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Sunday, February 6, 2011




(Brgy. Mabini, Ormoc City)

Sources: April Fiel of Baliwag, Bulacan; Melba Fiel – Cortez of Dipolog; Marchlyn Fiel Roble and; Teofila Fiel’s Family line in Ormoc


A.1. Basilio Danlag Fiel – he is from Brgy. Mabini, Ormoc City


B.1. Children of Basilio Danlag Fiel – Rosalia Pepito

  1. Eleuterio Pepito Fiel
  2. Roberto Pepito Fiel
  3. Teofila Pepito Fiel
  4. Rudy Pepito Fiel
  5. Felipe Pepito Fiel
  6. Remedios Pepito Fiel
  7. Lita Pepito Fiel
  8. Lolo Pepito Fiel

(number of children not exact. Subject to addition.)


C.1. Children of Eleuterio Pepito Fiel – Marciana Barbarona

1. Ricardo Barbarona Fiel

2. Marlene Barbarona Fiel

3. Noel Barbarona Fiel

4. Melba Barbarona Fiel

5. Emmalinda Barbarona Fiel

6. Irma Barbarona Fiel

C.2. Children of Roberto Pepito Fiel –Teofila Paton-og Garciano

7. Romeo Garciano Fiel

8. Reynaldo Garciano Fiel

9. Lolito Garciano Fiel

10. Priscilla Garciano Fiel

11. Danilo Garciano Fiel

12. Roberto Garciano Fiel Jr.

13. Elsie Garciano Fiel

14. Juliana Garciano Fiel

15. Gaspar Garciano Fiel

16. Edward Garciano Fiel

C.3. Children of Teofila Pepito Fiel – Sixto Tapalla Tomada

17. Rogelia Fiel Tomada

18. Virginia Fiel Tomada

19. Wilfredo Fiel Tomada

20. Imelda Fiel Tomada

21. Josefina Fiel Tomada

22. Yolando Fiel Tomada

23. Charito Fiel Tomada

24. Basilio Fiel Tomada

25. Ruben Fiel Tomada

26. Jimmy Fiel Tomada

27. Christopher Fiel Tomada

28. Diego Fiel Tomada

29. Adonis Fiel Tomada

C.4. Children of Rudy Pepito Fiel (no data)

C.5. Children of Felipe Pepito Fiel (no data)

C.6. Children of Remedios Pepito Fiel (no data)

C.7. Children of Lita Pepito Fiel ( no data)

C.8. Children of Lolo Pepito Fiel (no data)


D.1. Children of Ricardo Barbarona Fiel – Didith Ablin (based in Bulacan)

1. April Ablin Fiel

2. Christian Ablin Fiel

3. Ricardo Ablin Fiel Jr.

4. Darica Ablin Fiel

5. Rocky Ablin Fiel

D.2. Children of Marlene Barbarona Fiel (still single)

D.3. Children of Noel Barbarona Fiel – Carol Ablin (cousin of Didith)

6. Coolene Ablin Fiel

7. Justin Ablin Fiel

8. Janus Ablin Fiel

D.4. Children of Melba Barbarona Fiel – Lito Cortez (based in Dipolog)

9. Mhark Louie Fiel Cortez

10. Mellen Fiel Cortez

D.5. Emmalinda Barbarona Fiel (deceased, single)

D.6. Irma Barbarona Fiel (deceased, single)

D.7. Children of Romeo Garciano Fiel – Frosesa Aballe

11. Romeo Aballe Fiel Jr.

D.8. Children of Reynaldo Garciano Fiel – Carolina Aparri

12. Grecilda Aparri Fiel

13. Geraldine Aparri Fiel

D.9. Children of Lolito Garciano Fiel - Frosesa Aballe (no data)

D.10. Children of Priscilla Garciano Fiel – Reynaldo Juab

14. Shana Mira Fiel Juab

15. Jasper Fiel Juab

D.11. Children of Danilo Garciano Fiel – Marilou De Vera (no data)

D.12. Children of Roberto Garciano Fiel Jr. (deceased, single)

D.13. Children of Elsie Garciano Fiel – Rodelo Roble

16. Marchlyn Fiel Roble

17. Jonnel “Toto” Fiel Roble

18. Jobert Fiel Roble

19. Jhondel Fiel Roble

20. Cherrylyn Fiel Roble

21. Charisselyn Fiel Roble

22. Ken Fiel Roble

D.14. Children of Juliana Garciano Fiel – Lyndon Alcuizar (no data)

D.15. Children of Gaspar Garciano Fiel (no data)

D.16. Children of Edward Garciano Fiel – Cheryll Guindulman

23. Edward Guindulman Fiel Jr.

D.17. Children of Rogelia Fiel Tomada – Francisco Pocson

24. Marcedita Tomada Pocson

25. Michael Tomada Pocson

26. Chona Tomada Pocson

27. Ronnie Tomada Pocson

28. Reagan Tomada Pocson

D.18. Children of Virginia Fiel Tomada – Crisanto Maquilan

29. Myrna Tomada Maquilan

30. Dionito Tomada Maquilan

31. Marissa Tomada Maquilan

32. Danilo Tomada Maquilan

33. Jojo Tomada Maquilan

34. Checily Tomada Maquilan

D.19. Children of Wilfredo Fiel Tomada – Dorinda Maglangit

35. Decelyn Maglangit Tomada

36. Dinnah Maglangit Tomada

37. Davy Jones Maglangit Tomada

38. Donahbell Maglangit Tomada

39. Wilfredo Maglangit Tomada

40. Winston Maglangit Tomada

D.20. Children of Imelda Fiel Tomada - Ricardo Eng

41. Zaldy Tomada Eng

42. Jenny Tomada Eng

43. Charlie Tomada Eng

44. Mary Rose Tomada Eng

D.21. Children of Josefina Fiel Tomada – Michael Wright

45. Karina Tomada Wright

D.22. Children of Yolando Fiel Tomada – Andresa Cabacoy

46. Jeffrey Cabacoy Tomada

47. Denden Cabacoy Tomada

48. Jobert Cabacoy Tomada

49. Rodel Cabacoy Tomada

D.23. Children of Charito Fiel Tomada – Henk Vanzuilikum

50. Julie Ann Tomada Vanzuilikum

D.24. Children of Basilio Fiel Tomada – Celerina Kuin

51. Jovelyn Kuin Tomada

52. Rockilou Kuin Tomada

53. Mark Kuin Tomada

54. King Kuin Tomada

55. Trexie Kuin Tomada

D.25. Children of Ruben Fiel Tomada – Prescila Seledio

56. Ario Seledio Tomada

57. Joseph Seledio Tomada

58. Martin Seledio Tomada

D.26. Children of Jimmy Fiel Tomada – Emma Seledio

59. Rhea Seledio Tomada

60. Kim Seledio Tomada

61. Jhondile Seledio Tomada

62. Alwin Seledio Tomada

63. Godwin Seledio Tomada

D.27. Children of Christopher Fiel Tomada – Ely __________

64. Dayeen Tomada

D.28. Children of Diego Fiel Tomada – Naneth Perez

65. Ray Perez Tomada

66. Mike Perez Tomada

67. Angel Perez Tomada

D.29. Children of Adonis Fiel Tomada – Princess Tuala

68. Bonbon Tuala Tomada

69. Joshua Tuala Tomada

70. Agay Tuala Tomada

71. Ibon Tuala Tomada

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Anonymous said...

Hi. requesting a small change at #45. This should read, "Karina Teofila Wright", not "Karina Tomada Wright", as Karina was named after Lola Pilang. Thanks, Mike Wright.

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