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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been wondering what moved many of my Fiel ancestors to leave Sibonga, Cebu before the Second World War and go to the unfamiliar pastures of Mindanao. I noticed that most of the Fiel from Mindanao are from the line of Elias Fiel.

The missing link remains: where are now the descendants of Isaac Fiel, the only brother of Elias? Where did they settle? Did they go to Leyte or Samar or remained in Cebu?

Most of the old Fiel residences in Davao are two-storeys. Our present home in Kiblawan is also the same. Feautured here is the house of the brother of my lolo Feliciano Fiel, Lope Fiel.

This is the wedding picture of Lolo Lope Fiel and Lola Julie Cudera. Sana magkaroon tayo ng Fiel Museum so we could preserve our common heritage...


This is Lolo Lope's residence since 1930 in Dapok, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. I had beautiful memories of this house. When I was still in elementary (1988-1994), I usually had my lunch here together with my cousins. Few years ago, the Fiel Clan reunion was held here. I remember Fiel clan from Gensan also came...


Lolo Lope died on January 2, 2009. This is Lola Julie with her grandson and my second cousin, Jaime Fiel Talaugon.

Siguro sa side ni Lolo Lope ako pinakamaraming second cousins kasi ang dami nilang anak ni Lola Julie, hehe. Marami ring mga twins na naproduce ang kanilang bloodline...

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jhun said...

Im a son of Felicisimo B Fiel Sr the name of my grandfather is arcadio fiel of Kananga leyte. I follow this blogged for the reason that as the story of grandfather their lolo have 18 brother and it was scattered around the philippines and i think all fiel are relatives.

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I am the son of Silvano Fiel, who is the son of Feliciano Fiel, who is the son of Julian Fiel, who is the son of Elias Fiel from Sibonga, Cebu. Elias Fiel has only one brother and his name is Isaac Fiel. My name is taken from my grandparents Feliciano and Marcelina. I am a religious missionary SVD.