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Monday, January 19, 2009


This is a product of my painstaking research. I hope that by posting it here, I could also help some of the Fiel families out there to trace their roots in the Fiel Family Tree. If you know some of the personalities in my family tree, please leave some message for me.

I have said before that Elias Fiel is my great-great grandfather and that he has only one brother named Isaac Fiel and that they settled in Gibangkuan, Sibonga, Cebu...

I hope to go to Sibonga, Cebu this May 2009 to research more about Elias Fiel and perhaps to also dig some personalities connected with his brother Isaac Fiel.

Now, this is the list of the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF ELIAS FIEL:

(Please feel free to leave a message in case you know some of them...)

1) Donato Fiel, married to Hermogena Canamo - this is the great grandfather of Jingle Fiel Rosa and Mechelle Fiel...

2) Aniceto Fiel, married to Mantang Terante

3) Felipe Fiel, married to Atang Bustamante

4) Julian Fiel, married to Timothea Mirafuentes. Now, in this link you can check out their sons and daughters, eleven all in all.

5) Nicolasa Fiel, married to Tanoy Mirafuentes - I do not know if Timothea and Tanoy Mirafuentes are also related...

6) Cristina Fiel, married to Enteng Estudillo

7) Bonifacio Fiel, married to Modesta Darong

8) Rosa Fiel, married to Mateo Bustamante - I do not also know if Mateo Bustamante is related to Atang Bustamante.

9) Teodoro Fiel - This might provide us the "missing link" and I hope the Fiel in Leyte will help me trace his family(ies). Sa kanilang magkakapatid, ito daw ay naglayas at nagpunta sa Leyte. Since life was hard and transportation before was not as easy as today, di na daw ito na-meet ulit ng kanyang mga kapatid...

10) Santiago Fiel, married to Marcela Mirafuentes

Ano reactions?????

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Before the year 2008 ended, another Fiel Clan reunion took place in Maranding, Lanao del Norte. Maranding is a highly urbanized barangay of Lala, the largest municipality of the second district in Lanao del Norte. This place is a business center serving not only the populace of Lala but even the people of Salvador and Kapatagan.

The idea of the Fiel Clan reunion for the sons and daughters of Narciso and Venancia Fiel started sometime last year when Lydia Fiel and Jingle Fiel Rosa talked of getting together for Christmas. They were at first hesitant because one of the siblings (Nolito Fiel) was nowhere to be found. With the help of Mechelle Fiel, they agreed to find him by hook or crook or else there will be no reunion at all! Grabe ang drive ng mga ito!

Through friendster, yahoo group and our Fiel Clan Philippine Directory, the son of Nolito Fiel, Nolito Jr. read the posts looking for his father's whereabouts. Hehe, nag-iwan pa nga ng cell number ng tatay niya sa Fiel Clan Blog! And the rest is, history...

Narciso Fiel, by the way, is the brother of my great grandfather Julian Fiel. Both are sons of Elias Fiel from Sibonga, Cebu. So, Jingle and Mechelle are my third cousins...

Narciso Fiel was married to Venancia and they had 8 siblings:

1. Roberto Fiel (eldest, now in Mangagoy, Bislig, Surigao City)

2. Romeo Fiel (works at Saudi Arabia)

3. Rosita Fiel (now in Tagum City)

4. Felix(now in Tagum City)

5. Domingo Fiel (now in Buug,Zmboanga)

6. Nolito Fiel (now in Negros)

7. Narciso Fiel(works at South Africa)

8. Marilou Fiel(now in Zamboanga).

Salamat jud sa friendster, yahoo group ug sa blog nato! Few decades from now, kita na poy mag-iyahay ug pangita sa atong mga kaliwat mao nga ilista na jud tawon ninyo ang mga pangalan sa atong mga kagikan para ang mga henerasyon sunod nato dili na magkapuliki ug trace sa atong mga roots. Hehe.

Ingon si Jingle nga ang trademark daw sa mga Fiel dagko ug agtang! Kita nyo naman!


Romeo Fiel, the host of the reunion


The Sentimental Fiel brothers. Kamo daw magkita after many, many years beh, di ba ma mag-senti.


Ito ang sinakyan ng Fiel delegation from Tagum City!


They kids enjoyed it!


Ayan, nagdiscuss na sila kung sino sa kanila ang may pinakamaraming anak at mga apo! Paramihan! Parang konti lang ang naisulat ni Lolo Romeo ah.


Posing muna habang naghihintay sa pagkain...


Three of the Fiel siblings


Rosita and Marilou Fiel


and pagkatapos nilang umiyak at kumain, nagmeeting na sila para sa kanilang next reunion...

For more pictures, view it here. Add mo muna si Jingle kung di mo ma-view kasi naka-private profile siya...

Friday, January 2, 2009


When I was young, I thought the Fiel Clan here in Davao are the only Fiel living in this wide, wide world: I knew my grandparents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, as well as my third degree cousins. I took pride that the Fiel Clan especially here in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur are well-known (some are into politics) and above the conventional standards (mestizos and mestizas), not to mention,owners of hectares of lands.

Then, some Fiel from Pagadian visited us once in a while. My lolo told me that they are also my cousins. More interesting still was that event when we had our annual reunion in Ynciertos Beach, Digos City. A man in his 50's joined us all the way from Leyte, and he was surprised to find out that the Fiel clan in Davao were indeed his relatives.

Fast-track. 2008: When I created the Fiel Clan Blog last May 2008, I found out that there are so many Fiel scattered all over the Philippines!!!

When Friendster was bogged down last December 2008 and I activated my facebook account, I was also surprised to meet many Fiel from the US, and all of them have Pinoy connections!!!

This post will address the Fiel Clan phenomenon...


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