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Sunday, June 7, 2009


MALAKAS lang talaga ang loob ko! Since I started my interest in family tree, I have always heard about Sibonga, Cebu. Sabi ng mga relatives ko and my lolo, dito daw nakatira ang lolo ng lolo ko or my great-great grandfather, Elias Fiel.After the Fiel Clan Reunion in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur, I went to Cebu to search for my roots before going to Zamboanga for my mission area (pari po kasi ako di ba?).From Cebu City, malapit lang pala ang Sibonga. Wala akong kakilala doon but I was confident na pagdating ko doon, madali lang mahanap ang mga Fiel na nakatira doon. And yes, I was not wrong...

And guess what, pagdating ko sa munisipyo, ito ang nakita ko kaagad!!! There is a Fiel employee in the land of my grandfathers...Not only that, when I went to Guimbangco-an, the particular barrio in Sibonga na talagang pinagmulan ni Lolo Elias, ito ang tumambad sa akin sa pinakabungad: the barangay captain was Retche Fiel. Kamag-anak! Hehehe.
Hinanap ko ang bahay ni Retche Fiel and ito na nga po siya. His father was born on 1937. I was able to talk to him. His father was right, di na niya naabutan si Elias Fiel and his sons and daughters. They moved to Mindanao in the early 30's. My lolo Lope Fiel moved to Davao in 1932 to look for greener pastures and the year after, dinala na niya ang kanyang mga kapatid. So, hindi na sila nagpang-abot ng father ni Retche. But I still would like to talk personally to his father this August. Sa phone lang kasi nagkausap...
This is Retche and I

Lola Juling Fiel was right when I interviewed her. One of the reasons there was an exodus of Fiel family from Sibonga to Leyte and Mindanao was that the land was not very productive. Gagmay ra daw ang mga mais. Dili daw katubo ug tag-as. I saw this also when I reached Guimbangco-an.

The Guimbangco-an Barangay Hall

Guimbangco-an Road...the Holy Road my grandfathers have trod.....

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