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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


One Friday afternoon, I visited a nun at a convent in Quezon City. But it was not an ordinary visit. I was visiting a nun with the surname Fiel. She is Sr. Milagros Fiel from Ormoc. She informed me that she has two more sisters who are also nuns: Sister Mary Ann Fiel and Sister Teresita Fiel. One of them is now in Good Shepherds Convent in Katipunan and the other in one school in Batangas.

Her sister who now resides in Katipunan is one of the founders of the well-visited Good Shepherd's ube jam store in Baguio.

I already heard about Sister Milagros before but we only met last year. She said she once worked under the Propaganda in Rome. She belongs to the Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit or the Blue Sisters. You may visit her at the Blue Sister's Convent in Poinsettia, E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is a product of my painstaking research. I hope that by posting it here, I could also help some of the Fiel families out there to trace their roots in the Fiel Family Tree. If you know some of the personalities in my family tree, please leave some message for me.

First Generation – There were only two Brothers: Elias Fiel and Isaac Fiel. Nobody could give me the name of their parents, but I learned that they lived in Guimbangco-an, Sibonga, Cebu. I have never been to that place. I hope to visit that place some day. Sana may mga Fiel pa doon so that I could devote more time to get to know my roots.

Second Generation – Elias Fiel had a son named Julian Fiel. I did not know how many were the sons and daughters of Elias Fiel. Aside from Julian Fiel, I also know that Donato Fiel is also Elias’ son. I could not provide the details on the lineage of Isaac Fiel since I only concentrated my research on Elias Fiel. However, I also met some Fiel whose lineage I traced from Isaac Fiel. If they could provide me a list of names, I will be happy to post it here…

Third Generation – Julian Fiel married Timothea Mirafuentes. One of their sons was my lolo named Feliciano Fiel. According to Lolo Feliciano, they were 13 brothers and sisters but he could remember only 11 of them:

(1) Mathilde Fiel

(2) Ingracia Fiel

(3) Catalino Fiel

(4) Lupe Fiel

(5) Arsenio Fiel

(6) Regina Fiel

(7) Felisa Fiel

(8) Aurelio Fiel

(9) Feliciano Fiel

(10) “Leyang” Fiel

(11) Pedro Fiel (youngest)

Some of my lolo’s brothers were familiar to me since many of them lived in Davao. Lolo Lupe Fiel died last January 2, 2009. My lolo Feliciano “Pesing” Fiel and Lolo Pedro “Pendong” Fiel are neighbors in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. Lolo Pesing died recently, September 3, 2008.

Fourth Generation – my Lolo Feliciano Fiel married Marcelina Merontos. Lola Celing, as we called her, died on June 30, 1989, when I was in second grade in elementary school. They owned lands in San Pedro, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur, just like the other Fiel in the place. The Fiel Clan is a very popular here in Kiblawan (one of Lolo Pesing’s cousins, Bonifacio Fiel was even a vice-mayor here before). Lolo Pesing and Lola Celing had three daughters (Remedios Fiel, Fe Fiel, Cita Fiel) and a unico hijo (Silvano Fiel).

Fifth Generation – Silvano Fiel married Catherine Castrodes. Contrary to Lolo Pesing and Lola Celing, they had four sons (Felmar Fiel [ako ito], Friam Fiel, Feliam Fiel and Francis Isaac Fiel) and a unica hija (Farrah Fiel). Interestingly, all our names start with letter “F.”

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I am the son of Silvano Fiel, who is the son of Feliciano Fiel, who is the son of Julian Fiel, who is the son of Elias Fiel from Sibonga, Cebu. Elias Fiel has only one brother and his name is Isaac Fiel. My name is taken from my grandparents Feliciano and Marcelina. I am a religious missionary SVD.