children of Teresita Estrada Fiel

E.13. Children of Artemio Estrada Fiel

E.14. Children of Teofani Estrada Fiel

E.15. Children of Glenda Candaza Fiel - Danny Ornales

6. Daniel Gabriel Fiel Ornales

7. Danica Anne Fiel Ornales

8. Gladys Fiel Ornales

9. Derick Guiller Fiel Ornales

10. Daryl Fiel Ornales

E.16. Children of Gilda Candaza Fiel – Ildefonso Tinog

(no children)

E.17. Children of Yvette Candaza Fiel

E.18. Children of Gilbert Candaza Fiel – Elena Londero

11. Gil Mark Londero Fiel

12. Joy Kenneth Londero Fiel

13. Jeff Londero Fiel

14. Jea Londero Fiel

15. Gilen Anne Londero Fiel

16. Jeg Elaine Londero Fiel

E.19. Children of Grace Candaza Fiel – Samuel Matutina

17. Sherwin Glenn Fiel Matutina

E.20. Children of Gino Candaza Fiel – Maribeth Cadion

18. Glenn Ivan Cadion Fiel

19. Nathaniel Orly Cadion Fiel

E.21. Children of Gaylieza Candaza Fiel – Antonio Delos Santos

20. Christian Amiel Fiel Delos Santos

21. Kathleen Fiel Delos Santos

22. Kenrick Elisha Fiel Delos Santos

E.22. Children of Evelyn Candaza Fiel – Ben Flores

23. Queenie Anne Fiel Flores

24. Mae Anne Fiel Flores

25. Kristel Mae Fiel Flores

E.23. Children of Dennis Candaza Fiel – Ophelia Piao

26. Matt Gabriel Piao Fiel

E.24. Children of Ronald Candaza Fiel – Rica Longosa

27. Angela Longosa Fiel

E.25. Children of Cesar Fiel Silada

E.26. Children of Josephine Fiel Silada

E.27. Children of Jocelyn Fiel Silada

E.28. Children of Boy Williams Fiel

E.29. Children of Deldios Williams Fiel

E.30. Children of “Baby” Fiel

E.31. Children of Bianito Mueva Fiel Jr. – Grace Santillano

28. Bianito Santillano Fiel IV

E.32. Children of Maricris Mueva Fiel – Nilo Dagle

29. Nathaniel Fiel Dagle

30. Sean Marnil Fiel Dagle

31. Criselda Fiel Dagle

E.33. Children of Bryan Mueva Fiel – Cheanne Tiu

32. Bianito Bryan Tiu Fiel

33. Bryan Tiu Fiel Jr.

34. Lady Anezon Tiu Fiel

E.34. Children of Bernard Mueva Fiel – Elizabeth Perez

35. Bernard Perez Fiel

36. Samantha Perez Fiel

37. Dorothy Perez Fiel

38. Hannah Perez Fiel

E.35. Children of Bianito Mueva Fiel III – Chinky Abad

39. Keanan Nicole Abad Fiel

E.36. Children of Marigold Mueva Fiel – single as of 2011

E.37. Children of Flossie Fiel Lagahan – Marcos Tangpuz (first husband)

40. Mark Vlyner Lagahan Tangpuz

41. Justin Nixon Lagahan Tangpuz

Children of Flossie Fiel Lagahan – Ariel Padecio (second husband)

42. Chrizella Lagahan Padecio

E.38. Children of Irish Fiel Lagahan – Armando Amable Jr.

43. Mary Mil Joy Lagahan Amable

44. Armand Stephen Lagahan Amable III

E.39. Children of Evie Fiel Lagahan (b. November 20, 1979)

E.40. Children of Lemuel Steve Fiel Lagahan Jr. (b. July 7, 1987)

E.41. Children of Archie Fiel

E.42. Children of Eusebia Fiel

E.43. Children of Archimedes Fiel

E.44. Children of “Aiken” Fiel

E.45. Children of Ralph Fiel Caňezo – Jasmin Fernandez (first wife)

45. Shin-jee Fernandez Caňezo

46. Ralph Kent Fernandez Caňezo

47. Ralph Fernandez Caňezo II

Children of Ralph Fiel Caňezo – Bihilda Dutallas (second wife)

(no children)

E.46. Children of Sheryl Fiel Caňezo – Jimmy Bondalo Sr.

48. Jimmy Caňezo Bondalo Jr.

49. Cyril John Caňezo Bondalo

E.47. Children of Deisylyn Fiel Caňezo – Kim Ronald Villacote





(Source: Anne Fiel from Pondol, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte)


1. Francisco Fiel

2. Sotero Fiel

3. Eustaquia “Takay” Fiel

4. Teresita “Tiyang” Fiel

Francisco, Sotero, Eustaquia and Teresita are siblings. Catalino Fiel is their first cousin.


B.1. Children of Francisco Fiel – Andrea Timbal

1. Rufino Timbal Fiel

2. Simeon Timbal Fiel

3. Tiburcio Timbal Fiel

4. Anatalia Timbal Fiel

B.2. Children of Sotero Fiel – Severa Hari

5. Eleuterio Hari Fiel – fisherman; died in 1984, 95 years old

6. Irenea “Ining” Hari Fiel

7. Natalia “Tayang” Hari Fiel

8. Primitivo “Tiboy” Hari Fiel

9. Edmundo “Mundo” Hari Fiel

10. “Siyoy” Hari Fiel (went to Hawaii before World War II)

11. Pastor “Castol” Hari Fiel

12. Felicidad “Pidad” Hari Fiel

B.3. Children of Eustaquia “Takay” Fiel – no data

B.4. Children of Teresita “Tiyang” Fiel – no data


C.1. Children of Rufino Timbal Fiel (+Oct. 31, 1992) – Angela Visaya (+Sept. 25, 1988)

1. Remedio Visaya Fiel

2. Benita Visaya Fiel

3. Marita Visaya Fiel

4. Lucio Visaya Fiel

5. Buenaventurada Visaya Fiel

6. Antonio Visaya Fiel

7. Rufino Visaya Fiel Jr.

8. Flordeliza Visaya Fiel

C.2. Children of Simeon Timbal Fiel (no data)

C.3. Children of Tiburcio Timbal Fiel (no data)

C.4. Children of Anatalia Timbal Fiel (no data)

C.5. Children of Eleuterio Hari Fiel – Apolonia Masing

9. Macaria Masing Fiel

10. Maria Masing Fiel

11. Epifanio Masing Fiel

12. Lucio Masing Fiel

13. Asuncion Masing Fiel

14. Pedro Masing Fiel

C.6. Children of Irenea “Ining” Hari Fiel – Froctouso Barcelona

15. Cepriano Fiel Barcelona

16. Felisa Fiel Barcelona

17. Juanita Fiel Barcelona

18. Fausto Fiel Barcelona

19. Valeriana Fiel Barcelona

20. Victoria Fiel Barcelona

21. Aurelia Fiel Barcelona

22. Macario Fiel Barcelona

C.7. Children of Natalia “Tayang” Hari Fiel – Pedro Engcoy

23. Patron Fiel Engcoy

24. Saturnina (?) “Ninay” Fiel Engcoy

25. Samuel Fiel Engcoy

C.8. Children of Primitivo “Tiboy” Hari Fiel – Julia Gabriento

26. Antonia Gabriento Fiel

27. Ceriaco Gabriento Fiel

28. Jimmy Gabriento Fiel

29. Victor Gabriento Fiel

C.9. Children of Edmundo “Mundo” Hari Fiel – “Bandang”

30. “Noring” Fiel

31. Eugenio Fiel

32. Florentino Fiel

33. Mila Fiel

34. Miller Fiel

C.10. Children of “Siyoy” Hari Fiel (went to Hawaii before World War II) – no data

C.11. Children of Pastor “Castol” Hari Fiel – Anastacia Labrado (From Calag-itan, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte)

35. Rufino Labrado Fiel

36. Jose Labrado Fiel

37. Crisencia Labrado Fiel

38. Juan Labrado Fiel

39. Natividad Labrado Fiel

40. Bienvenido Labrado Fiel

41. Hermenia Labrado Fiel

42. Alberto Labrado Fiel

C.12. Children of Felicidad “Pidad” Hari Fiel – Victor Matunog

43. Julian Fiel Matunog

44. Floro Fiel Matunog

45. Patrocenia Fiel Matunog

46. Patronilo Fiel Matunog

47. Pedro Fiel Matunog

48. Elpedio Fiel Matunog

49. Gorgonia Fiel Matunog


D.1. Children of Remedio Visaya Fiel – Jovita Lapiz (no data)

D.2. Children of Benita Visaya Fiel – Alfredo Bahina (no data)

D.3. Children of Marita Visaya Fiel – Nomeriano Ballon (no data)

D.4. Children of Lucio Visaya Fiel – Concepcion Janiola (Residing in Panabo City)

1. Glenna Janiola Fiel

2. Jennifer Janiola Fiel

3. Lureza Janiola Fiel

4. Emmanuel Janiola Fiel

5. James Bernard Janiola Fiel

D.5. Children of Buenaventurada Visaya Fiel – Margareto Sabandal (no data)

D.6. Children of Antonio Visaya Fiel (+Dec. 29, 1996) - Vivencia Paco (+January 30, 1999)

6. Anne Paco Fiel

7. Rose Marie Paco Fiel

D.7. Children of Rufino Visaya Fiel Jr. – Elvira Maranga (no data)

D.8. Children of Flordeliza Visaya Fiel – Virgilio Bitco (no data)

D.9. Children of Macaria Masing Fiel – Eugenio Painitan

8. Rosie Fiel Painitan

9. Juanito “Nito” Fiel Painitan

10. Fernando Fiel Painitan (b. May 30, 1942)

11. Jilme Fiel Painitan

12. Eliezar Fiel Painitan

13. Nora Fiel Painitan

14. Nulueta Fiel Painitan

D.10. Children of Maria Masing Fiel – Vicente Calisang

15. Leticia Fiel Calisang

D.11. Children of Epifanio Masing Fiel – Minda Tagnipis

16. Mirasol Tagnipis Fiel

17. Maricel Tagnipis Fiel

18. Mariflor Tagnipis Fiel

19. Epifanio Tagnipis Fiel

D.12. Children of Lucio Masing Fiel – Martina Samo

20. Claudio Samo Fiel

21. Natividad Samo Fiel

22. Nesio Samo Fiel

D.13. Children of Asuncion Masing Fiel – Boy Mendoza

23. Euliza Fiel Mendoza

D.14. Children of Pedro Masing Fiel – Antonia Ugdoc

24. Oreste Ugdoc Fiel

25. Justo Ugdoc Fiel

26. Juanito Ugdoc Fiel

27. Restoňita Ugdoc Fiel

D.15. Children of Cepriano Fiel Barcelona

D.16. Children of Felisa Fiel Barcelona

D.17. Children of Juanita Fiel Barcelona

D.18. Children of Fausto Fiel Barcelona

D.19. Children of Valeriana Fiel Barcelona

D.20. Children of Victoria Fiel Barcelona

D.21. Children of Aurelia Fiel Barcelona

D.22. Children of Macario Fiel Barcelona

D.23. Children of Patron Fiel Engcoy

D.24. Children of Saturnina (?) “Ninay” Fiel Engcoy

D.25. Children of Samuel Fiel Engcoy

D.26. Children of Antonia Gabriento Fiel

D.27. Children of Ceriaco Gabriento Fiel

D.28. Children of Jimmy Gabriento Fiel

D.29. Children of Victor Gabriento Fiel

D.30. Children of “Noring” Fiel

D.31. Children of Eugenio Fiel

D.32. Children of Florentino Fiel

D.33. Children of Mila Fiel

D.34. Children of Miller Fiel

D.35. Children of Rufino Labrado Fiel -

28. Marivic Fiel

29. Meriam Fiel

30. Merlie Fiel

31. Rufino Fiel Jr.

D.36. Children of Jose Labrado Fiel

32. Teresita “Tesya” Fiel

33. Jose Fiel

D.37. Children of Crisencia Labrado Fiel (deceased)

D.38. Children of Juan Labrado Fiel (missing since 1979)

D.39. Children of Natividad Labrado Fiel - Demetrio Magbago (Residing in Purok 7, Batahai Subdivision, Tanyag, Taguig City)

34. Ed Jose Fiel Magbago

35. Emily Fiel Magbago

36. Ericardo Fiel Magbago

37. Ednalyn Fiel Magbago

D.40. Children of Bienvenido Labrado Fiel - Zenaida Magracia

38. Benjamin Magracia Fiel

39. Jenilyn Magracia Fiel

40. Rany Magracia Fiel

41. Noralyn Magracia Fiel

D.41. Children of Hermenia Labrado Fiel - Edilberto Orense (Residing in Cavite)

42. Edilberto Fiel Orense Jr.

43. Eleonor Fiel Orense

44. Editha Fiel Orense

45. Crispolo Fiel Orense

46. Ernesto “Ernie” Fiel Orense

D.42. Children of Alberto Labrado Fiel - – Marison Catolico (Residing in Purok 7, Batahai Subdivision, Tanyag, Taguig City)

47. Beverly Catolico Fiel

48. Kristal Gay Catolico Fiel

49. Albertson Catolico Fiel

D.43. Children of Julian Fiel Matunog – Lourdes Beringuel

50. Eddie Beringuel Matunog

51. Lorna Beringuel Matunog

52. Linda Beringuel Matunog

53. Lita Beringuel Matunog

54. Liza Beringuel Matunog

55. Lina Beringuel Matunog

56. Lily Beringuel Matunog

57. Emmy Beringuel Matunog

58. Elier Beringuel Matunog

D.44. Children of Floro Fiel Matunog – Zenaida Cruz

59. Zinvie Cruz Matunog

D.45. Children of Patrocenia Fiel Matunog – Anatalio Jayuma

60. Lilith Matunog Jayuma

61. Lilil Matunog Jayuma

D.46. Children of Patronilo Fiel Matunog – Felipa Arguelles

62. Patronilo Arguelles Matunog Jr.

63. Jayma Arguelles Matunog

64. Gemma Arguelles Matunog

65. Ramil Arguelles Matunog

66. Roy Arguelles Matunog

67. Rama Fe Arguelles Matunog

68. Daisy Arguelles Matunog

D.47. Children of Pedro Fiel Matunog - single

D.48. Children of Elpedio Fiel Matunog – Teofila Baclayon

(no children)

D.49. Children of Gorgonia Fiel Matunog – Lucio Ortiz

69. Lougie Matunog Ortiz




(From Ormoc, Leyte)


A.1. Simplicio Arcuino Fiel (March 2, 1865 – November 11, 1932)

Simplicio Arcuino Fiel is the first mayor of Ormoc


B.1. Children of Simplicio Fiel – _____________ (first wife)

1. Agido Fiel

2. Agaton Fiel (first lawyer of Ormoc)

B.2. Children of Simplicio Fiel – Gilda Silidio (second wife)

3. Luis Silidio Fiel

4. Patro Silidio Fiel

5. Asisclo Silidio Fiel

6. Hospicio Silidio Fiel (he died single)


C.1. Children of Agido Fiel – Catalina Pucson

1. Basilisa Pucson Fiel

2. Adela Pucson Fiel – not married, single

3. Clara Pucson Fiel – not married, single

4. Felisa Pucson Fiel

5. Pascual Pucson Fiel

6. Marcelina Pucson Fiel

7. Pedrito Pucson Fiel (+October 24, 2010)

8. Carmelita Pucson Fiel

C.2. Children of Agaton Fiel – Emiliana Tan

9. Antonio Tan Fiel – not married, taken captive by the Japanese soldiers

10. Araceli Tan Fiel – died while still a child due to the dysentery outbreak in Ormoc

11. Arturo Tan Fiel

12. Joselito Tan Fiel

13. Josefina “Nany” Tan Fiel – a.k.a. Sr. Anne of the Religious of the Good Shepherd

14. Natividad “Naty” Tan Fiel

15. Milagros “Guitos” Tan Fiel - a.k.a. Sr. Milagros of the Blue Sisters

16. Carlos Tan Fiel

17. Teresita Tan Fiel – (name to be checked if accurate)

18. Celina Tan Fiel - a.k.a. Sr. Teresita of the Religious of the Good Shepherd

C.3. Children of Luis Silidio Fiel – Elisa Tecson

19. Oscar Tecson Fiel

20. Eddie Tecson Fiel

21. Boots Tecson Fiel

22. Brigida Tecson Fiel

23. Helen Tecson Fiel

24. Annie Tecson Fiel

C.4. Children of Patro Silidio Fiel - _________ Tugonon

25. Arturo Fiel Tugonon

26. Benjamin Fiel Tugonon

27. Demosthenes Fiel Tugonon

28. Felizardo “Boy” Fiel Tugonon

C.5. Children of Asisclo Silidio Fiel – Genoveva Aragon

29. Wilfredo Aragon Fiel

30. Loreta Aragon Fiel

31. Cezar Aragon Fiel

32. Amelita Aragon Fiel

33. Joel Aragon Fiel


D.1. Children of Basilisa Pucson Fiel – Simeon Agraviador

1. Zenadia Fiel Agraviador

2. Benilda Fiel Agraviador

3. Edna Fiel Agraviador

D.2. Adela Pucson Fiel – not married

D.3. Clara Pucson Fiel – not married

D.4. Children of Felisa Pucson Fiel – Wenceslao Aldiano

4. Elizaida Fiel Aldiano

5. Alicia Fiel Aldiano

6. Rosalinda Fiel Aldiano

D.5. Children of Pascual Pucson Fiel – Preciosa Dungon

7. Pascualito Dungon Fiel Jr.

8. Allan Dungon Fiel

9. Bonifacio “Buchoy” Dungon Fiel

10. Carolina Dungon Fiel

11. Dante Dungon Fiel

12. Elmer Dungon Fiel

13. Fides Dungon Fiel

D.6. Children of Marcelina Pucson Fiel – Margarito Osip

14. Florenda Fiel Osip

15. Felipe Fiel Osip

16. Divina Fiel Osip

D.7. Children of Pedrito Pucson Fiel (+October 24, 2010) – Gaudencia Sarin

17. Alexander Sarin Fiel

18. Brenda Sarin Fiel

D.8. Children of Carmelita Pucson Fiel – Carlos Simporios

19. Maria Carmelita Fiel Simporios

20. Carlos Fiel Simporios

D.9. (Antonio Tan Fiel – not married, taken captive by the Japanese soldiers)

D.10. (Araceli Tan Fiel – died while still a child due to the dysentery outbreak in Ormoc)

D. 11. (Arturo Tan Fiel - died while still a child due to the dysentery outbreak in Ormoc)

D.12. (Joselito Tan Fiel - died while still a child due to the dysentery outbreak in Ormoc)

D.13. (Josefina “Nany” Tan Fiel – a.k.a. Sr. Anne of the Religious of the Good Shepherd)

D.14. Children of Natividad “Naty” Tan Fiel – Gil Rodriguez Pelegrin (They married on September 8, 1945 at the Malate Church riding a six by six army truck)

21. Antonio Fiel Pelegrin

22. Rosario Fiel Pelegrin

23. Gil Fiel Pelegrin Jr.

24. Asuncion Fiel Pelegrin

25. Araceli Fiel Pelegrin

26. Teresita Fiel Pelegrin

27. Cachito Fiel Pelegrin (died in infancy)

28. Eugene Fiel Pelegrin

29. Dominic Fiel Pelegrin

30. Natividad Fiel Pelegrin

D.15. (Milagros “Guitos” Tan Fiel - a.k.a. Sr. Milagros of the Blue Sisters)

D.16. Children of Carlos Tan Fiel - Cecilia Capistrano (married in 1952)

31. Corazon Capistrano Fiel

32. Rose Capistrano Fiel

33. Antonio Capistrano Fiel

34. Carlos Capistrano Fiel Jr.

35. Emiliana “Peachie” Capistrano Fiel

36. Guadalupe “Lelo” Capistrano Fiel

D.17. Teresita Tan Fiel – (name to be checked if accurate)

D.18. Celina Tan Fiel - a.k.a. Sr. Teresita of the Religious of the Good Shepherd

D.19. Children of Oscar Tecson Fiel - _______________

37. Luigi Fiel (US Navy)

38. Jacqueline Fiel

D.20. Children of Eddie Tecson Fiel - no data

D.21. Children of Boots Tecson Fiel - no data

D.22. Children of Brigida Tecson Fiel - no data

D.23. Children of Helen Tecson Fiel - no data

D.24. Children of Annie Tecson Fiel - no data

D.25. Children of Arturo Fiel Tugonon – no data

D.26. Children of Benjamin Fiel Tugonon – no data

D.27. Children of Demosthenes Fiel Tugonon – no data

D.28. Children of Felizardo “Boy” Fiel Tugonon – no data

D.29. Children of Wilfredo Aragon Fiel – Norma Relatado

39. Makabayan Relatado Fiel

40. Simplicio Relatado Fiel

41. Mutya Relatado Fiel

42. Luningning Relatado Fiel

D.30. Children of Loreta Aragon Fiel - Charles Bardos

43. Joan Fiel Bardos

44. Sidney Fiel Bardos

D.31. Children of Cezar Aragon Fiel – Emma Suficiencia

45. Maharlika Suficiencia Fiel

46. Bayani Suficiencia Fiel

47. Paulo Cezar Suficiencia Fiel

D.32. Children of Amelita Aragon Fiel – Ernesto Bacarro

48. Dexter Fiel Bacarro

49. Edwin Fiel Bacarro

D.33. Children of Joel Aragon Fiel - Carolina Maquilan

50. Jovencio Maquilan Fiel

51. Fima Riza Maquilan Fiel


E.1. Children of Zenadia Fiel Agraviador – Francisco Ygot Jr.

1. Franzen Agraviador Ygot

2. Zharina Agraviador Ygot

3. Francis June Agraviador Ygot

4. roilan Agraviador Ygot

E.2. Children of Benilda Fiel Agraviador – Danilo Caoctoy

5. Darwin Agraviador Caoctoy

6. Divina Agraviador Caoctoy

E.3. Children of Edna Fiel Agraviador – Mario Tan

7. Edgar Agraviador Delantar

E.4. Children of Elizaida Fiel Aldiano – Danilo Hermoso

8. Marian Aldiano Hermoso

9. Alexander Aldiano Hermoso

10. Richard Aldiano Hermoso

E.5. Children of Alicia Fiel Aldiano – Hermes Macinas

11. Ryan Aldiano Macinas

12. Christian Aldiano Macinas

13. Frances Aldiano Macinas

E.6. Children of Rosalinda Fiel Aldiano – Alberto Andanar

14. Alvin Aldiano Andanar

15. Brian Aldiano Andanar

E.7. Children of Pascualito Dungon Fiel Jr. – Myrna Tolibas

16. Jessa Tolibas Fiel

17. John Michael Tolibas Fiel

E.8. Children of Allan Dungon Fiel – Shirley De Leon

18. Patrick De Leon Fiel

19. Christian De Leon Fiel

20. Aldrin De Leon Fiel

21. Emmanuel De Leon Fiel

E.9. Children of Bonifacio “Buchoy” Dungon Fiel – Amelita Hermoso

22. James Earl Hermoso Fiel

23. Joshua Hermoso Fiel

24. John Lloyd Hermoso Fiel

E.10. Children of Carolina Dungon Fiel – Teonado Asensi

25. Samantha Fiel Mercado

26. Sean Justin Fiel Asensi

E.11. Children of Dante Dungon Fiel – Juliet Sudiang

27. Dixie Sudiang Fiel

28. Daxil Sudiang Fiel

29. Dominic Sudiang Fiel

E.12. Children of Elmer Dungon Fiel – Riza Espellarga

30. Laurence Espellarga Fiel

31. Mitch Ralph Espellarga Fiel

32. Eroll Robert Espellarga Fiel

33. Reginal Niňo Espellarga Fiel

E.13. Children of Fides Dungon Fiel – Joel Torda (no data)

E.14. Children of Florenda Fiel Osip – Danilo Parilla

34. Filmar Osip Parilla

35. Jose Marie Osip Parilla

36. Christian Osip Parilla

E.15. Children of Felipe Fiel Osip – Lynlyn Barrameda

37. Jomar Barrameda Osip

E.16. Children of Divina Fiel Osip – Elmer Mercado (no data)

E.17. Children of Alexander Sarin Fiel – Josefa Dalagan

38. Alexander Dalagan Fiel Jr.

39. Angelique Dalagan Fiel

40. John Michael Dalagan Fiel

E.18. Children of Brenda Sarin Fiel – Danilo Ducalang

41. Shiela Mae Fiel Ducalang

42. Sarah Mae Fiel Ducalang

43. Phebe Grace Fiel Ducalang

E.19. Children of Maria Carmelita Fiel Simporios

E.20. Children of Carlos Fiel Simporios – Maribel Merin

44. Althea Merin Simporios

45. Sebastian Kent Merin Simporios

E.21. Children of Antonio Fiel Pelegrin

E.22. Children of Rosario Fiel Pelegrin

E.23. Children of Gil Fiel Pelegrin Jr.

E.24. Children of Asuncion Fiel Pelegrin

E.25. Children of Araceli Fiel Pelegrin

E.26. Children of Teresita Fiel Pelegrin

E.27. Cachito Fiel Pelegrin (died in infancy)

E.28. Children of Eugene Fiel Pelegrin

E.29. Children of Dominic Fiel Pelegrin

E.30. Children of Natividad Fiel Pelegrin

E.31. Corazon Capistrano Fiel

E.32. Rose Capistrano Fiel

E.33. Antonio Capistrano Fiel

E.34. Carlos Capistrano Fiel Jr.

E.35. Emiliana “Peachie” Capistrano Fiel

E.36. Guadalupe “Lelo” Capistrano Fiel

E.37. Luigi Fiel (US Navy)

E.38. Jacqueline Fiel

E.39. Makabayan Relatado Fiel

E.40. Simplicio Relatado Fiel

E.41. Mutya Relatado Fiel

E.42. Luningning Relatado Fiel

E.43. Joan Fiel Bardos

E.44. Sidney Fiel Bardos

E.45. Maharlika Suficiencia Fiel

E.46. Bayani Suficiencia Fiel

E.47. Paulo Cezar Suficiencia Fiel

E.48. Dexter Fiel Bacarro

E.49. Edwin Fiel Bacarro

E.50. Jovencio Maquilan Fiel

E.51. Fima Riza Maquilan Fiel

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