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Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was web surfing about fiel clan one afternoon when a link lead me to this picture posted at the panoramio website with the description that this is an ancestral house of the Fiel Clan. This house can be found in Can-adieng, Ormoc, Leyte. Do you have any idea who owns this house?

felmar fiel
tagaytay :)


felmar fiel, svd said...

NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! I RECEIVED A MESSGE FROM ALLAN DOUGLAS FIEL THROUGH MY MULTIPLY ACCOUNT, AND THIS IS HIS MESSAGE: "I am a kin to Dr. Eutiquiano Fiel( the only son of Antero and Isabel Aparis Fiel) and Consuelo Tan ( a native of Bato Leyte ). My father Antero Tan Fiel is the eldest among the seven siblings. Tiya Inday , (judge Esperanza Fiel Garcia) is the 3rd child , Other siblings are, RemediosF. Marquez ( deceased), Judge Heliodoro Fiel ( deceased) , Dr. Veneranda F. Cagande ( resides in states), Manuel Fiel ( Pres. of Western Leyte College of Ormoc), and Engr. Prudencio Fiel.
You have posted the ancestral home of my father which caught my attention. This house as i have known was built in 1893 . My grandfather Eutiquiano had his childhood memories in this house and brought his 7 children fun memories too. This house is now passed to my father, Antero being the eldest of the 7 siblings, which I and my sister Marcia now reside.I am so much happy that you have taken effort to researched other fiel relatives..and have even posted my Father's ancestral home in your Fiel clan site."

My special thanks to allan douglas fiel! Grabe ang bahay na ito pala! it survived 2 world wars! pag makapunta ako diyan, pa-picture ako sa harap...

Samantha Fiel Bouffard said...

YES!!! My family owned this house. This house belonged to Eutiquiano "Otic" and Consuelo "Suling" Fiel of Ca-adieng, Ormoc City. Otic and Suling are my grandparents and my father, Prudencio, is the youngest of seven children of that family. I had not visited that house since 1994, but recognized it easily through my lolo's and my dad's old pictures. Funny how you came across this house.

Thank you for the compliments.

Samantha Fiel Bouffard

Anonymous said...

hello Samantha,
do you know Precy Fiel now Yap??
pls. mail me


Anonymous said...

Add me on facebook Jesil Fiel :D

Anonymous said...

Add me on face book Jesil Fiel :D

Anonymous said...


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