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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Dako jud ug tabang ang mga reunion nga sama sa gibuhat namo didto sa Kiblawan: Mao ni ang linya ni Elias Fiel. Even my relatives do not have the knowledge asa pangitaon ang line ng kanyang kapatid na si Isaac Fiel. When I went to Guimbangco-an, Sibonga, Cebu last May 28, 2009 wala na ring mga Fiel na nakaalala sa kanila. But at this point, it suffices to say na nadagdagan ang record ko sa line ni Elias Fiel, my great-great grandfather.


1. Elias Fiel - married to Felomina Surposa (see 2.1)
2. Isaac Fiel

Brothers Elias and Isaac lived in Guimbangco-an, Sibonga, Cebu.

2. SECOND GENERATION (Mga Anak ni Elias at Felomina):

2.1. Kids of Elias Fiel and Felomina Surposa

1. Donato Fiel married to Hermogena Cañamo (see 3.1)
2. Aniceto Fiel married to Mantang Terante (see 3.2)
3. Felipe Fiel married to Atang Bustamante (see 3.3)
4. Julian Fiel married to Timothea Mirafuentes (see 3.4)
5. Nicolasa Fiel married to Tanoy Mirafuentes (see 3.5)
6. Cristina Fiel married to Enteng Estudillo (see 3.6)
7. Bonifacio Fiel married to Modesta Darong (see 3.7)
8. Rosa Fiel married to Mateo Bustamante (see 3.8)
9. Teodoro Fiel (naglayas ito sa Leyte) (see 3.9)
10. Santiago Fiel married to Marcela Mirafuentes (see 3.10)

According to Lola Juling Fiel, Si Teodoro Fiel ay naglayas sa Leyte dahil ito pala ay nagtampo sa isa sa kanyang mga utol because they were in love with the same woman and ang napili ng babae ay ang kanyang utol. So, he eloped to Leyte for soul-searching. Pagbalik niya sa Cebu, may asawa na rin siya but our resource persons could no longer recall the name of his wife.

The land in Sibonga was not very suitable for farming. Mubo ra kaayo ang mga tubo sa mais didto. Except for Teodoro Fiel, the Fiel siblings went to Dumalinao and Pagadian in Zamboanga, island of Mindanao for greener pastures.

2. 2. I do not have the records of the sons and daughters of Isaac Fiel.

3. THIRD GENERATION (Mga Apo ni Elias Fiel):
3.1. From Donato Fiel & Hermogena Cañamo (Ramon Magsaysay, Zamboanga del Sur)

1. Gregorio Fiel - married to Margarita ____ (surname unknown) (see 4.1)
2. Luisa Fiel married to Sebastian Daral (see 4.2)
3. Ana Fiel married to Cenon Antifuesta (see 4.3)
4. Osing Fiel married to Esiong Redublado (see 4.4)
5. Antonio Fiel married to Andrea Maravillas (see 4.5)
6. Anon Fiel married to Pedro Villegas (see 4.6)
7. Felicidad Fiel married to Quirico Mirafuentes (see 4.7)
8. Quirino Fiel married to Claudia Pat (see 4.8)
9. Narciso Fiel married to Bernardina Omongos (see 4.9)
10. Rosario Fiel married to Pilo Dimpas (see 4.10)
11. Dioniscia Fiel married to Susano Sumaramos (see 4.11)
12. Rosalia Fiel married to Atty. Meleton Parducho (see 4.12)

2. From Aniceto Fiel & Mantang Terante
a. Julian Fiel
b. Didong Fiel
c. Monico Fiel
d. Lucila Fiel
e. Ricardo Fiel
f. Roger Fiel
g. Citas Fiel
h. Manding Fiel

3. From Felipe Fiel & Atang Bustamante
a. Apolonio Fiel
b. Constancia Fiel
c. Rosalia Fiel
d. Bernarda Fiel
e. Domingga Fiel
f. Margarita Fiel
g. Fermin Fiel

4. From Julian Fiel & Timothea Mirafuentes
a. Mathilde Fiel
b. Ingracia Fiel
c. Catalino Fiel
d. Lope Fiel (died January 2008)
e. Arsenio Fiel
f. Regina Fiel
g. Felisa Fiel
h. Aurelio Fiel
i. Feliciano Fiel (died September 2008)
j. Basilia Fiel
k. Pedro Fiel

Sa mga anak ni Julian Fiel, only Regina Fiel and Pedro Fiel are still alive.

5. From Nicolasa Fiel & Tanoy Mirafuentes
a. Erenio Fiel Mirafuentes
b. Edoc Fiel Mirafuentes
c. Tarcela Fiel Mirafuentes
d. Santas Fiel Mirafuentes
e. Moming Fiel Mirafuentes
f. Rosing Fiel Mirafuentes
g. Angel Fiel Mirafuentes

6. From Cristina Fiel & Enteng Estudillo
a. Pedro Fiel Estudillo
b. Maria Fiel Estudillo
c. Tirso Fiel Estudillo
d. Cenon Fiel Estudillo
e. Ponso Fiel Estudillo
f. Bragido Fiel Estudillo
g. Anselma Fiel Estudillo
h. Adela Fiel Estudillo

7. From Bonifacio Fiel & Modesta Darong
a. Epifania Fiel
b. Tranquilina Fiel
c. Magna Fiel
d. Fabio Fiel
e. Roberto Fiel
f. Ponting Fiel

8. From Rosa Fiel & Mateo Bustamante
a. Anse Fiel Bustamante
b. Margarita Fiel Bustamante
c. Susing Fiel Bustamante
d. Teresa Fiel Bustamante
e. Garcia Fiel Bustamante
f. Omie Fiel Bustamante

9. From Teodoro Fiel (naglayas ito sa Leyte) - no data

10. From Santiago Fiel & Marcela Mirafuentes
a. Maxima Fiel
b. Aurelia Fiel
c. Eling Fiel

FOURTH GENERATION -- from Julian Fiel's line (Mga Apo sa Tuhod ni Elias)

From Mathilde Fiel - no data

From Ingracia Fiel - no data

From Catalino Fiel
a. Bonifacio Fiel (married to Lydia Martinez)
b. Aurelia Fiel (married to Pruencio Ocaña)
c. Zoilo Fiel (married to Rosalita Japa
d. Celerina Fiel (married to Primo Podillana)
e. Elevita Fiel (married to Lydio Porto)
f. Carlito Fiel (married to Lida Habaradas)

From Lope Fiel (died January 2008)
a. Sergia Fiel (married to Bonifacio Espera)
b. Patrocino Fiel (married to Honoria Limit)
c. Felomino Fiel (married to Delfina Prado)
d. Basilia Fiel (married to Bonifacio Prado)
e. Antonio Fiel (married to Salome Ampac)
f. Lolita Fiel (married to Jaime Talaugon)
g. Pacensia Fiel (married to Eulogio Agoilo)
h. Salome Fiel (married to Ben Camilo)
i. Conrado Fiel (married to Anecita Casis)
j. Mercedez Fiel (married to Ruben Baroy)
k. Marrieta Fiel (married to Generoso Baro)
l. Reynaldo Fiel (married to Metchie Asilar)
m. Edgar Fiel (married to Gemma Grado)

From Arsenio Fiel married Andrea Antok - no children

From Regina Fiel married Nemesio Embudo
a. Siriaco Fiel Embudo (married to Antonina Janno)
b. Rosalia Fiel Embudo (married to Brigido Rodenas)
c. Claudio Fiel Embudo (married to Purificacion Bucanegra)
d. Rosenda Fiel Embudo (married to Bernabe Lertido)
e. Agustina Fiel Embudo (married to Joseph Obediencio)
f. Jose Fiel Embudo
All of them are now in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur

From Felisa Fiel - no data

From Aurelio Fiel - no data

From Feliciano Fiel (died September 2008)
a. Remedios Fiel (married to Fernando Gastardo)
b. Fe Fiel (married to Alfredo Antiola)
c. Silvano Fiel (married to Catherine Castrodes)
d. Cita Fiel (married to Cresencio Elivera)
All of them are now in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur

From Basilia Fiel - no data

From Pedro Fiel
a. Rufino Fiel (married to Flora Hagonoy) -- now in Matanao, Davao del Sur
b. Erlina Fiel (married to Victoriano Rubio) -- now in Parañaque
c. Constancio Fiel (married to Rosefin Dela Pe
ña) -- now in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur
d. Josefina Fiel (married to Claudio Luy) -- now in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur
e. Pedro Fiel Jr. (married to Rosita Canada) -- now in Matanao, Davao del Sur
f. Victoria Fiel (married to Raul Lozano) -- now in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur


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jingle fiel-rosa said...

thanks for the info father! i've already submitted s mga apo s tuhod ni lolo elias from lolo narciso's line, kdtong ngreunion s maranding. we will be having our 2nd reunion karong dec 25 and hopefully mkasilip ka

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