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Monday, December 29, 2008


Attorney Coeli Fiel shared to me some photos how the Fiel Clan in Ormoc spent the Christmas season.


I believe many in our clan are into politics. In the Visayas Region, there are a good number of them: Gwen, Byron and Pablo Fiel Garcia of Cebu; Benjamin Fiel Tugonon, who passed away recently, was a consistent topnotcher as a councilor and was the former vice mayor of Ormoc (Thanks to Attorney Oscar Fiel for the info). My lolo Bonifacio Fiel, the cousin of my Lolo Feliciano, was a vice-mayor of Kiblawan, Davao del Sur as a result of the 1980 election. He died as a soldier when I was still at a very young age. Here in Davao, a good number of our relatives also threw their hat in the political arena. Some won, some didn’t.

In my effort to really look for more relatives to be featured in our Fiel Clan Blog, my mouse directed me to the present mayor of Looc, Romblon. She is Juliet Ngo Fiel. She is an alumna of Looc National High School in Romblon.

According to she gathered a total vote of 5,089 last elections which paved way for her to lead the town of Looc, which is located in a well-protected bay serving as rich-fishing ground for the people. Mayor Juliet Ngo Fiel maintain the successful fish sanctuary in Looc Bay.

The June 26, 2008 issue of Abante reported : “Dahil napalilibutan ng dagat, pangingisda at pagtatanim ang pangunahing hanapbuhay ng mga ‘Loocans’ at sa tulong at pagsisikap ng kanilang alkaldeng si Mayor Juliet Ngo Fiel, unti-unting napapansin ang Looc na sentro na ngayon ng bagsakan ng sari-saring produktong agrikultural mula sa mga lugar na malapit dito.”

Here's the world famous Fish Sanctuary in Looc, Romblon located in Looc Bay, one of the world's most beautiful bays. The fish sanctuary is home to hundreds of beautiful fish species as well as a rich collection of corals and giant clams. It is project of the municipal government of Looc, Romblon now under Mayor Juliet Ngo Fiel.

Hehe, I should visit this place and try snorkeling. So, to all Fiel out there, if you look for tourist destinations in the next holidays, try Looc, Romblon. And of course, do not forget to make a courtesy call sa ating Mayor, si Hon. Juliet Ngo Fiel.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I was ordained last December 6, 2008 and thanks be to blog (second to God), one of the Fiel in our clan I meet in friendster, Uncle Anton Fiel came -- all the way from Norway and Iloilo. Our roots were both from Cebu...Here are some of my special moments...

Uncle Anton Fiel and I during the parents' night. He is a seaman based in Norway who came to my ordination after visiting his family in Iloilo. Salamat Uncle!


Friam Fiel, Feliam Fiel, My mother Catherine Fiel, ako, and Uncle Anton Fiel


Ako pa rin yan!


My brothers posed at my tarpaulin.


My brother Friam Fiel read the First Reading.


Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD of Sorsogon gave the homily.


Unle Anton Fiel and me


This is during the Ordination Rite. Masyadong marami ang camera, di ko na tuloy alam saan titingin...


I like this shot, taken by my bro.

Sa lahat ng mga dumalo at sa lahat ng mga nagdasal, maraming salamat po...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Meet Heliodoro "Dingdong" Fiel, 23, world-class Fiel Clan talent! He is from Ormoc City. A certified classical and jazz pianist (and more!), he has been to Belgium, Spain, Germany, China and other countries. You want some sample? Watch this: Dingdong plays Tarantella by Franz Liszt at the Barocksaal Thüringer Staatkanzlei. Prime Minister Diether Althaus was in the audience.

Want some more?: click here

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hold your breath, this is a very interesting discovery! This will really make us all proud!

I chanced to browse website, and this site has good news for us all Fiel clan! It cited several Filipinos who made waves in their contribution to making high-quality movies for global distribution.


"Giovanni Fiel Nakpil, worked for George Lucas' "Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones" and built and animated some characters for "Van Helsing". He also worked on "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl."


The website called him "Master of Movie Mayhem."

Giovanni Fiel Nakpil is working as a 3D Modeler for Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) — the award-winning visual effects company owned by Star Wars creator George Lucas. Gio continues to add blockbusters to his already impressive resumé. They include the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the final chapter of the Star Wars saga and War of the Worlds.

Giovanni’s love of drawing and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) led him to Seneca’s Digital Media Technical Production program, which prepares students for careers in the computer graphics and digital media industries.

The first ILM project he worked on as a 3D Modeler was Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.Today, his film credits include Van Helsing, Dreamcatcher, Matrix Revolutions and both Pirates of The Caribbean films.

“I never would have dreamed that I would be working for ILM,” says the 30-year-old Star Wars fan. He was recruited to ILM after working for animation companies in Toronto and Texas.

His Seneca training has allowed him to take on greater challenges with each film, culminating with a chance to work on a Steven Spielberg production.

“Being able to work on War of the Worlds was like winning the lottery.”

Giovanni created the giant laserblasting alien machines in War of the Worlds — considered to be a major character in the film — and the alien probe that threatens Tom Cruise.

Yon palang kinatatakitan nating mga animations, gawa ng isang kapamilya natin.

Anong say nyo?

His aunt, Corito Fiel of Philippine Daily Inquirer, wrote:

"CAUGHT my nephew in Van Helsing and though Giovanni Fiel Nakpil was somewhere lost in the fast-moving after-film credits.Felt his unseen yet strong, sure hand in all its fire-breathing glory as Dracula in his climactic battle with Hugh Jackman as the Demon Slayer, grandly morphs into the frighteningly hideous HellBeast."

Check out his interview here: giovannie fiel nakpil

check his art gallery here: giovannie fiel nakpil

Monday, October 13, 2008


Gwendolyn Fiel Garcia (born October 12, 1955), commonly known as Gwen, is the Governor of the Philippine province of Cebu. She was first elected in 2004 and re-elected in 2007. She is Cebu's first woman governor. Garcia won by 7,000 votes in Philippine general election, 2004 and a historic half a million in Philippine general election, 2007.

Gwendolyn is the eldest daughther of Pablo P. Garcia and Judge Esperanza “Inday” Fiel-Garcia, who had 8 children (4 sons). Lawyer-Congressman Pablo John Garcia (born in Cebu City on May 19, 1967) is the youngest. Her other brother Byron, is a security consultant for the Cebu provincial government, and caught global attention in 2007 due to Thriller (viral video). Her other brother, Winston Garcia, is the incumbent manager of the Government Service Insurance System (Philippines).

Kurata diay sa atong mga kaliwat no?

The text is taken from:

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Fiel Congress is asking for the whereabouts of Zenaida Fiel. Our friendster account is asking you our dear kapamilya if you know her.

The picture was taken circa 1978 at Mangagoy, Bislig, Surigao del Norte. Baka school i.d. ito ng John Bosco College.

If you could provide kung nasaan na siya ngayon or any info about her, please inform Fiel Congress.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was web surfing about fiel clan one afternoon when a link lead me to this picture posted at the panoramio website with the description that this is an ancestral house of the Fiel Clan. This house can be found in Can-adieng, Ormoc, Leyte. Do you have any idea who owns this house?

felmar fiel
tagaytay :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


When Judge (ret.) Esperanza “Inday” Fiel Garcia reached her diamond year (75), her loving family honored her with a grand celebration at the Marco Polo Plaza. The soft-spoken matriarch was beaming as she entered the ballroom with her devoted husband, Rep. Pablo Garcia. They were met by their grateful children: Gov. Gwen, GSIS president Winston, Nelson, Byron, Marlon, Rep. Pablo John and Farla. The only one missing was daughter Dierdre who lives in New Jersey with her family.

It was a beautiful celebration of a life well lived as narrated by Gov. Gwen, GSIS president Winston and Rep. PJ.

On his part, Rep. Pabling recounted their love story, how they met when Tia Inday mistook him for my father Jesus (Tio Pabling’s look-alike) who was her teacher at the University of San Carlos College of Law.

That case of mistaken identity changed the course of their lives and produced 8 accomplished children, numerous grandchildren and a handful of great grandchildren.


This article was written by: Nelia Neri of

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Cheers from MekMek Fiel


Sally Fiel enjoys the beach


Paul Angelo Fiel-Vero with wife


Lenlen (pink), Flor (red), Sucylin (brown) during town fiesta


Paulino "Polin" Fiel with his cousin from Culaba, Leyte


Agnes and Elvira Fiel from Culaba, Leyte


Sucylin with daughters (in black) Sucy Ella & Blessielyn


Sometimes we simply wonder how our Fiel relatives look like in other parts of the archipelago. I took all these pictures from the Fiel Congress friendster account. So, my dear Fiel Clan all over the world, I would like to introduce to you the Fiel Clan from Calbayog, Samar.

This is a reunion of Fiels from Calbayog City, Tanauan City, Pagadian City and Cebu City.


Ester, Mabel, Atty. Ritchie, Sean Kevin


Mia Fiel Miras, Ritchie Fiel Delgado, Michelle Fiel Miras, Jennylyn Fiel Gonzales


Arvin, Mabel, Mom, Carlo, Sean


The Fiel-Miras Family


Bing Boy Fiel's Angels!!!


Maricris Fiel-Dagle & Mabel Fiel-Reyes


Bianito Fiel and His descendants


Lourdes Fiel-Gonzales, Ester Goroza-Fiel, Isabel Fiel and Elsa Fiel-Miras


Cousins for Life!!!


Thanks to Coeli for providing these pictures. She said these pictures were taken last July 28 in the house of Gov. Gwen Fiel Garcia of Cebu.


Charis and Andre


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