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Friday, November 20, 2009


Maxim Fiel posted a birthday tribute for his father, Manuel Fiel.

FYI, one of Maxim's hobbies is home recording. If you want more of his videos, just click below:



Ate Susan Fiel said...

Hi Maxim! I watched the bday video you made for your dad as well as the WW II documentary where your ancestral house was featured. I was so touched with the bday video tribute 'coz am a firm believer that tributes to be effective must be given to a living person. For how can one appreciate our efforts and professed love when the recepient is already six feet under the cold, chilly ground? Your tribute brings nostalgia to me 'coz I remembered my late father. So you're from the ancestry of Dr. Eutiquiano Fiel of Ormoc City? We must come from the same ancestry because my father, the late Felix Vega Fiel
was from Ormoc Leyte. He must have known your grandfather because I have here with me a copy of their very old family photo circa 1950 where your father was the only one wearing Americana (suit) while the rest of his brothers were wearing long sleeves. My brother, Engr. George D, Fiel regularly visits Ormoc City 'coz he has some projects is that area and has mentioned to us that he has heard a lot of good news 'bout your family. He is totally unlike me who is very sociable and amiable. Medyo antisocial kaya nahihiya makipagkilala sa inyo. One of these days, my youngest sister who's based in the USA and I will travel to Ormoc City. God bless. Tita Susan Fiel. P.S. Your father was a semenarista pala. Did you know that my late uncle, Pablo Fiel also studied in the seminary and that my uncle Agustine Fiel has a priest son, Allan Fiel? And pwede ba nating makalimutan si Father Felmar? Ciao.

Maxim Fiel said...

I am deeply honored for the wonderful message you wrote regarding the video... And so blessed having wonderful people like you & Father Felmar as my relatives. I'll tell my father tommorow about your message. I'm sure He'll be very happy upon reading your wonderful message..
Regarding your old family photo circa 1950 where my father is in it. I hope that We can have the oppotunity to see those great old picture of yours. I'm sure father will be very interested to see the picture.
About our ancestry, It's really a priviledge to know you & your family and it will be a great pleasure in meeting you someday.. I'm sure the Fiel's of Ormoc are also interested to see you & We'll be looking forward for that day.
Thanks again Father Felmar & Tita Susan. I really enjoyed reading you message.
Hope to see you soon someday & GOD BLESS...

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