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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


TO ALL FIEL IN THE WORLD:The biggest gathering of Fiel Clan is about to happen this coming May 22 to 23, 2009 at Poblacion, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. Mga kapamilya, come to our clan reunion and re-kindle the blood that ties us into one family. Our family name, one filled with pride, carries the history of generations gone by. For those who have lived and those not yet born, our name strong and proud, forever lives on...For details, contact Auntie Josefina "Jocing" Fiel Luy at 09067349936.

During the 1980 election, the ABC (Association of Barangay Captains President, Hon. Bonifacio Fiel was elected Vice Mayor. To date, Kiblawan remains one of the most prominent towns where the Fiel clan are very known kaliwa at kanan.

Having announced this, the greatest next question is "paano ba mararating ang Kiblawan, Davao del Sur?"

Kiblawan is approximate two to three hours from Davao City. SA mga mag-aatend sa ating reunion, I suggest that you inform Ate Jocing that you are coming so that our dear organizers may have a bird's eye-view ng mga sasama sa ating reunion. There are also Fiel from the city proper. So, baka maka-hitch kayo papunta doon.

From the city, you may also take the bus. Punta kayo sa Ecoland Terminal. I suggest you take the bus going to GenSan. Sabihan nyo lang na hanggang Padada lang kayo.

Huwag matulog during the ride dahil magaganda ang view going to Davao del Sur. Not only that, baka pag matulog kayo, makakarating kayo sa GenSan. Remember hanggang Padada lang kayo.

Para malaman nyo saan ang Padada, ito ung mga landmarks: Ecoland - Santa Cruz Terminal - Digos City Terminal - Hagonoy - Padada.

Sometimes ang mga buses going to GenSan ay di na dadaan sa Padada Terminal, especially pag hapon na. So, remind the driver or the conductor na bababa kayo sa Padada para di kayo lumagpas.

Bus fare from Ecoland Terminal, Davao City ay more or less 100 pesos.

Pagdating nyo ng Padada, alas puno ang mga dyip (meaning, di aalis ang jeep kung di puno -- and sometimes it takes eternity to wait na mapuno ang dyip). So, better take the habal-habal, the motor taxi. It costs 50 pesos. Sabihin nyo lang sa driver, sa Fiel Clan Reunion sa Poblacion Kiblawan Gym. Alam na ng mga drivers yan. Besides, maglalagay din for sure ng mga street signs para di kayo maliligaw.

So, kitakits!

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