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Sunday, February 6, 2011




(Source: Anne Fiel from Pondol, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte)


1. Francisco Fiel

2. Sotero Fiel

3. Eustaquia “Takay” Fiel

4. Teresita “Tiyang” Fiel

Francisco, Sotero, Eustaquia and Teresita are siblings. Catalino Fiel is their first cousin.


B.1. Children of Francisco Fiel – Andrea Timbal

1. Rufino Timbal Fiel

2. Simeon Timbal Fiel

3. Tiburcio Timbal Fiel

4. Anatalia Timbal Fiel

B.2. Children of Sotero Fiel – Severa Hari

5. Eleuterio Hari Fiel – fisherman; died in 1984, 95 years old

6. Irenea “Ining” Hari Fiel

7. Natalia “Tayang” Hari Fiel

8. Primitivo “Tiboy” Hari Fiel

9. Edmundo “Mundo” Hari Fiel

10. “Siyoy” Hari Fiel (went to Hawaii before World War II)

11. Pastor “Castol” Hari Fiel

12. Felicidad “Pidad” Hari Fiel

B.3. Children of Eustaquia “Takay” Fiel – no data

B.4. Children of Teresita “Tiyang” Fiel – no data


C.1. Children of Rufino Timbal Fiel (+Oct. 31, 1992) – Angela Visaya (+Sept. 25, 1988)

1. Remedio Visaya Fiel

2. Benita Visaya Fiel

3. Marita Visaya Fiel

4. Lucio Visaya Fiel

5. Buenaventurada Visaya Fiel

6. Antonio Visaya Fiel

7. Rufino Visaya Fiel Jr.

8. Flordeliza Visaya Fiel

C.2. Children of Simeon Timbal Fiel (no data)

C.3. Children of Tiburcio Timbal Fiel (no data)

C.4. Children of Anatalia Timbal Fiel (no data)

C.5. Children of Eleuterio Hari Fiel – Apolonia Masing

9. Macaria Masing Fiel

10. Maria Masing Fiel

11. Epifanio Masing Fiel

12. Lucio Masing Fiel

13. Asuncion Masing Fiel

14. Pedro Masing Fiel

C.6. Children of Irenea “Ining” Hari Fiel – Froctouso Barcelona

15. Cepriano Fiel Barcelona

16. Felisa Fiel Barcelona

17. Juanita Fiel Barcelona

18. Fausto Fiel Barcelona

19. Valeriana Fiel Barcelona

20. Victoria Fiel Barcelona

21. Aurelia Fiel Barcelona

22. Macario Fiel Barcelona

C.7. Children of Natalia “Tayang” Hari Fiel – Pedro Engcoy

23. Patron Fiel Engcoy

24. Saturnina (?) “Ninay” Fiel Engcoy

25. Samuel Fiel Engcoy

C.8. Children of Primitivo “Tiboy” Hari Fiel – Julia Gabriento

26. Antonia Gabriento Fiel

27. Ceriaco Gabriento Fiel

28. Jimmy Gabriento Fiel

29. Victor Gabriento Fiel

C.9. Children of Edmundo “Mundo” Hari Fiel – “Bandang”

30. “Noring” Fiel

31. Eugenio Fiel

32. Florentino Fiel

33. Mila Fiel

34. Miller Fiel

C.10. Children of “Siyoy” Hari Fiel (went to Hawaii before World War II) – no data

C.11. Children of Pastor “Castol” Hari Fiel – Anastacia Labrado (From Calag-itan, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte)

35. Rufino Labrado Fiel

36. Jose Labrado Fiel

37. Crisencia Labrado Fiel

38. Juan Labrado Fiel

39. Natividad Labrado Fiel

40. Bienvenido Labrado Fiel

41. Hermenia Labrado Fiel

42. Alberto Labrado Fiel

C.12. Children of Felicidad “Pidad” Hari Fiel – Victor Matunog

43. Julian Fiel Matunog

44. Floro Fiel Matunog

45. Patrocenia Fiel Matunog

46. Patronilo Fiel Matunog

47. Pedro Fiel Matunog

48. Elpedio Fiel Matunog

49. Gorgonia Fiel Matunog


D.1. Children of Remedio Visaya Fiel – Jovita Lapiz (no data)

D.2. Children of Benita Visaya Fiel – Alfredo Bahina (no data)

D.3. Children of Marita Visaya Fiel – Nomeriano Ballon (no data)

D.4. Children of Lucio Visaya Fiel – Concepcion Janiola (Residing in Panabo City)

1. Glenna Janiola Fiel

2. Jennifer Janiola Fiel

3. Lureza Janiola Fiel

4. Emmanuel Janiola Fiel

5. James Bernard Janiola Fiel

D.5. Children of Buenaventurada Visaya Fiel – Margareto Sabandal (no data)

D.6. Children of Antonio Visaya Fiel (+Dec. 29, 1996) - Vivencia Paco (+January 30, 1999)

6. Anne Paco Fiel

7. Rose Marie Paco Fiel

D.7. Children of Rufino Visaya Fiel Jr. – Elvira Maranga (no data)

D.8. Children of Flordeliza Visaya Fiel – Virgilio Bitco (no data)

D.9. Children of Macaria Masing Fiel – Eugenio Painitan

8. Rosie Fiel Painitan

9. Juanito “Nito” Fiel Painitan

10. Fernando Fiel Painitan (b. May 30, 1942)

11. Jilme Fiel Painitan

12. Eliezar Fiel Painitan

13. Nora Fiel Painitan

14. Nulueta Fiel Painitan

D.10. Children of Maria Masing Fiel – Vicente Calisang

15. Leticia Fiel Calisang

D.11. Children of Epifanio Masing Fiel – Minda Tagnipis

16. Mirasol Tagnipis Fiel

17. Maricel Tagnipis Fiel

18. Mariflor Tagnipis Fiel

19. Epifanio Tagnipis Fiel

D.12. Children of Lucio Masing Fiel – Martina Samo

20. Claudio Samo Fiel

21. Natividad Samo Fiel

22. Nesio Samo Fiel

D.13. Children of Asuncion Masing Fiel – Boy Mendoza

23. Euliza Fiel Mendoza

D.14. Children of Pedro Masing Fiel – Antonia Ugdoc

24. Oreste Ugdoc Fiel

25. Justo Ugdoc Fiel

26. Juanito Ugdoc Fiel

27. RestoĊˆita Ugdoc Fiel

D.15. Children of Cepriano Fiel Barcelona

D.16. Children of Felisa Fiel Barcelona

D.17. Children of Juanita Fiel Barcelona

D.18. Children of Fausto Fiel Barcelona

D.19. Children of Valeriana Fiel Barcelona

D.20. Children of Victoria Fiel Barcelona

D.21. Children of Aurelia Fiel Barcelona

D.22. Children of Macario Fiel Barcelona

D.23. Children of Patron Fiel Engcoy

D.24. Children of Saturnina (?) “Ninay” Fiel Engcoy

D.25. Children of Samuel Fiel Engcoy

D.26. Children of Antonia Gabriento Fiel

D.27. Children of Ceriaco Gabriento Fiel

D.28. Children of Jimmy Gabriento Fiel

D.29. Children of Victor Gabriento Fiel

D.30. Children of “Noring” Fiel

D.31. Children of Eugenio Fiel

D.32. Children of Florentino Fiel

D.33. Children of Mila Fiel

D.34. Children of Miller Fiel

D.35. Children of Rufino Labrado Fiel -

28. Marivic Fiel

29. Meriam Fiel

30. Merlie Fiel

31. Rufino Fiel Jr.

D.36. Children of Jose Labrado Fiel

32. Teresita “Tesya” Fiel

33. Jose Fiel

D.37. Children of Crisencia Labrado Fiel (deceased)

D.38. Children of Juan Labrado Fiel (missing since 1979)

D.39. Children of Natividad Labrado Fiel - Demetrio Magbago (Residing in Purok 7, Batahai Subdivision, Tanyag, Taguig City)

34. Ed Jose Fiel Magbago

35. Emily Fiel Magbago

36. Ericardo Fiel Magbago

37. Ednalyn Fiel Magbago

D.40. Children of Bienvenido Labrado Fiel - Zenaida Magracia

38. Benjamin Magracia Fiel

39. Jenilyn Magracia Fiel

40. Rany Magracia Fiel

41. Noralyn Magracia Fiel

D.41. Children of Hermenia Labrado Fiel - Edilberto Orense (Residing in Cavite)

42. Edilberto Fiel Orense Jr.

43. Eleonor Fiel Orense

44. Editha Fiel Orense

45. Crispolo Fiel Orense

46. Ernesto “Ernie” Fiel Orense

D.42. Children of Alberto Labrado Fiel - – Marison Catolico (Residing in Purok 7, Batahai Subdivision, Tanyag, Taguig City)

47. Beverly Catolico Fiel

48. Kristal Gay Catolico Fiel

49. Albertson Catolico Fiel

D.43. Children of Julian Fiel Matunog – Lourdes Beringuel

50. Eddie Beringuel Matunog

51. Lorna Beringuel Matunog

52. Linda Beringuel Matunog

53. Lita Beringuel Matunog

54. Liza Beringuel Matunog

55. Lina Beringuel Matunog

56. Lily Beringuel Matunog

57. Emmy Beringuel Matunog

58. Elier Beringuel Matunog

D.44. Children of Floro Fiel Matunog – Zenaida Cruz

59. Zinvie Cruz Matunog

D.45. Children of Patrocenia Fiel Matunog – Anatalio Jayuma

60. Lilith Matunog Jayuma

61. Lilil Matunog Jayuma

D.46. Children of Patronilo Fiel Matunog – Felipa Arguelles

62. Patronilo Arguelles Matunog Jr.

63. Jayma Arguelles Matunog

64. Gemma Arguelles Matunog

65. Ramil Arguelles Matunog

66. Roy Arguelles Matunog

67. Rama Fe Arguelles Matunog

68. Daisy Arguelles Matunog

D.47. Children of Pedro Fiel Matunog - single

D.48. Children of Elpedio Fiel Matunog – Teofila Baclayon

(no children)

D.49. Children of Gorgonia Fiel Matunog – Lucio Ortiz

69. Lougie Matunog Ortiz

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