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Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is a product of my painstaking research. I hope that by posting it here, I could also help some of the Fiel families out there to trace their roots in the Fiel Family Tree. If you know some of the personalities in my family tree, please leave some message for me.

First Generation – There were only two Brothers: Elias Fiel and Isaac Fiel. Nobody could give me the name of their parents, but I learned that they lived in Guimbangco-an, Sibonga, Cebu. I have never been to that place. I hope to visit that place some day. Sana may mga Fiel pa doon so that I could devote more time to get to know my roots.

Second Generation – Elias Fiel had a son named Julian Fiel. I did not know how many were the sons and daughters of Elias Fiel. Aside from Julian Fiel, I also know that Donato Fiel is also Elias’ son. I could not provide the details on the lineage of Isaac Fiel since I only concentrated my research on Elias Fiel. However, I also met some Fiel whose lineage I traced from Isaac Fiel. If they could provide me a list of names, I will be happy to post it here…

Third Generation – Julian Fiel married Timothea Mirafuentes. One of their sons was my lolo named Feliciano Fiel. According to Lolo Feliciano, they were 13 brothers and sisters but he could remember only 11 of them:

(1) Mathilde Fiel

(2) Ingracia Fiel

(3) Catalino Fiel

(4) Lupe Fiel

(5) Arsenio Fiel

(6) Regina Fiel

(7) Felisa Fiel

(8) Aurelio Fiel

(9) Feliciano Fiel

(10) “Leyang” Fiel

(11) Pedro Fiel (youngest)

Some of my lolo’s brothers were familiar to me since many of them lived in Davao. Lolo Lupe Fiel died last January 2, 2009. My lolo Feliciano “Pesing” Fiel and Lolo Pedro “Pendong” Fiel are neighbors in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. Lolo Pesing died recently, September 3, 2008.

Fourth Generation – my Lolo Feliciano Fiel married Marcelina Merontos. Lola Celing, as we called her, died on June 30, 1989, when I was in second grade in elementary school. They owned lands in San Pedro, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur, just like the other Fiel in the place. The Fiel Clan is a very popular here in Kiblawan (one of Lolo Pesing’s cousins, Bonifacio Fiel was even a vice-mayor here before). Lolo Pesing and Lola Celing had three daughters (Remedios Fiel, Fe Fiel, Cita Fiel) and a unico hijo (Silvano Fiel).

Fifth Generation – Silvano Fiel married Catherine Castrodes. Contrary to Lolo Pesing and Lola Celing, they had four sons (Felmar Fiel [ako ito], Friam Fiel, Feliam Fiel and Francis Isaac Fiel) and a unica hija (Farrah Fiel). Interestingly, all our names start with letter “F.”


sucylin fiel - vero said...

You know what? While i was reading your family tree tumatayo balahibo ko coz one of the names mentioned "Leyang Fiel" is the sister of my lolo Victor Fiel. I dont know if the Leyang Fiel in your tree is also the "Leyang" nickname of our lola Rosalia Fiel who was known to us as Apoy Leyang. I have a sister Rosalie was named after her. I grew up in Culaba, Biliran former Subprovince of Leyte and we are the only Fiels in that place. Even my father Polin Fiel who is now residing in Culaba have not mentioned to us any siblings of my lolo Victor and lola Leyang, but that I still have to verify.

One of my cousins Alberto "Boyen" Fiel who is now the Civil Registrar in Culaba is also interested in tracing our roots. I learned he had already gone through the provincial archives and was already mentioning names I could no longer remember.

I'll text him to sign up with Fiel Congress and i'm pretty sure he'll be more than willing to be part of this.

I also have a friend Scarlet "Ayet" Fiel who's living in BF Homes Las Pinas, her root is from Toril Davao but she has no contact with her relatives as her father died when she was still a teenager. I'll try to get in touch with her, sana nga their landline is still the same coz we have no communication maybe 4 yrs now.

Again, thank you Fr. Felmar for the perseverance in tracing our roots.

sucylin fiel - vero said...

At age 5 to 7, there was an old man in our house and my parents told me he was my lolo "Kulas Fiel" a brother of my lolo Victor and lola Leyang. All I can remember was he came from the US at doon siya nagkalat ng lahi niya esp in Hawaii & California. Wanna know how were he able to go to the US? Sumakay daw siya ng barko na biyaheng Hawaii at nagtago sa loob ng malalaking kaldero. Nasa laot na ng ma discover ng crew, so ginawa na lang siya helper sa kitchen. Then he worked with pineapple plantation in Hawaii. Then he moved to California. When he came home 1 na lang ang naging anak niya dito sa Pilipinas. Who knows? baka mga anak niya yong mga Fiel in other countries.

You mentioned out of 13 siblings only 11 were remembered? Di kaya yong 2 na di na mention were my lolo Victor & Kulas? Maybe when lola Leyang married to "Blas Tadifa" of Culaba, the 2 siblings migrated with her to Culaba.

I think kelangan ko umuwi ng Culaba to clarify all these.

Till next update .........

Mabel Fiel said...

I started Fiel.Congress last June 2006 for the reason that i was so curious about my surname. I wanted to locate my relatives around the world. Here in my place, Calbayog City, were quite a few and so familiar faces. Of course, only my Lolo Dandoy is the sole linkage to our roots here in Calbayog. He is from Culaba and i'm pretty sure Sucylin's family is within our blood line. When i was in Manila, on my way to school i saw my seat mate's folder with her name and a Fiel surname. I was so hesitant at that time to ask questions. Now is my time to locate you guys. And thank God it was so enormously successful. My first Friendster list aside from what we have here in Calbayog is Felmar. Good thing he is more enthusiastic in locating our roots. Thank's to you!! And God bless us..

Here are the English meanings for FIEL : accurate, believer, devoted, faithful, loyal, true. Amazing right?

rejeeloufiel said...

Oh my God.. This is awesome.. in davao del sur, we have this annual family reunion, i know that fiel clan is big but not this big... hahaha.. our forefathers really dig "go to the world and multiply".. religious bunch of people...

Im one of "lolo Lupe's" numerous granddaughters.. im the daughter of his 12th son, Reynaldo who is married to my mom, Metche.. im the eldest, A bsn grad, hopefully i will pass the board exam this November.. i have twin sisters, cherry mae and cherry ann, then Teetle, the youngest is mikoy.. we are currently situated at tres de mayo, digos city.. that's about our family.. hope everyone could give at least their own, that way, the tracing will be much easier.. am i right?? hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

my grandfather is Mr. leopoldo Ariola Fiel from Alaminos city, pangasinan,... nice to know nman na natrace nyo po ung roots ng fiel fmily dyan sa part ng visayas...,,, sana poh matrace ko rn poh ang roots ng fiel generation d2 poh sa pangasinan,,,..... thanks poh....
Father fiel, im currently residing here in villamor air base, pasay city....,, peo ok lng poh ung gnam8 ko pong address.. thanks poh

Anonymous said...

hello Fiel Family Clan,
I am writing to you, to asked you if do you have relatives in Ormoc City?? I am looking for my long lost friend Precy-living in Can-Adieng-Ormoc. She is a nurse and i think she is now is U.S. // She was studying before in Cebu.
Hope you can help me
Vicky Babarin (

Anonymous said...

hello again,
na wala gyod makatabang nako no!
Si Preciosa (Fiel) married YAP na siya karon.
I am still looking for her.
Precy my long lost friend, please e-mail me.
And to the Family Clan, please mail me, if
anybody/any-one can give me Precy`s e-mail or
whereabouts. I would be very thankful.
I am now here in Germany, sa Cebu mi, kauban sa Dorm before sa St. Rita.
Thank you. Vicky Babarin-Rupp(

Anonymous said...

i'm susan d. fiel one of the children of felix vega fiel, the youngest brother of pablo vega fiel. am dead sure that we're related, most especially when i read the name of my grandfather's name which is aurelio fiel as one of the 13 children of julian fiel. however, i got confused because my eldest brother told me that according to my late father his father known as don aurelio fiel is an only child and the sole heir of the don rufino fiel. i was thinking that maybe the aurelio fiel mentioned as one of the children of julian fiel is just his name "tukayo" and our grandfather who hailed from ormoc, leyte belongs to the lineage or ancestry of isaac fiel. According to my father, don aurelio fiel had 4 children from his first marriage with francisca vega namely, ricarda, pablo, inigo, and felix, my father. ricarda, married to a pilones had 2 children, boy pilones, an acrchitect and carlotta, a teacher. Inigo, pablo and felix had 7 children each. my siblings are thanks God all alive. Romeo d. fiel,is a retired marine engineer, Rolando d. fiel a retired class "A" pipefitter/welder, cristina fiel-sorita, retired public school teacher, samuel d. fiel, architect, susan d. fiel, hrd praticioner, george d. fiel, electronics and communications engineer, and luz d. fiel, registered nurse.
felix fiel's grandchildren are all doing well in their chosen professions. Two are still in college and am very proud to inform you that we have a female lawyer in the family, jasmin r. fiel, daughter of george d. fiel. btw, matatalino siguro talaga ang lahing fiel kasi lahat ng children ni George Fiel were from UP diliman and with honors pa when they finished their studies. Modesty aside, yours truly was also a university scholar from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. And George fiel used to study also at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Because of the nature of our professions, all of us have extensively travelled worldwide. Most of us are based here in Metro Manila. I wish I could get reactions or comments bout my grandfather, aurelio fiel. Next time i will narrate the lifestory of my father, felix vega fiel that will give the korean and filipino telenovela a run for their money. Nice meeting all my long lost relatives. God bless you all. susan d. fiel

Anonymous said...

its nice to know where we come from. i really appreciated the effort and initiative of fr felmar. when i was a sem. way back 1987, i tried, after having learned in the seminary the importance of tracing one's roots, that little effort of gathering; a sort of family reunion that came up with a very personal-relative bonding brought us more closer to one another. i've made a big cartolina jotting
down all the names that our elders present there could ever remember, we did make a family tree outline hehehe many are missing, not in vain
actually but a good start!However, very sadly, no gathering ever happens after that. Now 22yrs ago, im 13yrs ordained as priest, see how it feels knowing that somebody like me, fr felmar through his effort does this initiative, tracing our roots-FIEL FAMILY.M so happy. By the way, m fr allan rosal fiel son of agustine fiel. His father was the late aurelio fiel and his mother was the second wife of aurelio. I forgot her name but her maiden name was tutor, the first wife's maiden name was vega. They were 5 children. More things to share next time, il still do more research bout it. Families are persons whom we can't choose but love our bloodline. Our elders, are persons who leave prints behind and we, their generations will look forward- steps of ONENESS.

Anonymous said...

when i first saw ur blog i really get interested.actually i am really desperate to know my root.this is my story:
my father's name is ROLDAN ARANAS FIEL.wala na akong ibang idea kng sino pa ang ibang relatives nya.dahil maging ang ina ko eh walang alam.ewan ko ba bakit ganun.pero ganito ang storya nila.nakakahiya man eh ang alam ko ay pangalawang asawa ang ina ("kabit daw").but that was past.they made mistake before pero di na yun mahalaga.actually ang gusto ko lang ma reach ay yung mga kapatid ko sa ama at kung sino ang mga kamag anak ko.half of me is empty.kasi di ko kilala kung sino ang kalahati ng dugo ko.di ko alam kung galit ang mga unang anak ng ama ko sa amin magkakapatid dahil sa ginawa ng ina ko at ama namin.pero gusto ko lang sila ma meet at pati kamag anak namin.kami ay apat na magkakapatid at pangalawa ako.wala kami idea sa buhay at kinaroroonan nila dahil ayaw din magbigay ng impormasyon ng ina ko di ko alam kung di nga nya alam o ayaw lang nya.sabi nga nya bakit daw interesado ako sa kanila kung sila daw ay di naman kami hinahanap.gusto ko lang sana sila makita kahit sa larawan.sabi ng ina ko taga cebu daw ang ama naming si ROLDAN ARANAS FIEL.yan lang ang tanging alam ko sa kanya dahil sa birth certificate ko.kahit itsura nya di ko na tanda dahil namatay sya ng 6 years old pa ako at nasunugan kami bago sya mamatay kaya lahat ng larawan ay wala kami.gusto ko lang magkaron ng communication sa mga kapatid at kamag anak ko at kahit isang larawan ng ama ko ay magkaron ako.strange?naghahanap ng larawang ng ama?oo.ganun na nga siguro ang buhay naming magkakpatid.wlang bakas ng ama namin kundi ang pangalan nya na nasa birth certificate namin at dugo nya na nananalaytay sa aming magkakapatid..sana may magresponse sa panawagan ko na to..
this is my email

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