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Friday, August 20, 2010

Antero Fiel Family Line


Antero Fiel - Isabel Catado Eamiguel


Dr. Eutiquiano Fiel (only son)

Children of Dr. Eutiquiano Fiel - Consuela Tan
1. Antero Tan Fiel
2. Remedios Tan Fiel
3. Heliodoro Tan Fiel
4. Esperanza Tan Fiel
5. Manuel Tan Fiel
6. Veneranda Tan Fiel
7. Prudencio Tan Fiel


Children of Antero Tan Fiel - Veronica Sanchez
1. Dean Sanchez Fiel
2. Precy Sanchez Fiel
3. Allan Sanchez Fiel
4. Emma Sanchez Fiel
5. Marcia Sanchez Fiel
6. Juneth Sanchez Fiel
7. Nathaniel Sanchez Fiel
8. Charis Sanchez Fiel
9. Karen Sanchez Fiel
10. Rosalinda Fiel

Children of Remedios Tan Fiel - Carmelo Marquez
1. Glen Fiel Marquez
2. Grace Fiel Marquez
3. Claire Fiel Marquez

Children of Heliodoro Tan Fiel - Pura Catingub
1. Maria Isabel Catingub Fiel
2. Roy Bernard Catingub Fiel
3. Geraldine Catingub Fiel
4. Mary Desiree Catingub Fiel
5. Sandra Angelica Catingub Fiel
6. Beulah Coeli Catingub Fiel

Children of Esperanza Tan Fiel - Pablito Garcia
1. Gwendolyn Fiel Garcia
2. Deirdra Fiel Garcia
3. Winston Fiel Garcia
4. Nelson Fiel Garcia
5. Byron Fiel Garcia
6. Marlon Fiel Garcia
7. Farla Carolyn Fiel Garcia
8. Pablo John Fiel Garcia

Children of Manuel Tan Fiel - Brenda Adolfo
1. Vivienne Adolfo Fiel
2. Emmanuel Adolfo Fiel
3. Maximillan Adolfo Fiel

Children of Veneranda Tan Fiel - Evasio Rosales Cagande
1. Consuelo Corazon Fiel Cagande
2. Erwin Victor Fiel Cagande
3. Pierre Theodore Fiel Cagande (1971-1993)
4. Liberty Fiel Cagande

Children of Prudencio Tan Fiel - Alexandria Orat
1. Samantha Orat Fiel
2. Isabelle Orat Fiel

FIFTH GENERATION - list not yet complete

SUMMARY: Antero Fiel had 1 son, 7 grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren

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Samantha F. said...

Thanks Felmar. Yes, we are a big family... and if you compile the 5th and 6th generation to the mix... we've for an entire forest of Fiels.

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