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Thursday, February 26, 2009


By this time you found this blog, you might wonder how come the Fiel Clan are so scattered all over the Philippines, and yet all of us believed that all Fiel in the Philippines are all related in blood.

Not only that. With the technology we have nowadays, ang dami ng naging success stories ang blog na ito. Ang dami ng mga Fiel na nawala at nahanap. Ang dami ng mga second cousins, third cousins na nagkakilala dahil sa blog na ito plus ating yahoo group plus ang ever-original na Fiel Congress.

At ang dami na ring reunions na naganap sa mga matatandang magkakapatid na pinaghiwalay na ng mahabang panahon...

Bakit nga ba masyadong naging scattered ang mga Fiel sa iba't ibang bahagi ng Pilipinas (at ng world)...

We may not be able to provide exact answers but our theories may prove to patch up little by little the big puzzling picture...

Ayon kay Felicisimo Fiel na nasa Cebu ngayon, "my father told me that my great2x grandfather have 18 brothers when the world war came they were scattered or separated by situation i think that the reason why our surename FIEL are scattered all over the Philippines and the world as well."

Richard Fiel also attempted to explain the Fiel diaspora, "history sa ako lolo ngano abot sila sa mindanao sa buhi pa siya Strikto kuno kaayo ilang Father tungod kay katsila kuno ang batasan ,mao nilayas sila sa Leyte gidala niya iyang mga igsoon
sa mindanao..."

Those from Angeles City as well as Bulacan believed that the Fiel reached the island of Luzon because of work-related phenomenon. Many of their great grandfathers were soldiers from Cebu...

On my part, I believed many Fiel left Cebu before and after the World War II to look for greener pastures. The family of Julian Fiel, my great grandfather and perhaps all his sons and daughters settled in Davao and Zamboanga, bought lands to cultivate...kaya naman ang mga Fiel sa Davao daghan ug mga yuta...hehe.

Tito Fiel of Misamis Occidental narrated to me that his lolo was from Cebu. He shared a very interesting anecdote. Before the Word War II, the family of his lolo also went to Mindanao. Unfortunately, one of their brothers rode the wrong bus: he arrived not in Mindanao, but in Leyte.

Sucylin Fiel - Vero also provided an interesting anecdote: "At age 5 to 7, there was an old man in our house and my parents told me he was my lolo "Kulas Fiel" a brother of my lolo Victor and lola Leyang. All I can remember was he came from the US at doon siya nagkalat ng lahi niya esp in Hawaii & California. Wanna know how were he able to go to the US? Sumakay daw siya ng barko na biyaheng Hawaii at nagtago sa loob ng malalaking kaldero. Nasa laot na ng ma discover ng crew, so ginawa na lang siya helper sa kitchen. Then he worked with pineapple plantation in Hawaii. Then he moved to California. When he came home 1 na lang ang naging anak niya dito sa Pilipinas. Who knows? baka mga anak niya yong mga Fiel in other countries."

How about you, how can you explain the Fiel diaspora?


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Felmar, thank you for coming to my blogging and adding yourself to the followers. I was reading your profile and found out that you are from Sibonga, Cebu. My mother is from Sibonga, Cebu, too. Her maiden name was Vidal. The family name Fiel is not familiar to me though. But I am very glad to meet you. :)

Sue said...

Wow!it's good to hear that there are a lot of Fiels around the Philippines!amazing!I never thought the world could be this small..anyway,nice blogging site for all the Fiels out there...a salute to Father who created the site!Very impressive!

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