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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eugenio Fiel Family Line


Eugenio Fiel - from Sibonga


1. Child of Eugenio Fiel – Juliana Pat

  1. Guillermo Pat Fiel
  2. Juanita Pat Fiel
  3. Abing Pat Fiel

(the number of Eugenio’s children unknown)


1. Children of Guillermo Fiel – Fortunata Lamban (First Wife)

a. Arsenia Lamban Fiel

b. Laurencia Lamban Fiel

c. Cresencia Lamban Fiel

d. Diosdado Lamban Fiel

e. Apolinar Lamban Fiel

f. Jocelyn Lamban Fiel

g. Virgilio Lamban Fiel

h. Evelyn Lamban Fiel

2. Children of Guillermo Fiel – Basilia Magallanes (Second Wife)

a. Susan Magallanes Fiel


1. Children of Arsenia Lamban Fiel – Perfecto Miňoza (Residing in San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

a. Helen Fiel Miňoza

b. Elsa Fiel Miňoza

c. Reynaldo Fiel Miňoza

d. Lynie Fiel Miňoza

e. Norma Fiel Miňoza

f. Maribeth Fiel Miňoza

g. Maribel Fiel Miňoza

2. Children of Laurencia Lamban Fiel – Arturo Lumibao (No children; Residing in Pangasinan)

3. Children of Cresencia Lamban Fiel – Elpedio Miňoza (Residing in San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

a. Rene Fiel Miňoza (deceased)

b. Crisel Fiel Miňoza (Residing in Hongkong)

c. Elmer Fiel Miňoza (Residing in San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

d. Cheryll Fiel Miňoza (Residing in San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

e. Liezl Fiel Miňoza (Residing in Zamboanga City)

f. Noel Fiel Miňoza (Residing in Zamboanga City)

g. Noriel Fiel Miňoza (Residing in Malaysia)

4. Children of Diosdado Lamban Fiel – Norma (Residing in Manila)

(names of children unknown)

5. Children of Apolinar Lamban Fiel – Lydia Capablanca (Residing in San Miguel, ZDS)

a. Jay Capablanca Fiel

b. Joy Capablanca Fiel

c. Jia Capablanca Fiel

d. Saysay Capablanca Fiel

6. Children of Jocelyn Lamban Fiel – Victor Caballero (Residing in Cebu)

a. Jovic Fiel Caballero

b. Ryan Fiel Caballero

c. Roy Fiel Caballero

d. Irene Fiel Caballero

7. Children of Virgilia Lamban Fiel – Mamerto Nailon (Residing in San Miguel, ZDS)

a. JR Fiel Nailon

b. Che-che Fiel Nailon

8. Children of Evelyn Lamban Fiel – Mario Libo

a. Marian Jean Fiel Libo

b. Marvin Fiel Libo

c. Dexe Fiel Libo

d. Eva Fiel Libo

e. Marjie Fiel Libo

9. Children of Susan Magallanes Fiel – Renan Jonaire

(no child yet)

Data provided by: Evelyn Fiel Libo of Olutanga Island, Zamboanga Sibugay

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