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Monday, January 4, 2010


One Young World is a movement which hopes to bring together the global leaders of tomorrow. It was launched in Davos at the 2009 World Economic Forum. The first event will take place in London during 2010. 1,500 delegates will be invited from around the world after a thorough selection process.

While browsing the website: this is what i saw! Roseller Fiel II is one of the candidates. His profile in the website states:

Roseller Suico Fiel, II


young professional and a small scale entrepreneur who's willing to adopt change and improvement as to his personal, social, political and intellectual growth and of its country as a whole.

development must begin within ourselves, and it will spread as a virus to the hearts that you will touch.

will be in the UK under student visa from Jan 2010 til July 2011 and is very much willing to represent the Filipino Youth-Student Sector in the United Kingdom

I am Roseller Suico Fiel, II from Lanao del Norte, Island of Mindanao, Philippines---(“an island known for conflicts and rebels, a land of the uneducated, uncivilized and morons”)

But I am here to prove to them that they are very very wrong!!! I call myself as a living testimony to disprove all there misconceptions regarding the people living in my place.
I am 24 years old, for some, young yet for me; I’m old enough and mature personally and socially.

My experiences mold me into someday I can be proud of, proud enough to say that somehow I am a leap ahead than others of my range, for many, my achievements may not be that good and enough, but as for myself, it’s more than enough.

I got my education from institutions who inculcate morals and values with social responsibilities and personal development. Since kindergarten till High school I went to a private school in the locality and got merits and commendations for my achievements academically and socially.

Been awarded with THE PRES. GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO LEADERSHIP AWARD in 2003 is my greatest achievement, being selected and endorsed by the school and the students and the community to be a recipient of such award is of great honor.

I have served the Philippine Government and its constituents for 5 years (2002-2007) as the Federation President of the Sangguniang Kabataan Municipal Federation of Lala, and an officer of the provincial Federation. This gives me an opportunity to become an ex-officio member of the Legislative body and helps in preparing, creating, and implementing of local ordinances and resolutions that helped in the development of the youth and the locality.

I had attended several National Conventions ( to name: Philippine Councilors league National Conventions, National Movement of Young Organisations, Sanguniang Kabataan, National Youth Commission ) and an affiliate of several organizations such as the Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program, SEAChange and others, which helped a lot in molding my skills in handling people especially the youth.

After college and my term as a public official and have worked as an English Language instructor to Koreans and worked as a Technical support associate in a call center, I ventured into something similar to public service; I indulged to small-scale food business.
With the help of trainings and personal coaching by my parents and my grandparents, I managed to own and run my business and am working my way to its second year of operations.

Having been into public office and customer service at a young age is quiet a tough journey though, yet, I was able to prove to myself and to the people that I maybe young at age, but I’m old with my mind set and ideals as to being a good citizen and proved something to those who somehow despise my credibility and worth as a young FILIPINO.

Why am I telling all these stuff? Well, for the simple reason, that being young is not a hindrance for somebody to make a difference. SOON is not the proper time, NOW is the exact time. Start while you are young so that you will have plenty of time to spend searching for your goals and making a difference in your life and in somebody’s life.

I do believe that if ever I’ll be in this event, I can contribute a lot. Not just with my achievements, but with the ideals and positive outlook and determination in making a difference in my country and myself as well. Because I really believe that you cannot make something better to somebody unless you make something good with yourself.

This event is a great venue for me and my country to have its voice in the greater arena. And I strongly believe that I have all the qualifications for me to be candidate and a representative to this event.

If change and progress you need, its change and progress you get as long as you have the courage to face the challenges and the intellect to solve and get through its consequences.

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